The March Challenge

February 18, 2018

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I mentioned this on my Tumblr last night, but I want to make a blog post about it because I’d kind of like to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. I’ve just posted an induction piece to Literotica and the EMCSA called “Um…” that I think is a pretty darned good hypnotic induction. I would like to do an audio recording of it, but as I’m sure you can imagine, I have a lot of things I’d like to do and I have to prioritize. So I figure if people want me to prioritize stuff that is kinky and hot and makes them have orgasms, they can let me know.

Here’s how:

All next month, I will keep track of how much I collect weekly in pledges. If it averages over $150, I will go ahead and make the recording and release it for free on Tumblr. (I will also put it up on my Patreon.) If not, that’s okay too; that tells me that y’all aren’t so much interested in hearing me read out my inductions and I can focus on other things. I’m currently at $146, so I don’t think there needs to be that much extra interest (although there are always a few people who unsubscribe every Friday and resubscribe every Sunday, so what’s $146 now might not be $146 when I collect pledges. I don’t make a big deal out of it, because I figure everyone makes their own ethical decisions, but it is a thing that happens.) But I do want to see how this goes.

So when March rolls around, if you have an extra five to ten bucks to throw my way, I’m going to make it more worth your while than usual. Let’s see how it works!


Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Black Reign”!

February 15, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–”Um…”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Black Reign” (MC FF)!

This is a special commission that will not be available outside of my Patreon account for the next eighteen months, due to the circumstances surrounding its commissioning, so this will be the only place you’ll be able to find it for quite some time. (And not to toot my own horn, but this is one of my better ones.)

Millions of miles from known space, Rhea and her ship the Nora have suffered a catastrophic accident. Her only chance of survival is to board the vessel preventing her from jumping back to warp speed and deactivating its hyperdrive…but the massive Kaiju-class ship is hiding a secret that could be worse than death for Rhea. Here’s a taste:

Once she was inside, there was a long pause as atmosphere cycled into the room. Rhea had no intention of breathing any of it–she was using her EVA gear as an improvised bio-hazard suit–but she did a quick analysis of it. Fresh and clean, straight from the atmosphere generators. Kaiju class had its advantages. She allowed herself a trifling second to fantasize about decontaminating the whole ship, top to bottom, and coming home in charge of the single largest salvage haul of the last century, but then the inner door opened and she was too busy freaking the fuck out to daydream.

The second the door opened, a thin black sludge spilled out into the airlock, covering Rhea’s boots with a sloshing wave of gunk as it rushed into the room. It was faintly iridescent, sort of like the sheen on a puddle of oil, but it sure as hell wasn’t hydrocarbons. Rhea’s scanner choked up and died trying to analyze it. She didn’t bother rebooting; instead, she lifted up her boot, just to make sure that it wasn’t eating through the fabric of her suit. It didn’t seem to be acidic, but it clung like ashy mud or dark syrup. She decided she didn’t want to stick around to find out what else it did. Time to get her ass in gear.

Inside, the stuff was practically ubiquitous, spraying down from the corridor’s fire suppression lines in a steady drizzle of dark mist. It reminded Rhea of trips to the pet store as a kid, seeing the amphibians basking in a stream of artificial fog to keep their skin moist. The fluid collected in puddles along the hallway and flowed through the drainage vents below with a slurping sound that Rhea really wished she couldn’t hear. She moved forwards at top speed, relying on her helmet lights to show her the way through the greasy fog.

Hope you enjoy it!

My Favorite Things: Authority Subversion

February 11, 2018

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I’ve talked a bit in the past about some of the things that I think of as personal turn-ons, and one of the ones I’m kind of surprised I haven’t done a post on is one that I’ve mentioned in a lot of other contexts. It is universally, 100% of the time, even in a story that’s otherwise not particularly very hot, always always always a sexy and exciting thing when the societal power structure that we expect to encounter on being introduced to the world of the story is upended through mind control.

In case that sounds too clinical, I’m talking about students hypnotizing teachers, subordinates hypnotizing bosses, or criminals hypnotizing cops (or, ahem, superheroes). It’s incredibly hot when you take someone who we as the audience have been conditioned our whole lives to see as authority figures with all sorts of unspoken and assumed power granted to them by society, and then use mind control to peel all those layers of authority away to reveal a secret desire to be dominated and controlled that’s so strong that all the power in the world doesn’t help them against it. It’s very sexy to know that you might be the boss, you might be the arresting officer, you might be the person who has all the theoretical power in the world…but right here, right now, you are utterly helpless to resist the person in front of you. That kind of scene always makes the mind control feel stronger, because it’s pushing uphill against the expectations of the reality we live in, and strong mind control is sexy mind control.

And the truly wonderful thing about it is that because D/s is inherently a power exchange dynamic, you can even subvert that with mind control. There’s nothing quite so hot as a Dominant character who suddenly finds that they want to submit, especially to their own submissive. (Although, tooting my own horn, it’s also hot when a physically powerful Dominant can’t resist a mentally powerful Dominant who uses his own body against him.) Or you can use power in a different sense, like the power a blackmailer has over their victim, and subvert that authority slowly over the course of a whole story. (Not gonna lie, this is one of my best.) And of course, you can have the power dynamic expressed in a literal form before being subverted, like, say, having the submissive character hold a gun to the head of the dominant and still wind up giving in. It’s a very flexible trope.

I’ve used it plenty of other places (“Unbelievable”, “Dressed for Success”, and “Bent 4 U” to name a few) but I’d also like to point to a couple of other authors who’ve made it work nicely. “Clarification Question” is a long story about a more-or-less consensual hypnosis relationship between a professor and one of his current/former students who simply can’t resist his weakness for hypnotic domination. It’s got some very nice sequences, and in the later chapters a nice theme of serial recruitment creeping in as the author suggests that maybe the story’s Domme might be a sub herself. And softi wrote a very nice story called “Changes” that directly subverts the D/s power dynamic with a woman who finds herself melting into submission as the hypnosis she knows so well is used against her. It’s a piece that really shows just how much is possible with one of my very favorite things.

Early Bird Sneak Peeks: “Autopilot” and “Kill 4 U”!

February 8, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Vapour”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting two stories, “Autopilot” (MC MA) and “Kill 4 U” (MC MF MD)!

In “Autopilot”, an engineer gets what she hopes will be the ride of her life when she calls an auto-driving sober cab. But as she finds out, technology has its dangers, and there’s more than one way to be steered. Here’s a taste:

Once she was buckled in, the car said, “Please state your destination.” Ashley almost wanted to clam up for a minute, just to see what would happen, but this kind of speech recognition technology was nothing new, and it was almost one in the morning. She decided she could always go for a taxi ride tomorrow if she wanted to beta test.
She’d have to, really, if only to get her car back. “147 Maryland Avenue,” she said, as clearly as she could. In response, the car smoothly pulled out into traffic and began to drive. After a moment, a small pop-up menu appeared in the middle of the windshield. It looked a little incongruous floating in the middle of the street, but Ashley reminded herself that what she was seeing wasn’t really the outside. The plasma screen was just showing her a view of what the driving cameras picked up, just like the people outside were only seeing a projected image of a cab’s interior.

The menu read, ‘Driving Imagery: 1-Exterior (Default), 2-Pastoral, 3-Clouds, 4-Starfield, 5-Psychedelic, *-Display/Hide Menu’. Ashley looked down to see a little number pad built into the armrest. She tapped the number three, and suddenly the view shifted–not just from the windows, but all over the car. What she had taken as the walls and roof were also plasma screens, and they now displayed a vivid blue sky with clouds all around. Even the floor turned into an extension of the cloudscape, as though her little couch was zooming unsupported through the air miles above the earth.

That felt more unnerving than relaxing for Ashley, so she tapped on the five key instead. The screens smoothly transitioned to a melting swirl of random bands of color that flowed and ebbed around the interior of the vehicle. It felt like she had somehow climbed inside a deleted scene from ‘Yellow Submarine’, but then again Ashley had always liked ‘Yellow Submarine’. She tapped the star key and the menu receded into a tiny speck of darkness that she quickly lost track of among the moving colors.

While in “Kill 4 U”, Service Unit 4U is back with a new mission. She’s not sure what it is–the details have been kept secret even from her–but she knows that it’s dangerous enough for her Masters to have her killed. By other service units. Here’s a taste:

The Masters have perfected slavery. I don’t say this as a statement of ego; I’m proud of the perfection of my obedience, of course, but it’s not really my doing. Before I was Service Unit 4U, Haley Keene had no idea that she was even capable of perfection. She certainly hadn’t achieved it. The Masters took someone ordinary and gifted them with total compliance to their will, and by making them perfectly obedient, they made it possible to be perfect in every other way. There’s no limit to what a mind totally focused on a single goal can do.

Which is why it’s pointless to send another service unit to kill me. I’m almost surprised the Masters didn’t realize that, but of course, we are their faultless tools. They made us to be impeccable extensions of their will. Who else would they send to commit a murder?

I think there are three service units tasked with killing me right now. They, too, are perfect in their own way; if I were a normal, fallible human being, I would already be dead. But I have been programmed to follow my instructions with the same diligence, the same implacable excellence that they have. I know all their strategems for assassination because I have been programmed with those same skills. I know how to evade them because I have to know. I’ve been given a mission, and I can’t fulfill it if I’m dead. So I must survive.

Hope you enjoy them!

Is It Hypnosis? – Part Eight

February 4, 2018

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We are once again on our intermittent journey through my old stories, or at least those that feature practical hypnosis through non-magical or science-fictional means, to see whether the stories are a) realistic (“Could someone do this?” and b) ethical (“Should someone do this?”) Again, I don’t always feel like a fantasy needs to be ethical, so long as it’s understood that what you imagine in the safe space of your own mind is not always a good idea to do to a real human being who can be emotionally, mentally, or physically traumatized by some of the things that seem hot when there are no consequences. Let’s see what those fantasies are like, though, shall we?

Talk Dirty to Me: This one scores incredibly low on both the “realistic” and “ethical” fronts, which is probably the best way for a fantasy like this to work–if it’s something you shouldn’t do to someone, you probably shouldn’t be able to do it either. It’s very obvious that Melissa would see having her language fucked with as a hard limit and not a humiliation kink, and it is highly unlikely that Tia would ever be able to implant a suggestion like this, let alone after the first session. (Honestly, it’s pretty unlikely she would even be able to get her into a trance at all.)

That said, it’s a very hot fantasy because it subverts a traditional power dynamic–there’s always something hot about taking the person who society says should be in charge and putting them in a position where they have to obey the person who is traditionally subject to that authority, so I think the “could you and should you do this?” part takes a back seat to, “Wouldn’t it be hot if the person who ran my life had to do what I told them to?” Which is, emotionally, what this is tapping into.

Play the Game: This one, on the other hand, does probably fall into that gray area of being plausible with the right group of people under the right circumstances even if I wouldn’t recommend doing it without a lot of real and serious conversation about consent that doesn’t seem to have happened at all in the actual story, especially not with the protagonist who is inducted (literally and figuratively) without any discussion at all.

But the central premise of it–a group of people get together and have hypnosis contests that end when all but one person is in trance–is something very doable, especially since the suggestions are mainly “have lots of sex and enjoy losing the contest more and more each time”. If Alexis was willing to present it openly as that, and get the consent of the other women involved (all of whom seem to be at least heteroflexible if not bi or lesbian) then this would be an entirely okay hypnosis game to play. As written, though Alexis is clearly taking advantage of diminished capacity to consent both to have sex with the other characters and to implant suggestions to make them more submissive. That’s something that the women involved would be more likely to resist, and even if they didn’t, it’s something that should stay in the realm of imagination.

Moment of Weakness: This one is probably also in the gray area of “maybe doable, definitely unethical”. Even in the story which is ostensibly a fantasy, you can see that Lori’s suggestions to Joan (which amount to telling her to violate her own professional ethics and exacerbate Lori’s compulsive behavior regarding hypnosis and sex) are causing Joan a considerable amount of distress and she is trying very hard to resist them despite not knowing that they’re suggestions. In real life, depending on the specific people involved, the suggestions would probably be rejected by the subconscious entirely. And even if they weren’t, they would cause a lot of serious anguish as Joan experienced a profound incongruity between her subconscious mind’s desire to have sex with Lori (this is definitely a suggestion with a lot of secondary gain) and her conscious ethical code. A major “don’t try this at home” story, albeit one that could happen under the wrong circumstances.

Miss You: As with the previous two, you’d need to assume a lot of facts not in evidence to make this work as a practical matter–Roger would have to be manipulating Cho with more than just hypnosis to get her to change the way she dressed, convince her to get a tattoo, and answer to a different name. But that’s all possible; you can have relationships where one partner is controlling and manipulative and isolates the other partner before getting them to make significant changes in behavior, and Roger could have found his Fujiko-to-be if the story was real. Now, he obviously shouldn’t, because gaslighting and manipulating your partner to make her over into the physical and mental image of your ex is horrible and awful and you shouldn’t fucking do it ever ever ever, but I don’t necessarily think it’s implausible even if I would never ever ever try.

The ending, though, is entirely unbelievable, for reasons I more or less outlined in the snippet of pseudo-sequel here. Fujiko is very much not in a receptive frame of mind to hypnosis, she’s never going to be, and anything Roger does to try to put her under is just going to make her trust him even less. Maybe not literally to the point where a real person would put a steel-toed boot into his junk, but certainly a real Roger would get nowhere with a real Fujiko. Which is a very good thing.

Feels Like the First Time: This one is, apart from the framing sequence which is only highly plausible, pretty much an accurate account of a hypnosis session that occurred in real life. I was the subject, Lady Ru’etha was the hypnotist, and I think I can say that as the person in question, I felt then and feel now like I was unimpaired and able to give informed consent to everything we did. And given that this led to a very wonderful seventeen-year-long relationship, I’m going to go out on a limb and call this one both possible and ethical. A nice way to end the entry, honestly. 🙂

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Front Porch Thing”!

February 2, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Evergreen”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Front Porch Thing” (MC)!

Kate has come home from the big city to visit her mom and dad in Hickory Springs, the sleepy little town she grew up in (and grew out of). But even though nothing ever changes in Hickory Springs, Kate discovers that something’s a little bit different on this visit. Something nobody but Kate seems to notice. Here’s a taste:

“Wake up, honey, we’re home!” Kate had a momentary sense of dislocation, unsure for a moment whether she was dreaming about growing up and she was really just getting home from a trip to see her grandmother, but she blinked it away and came back to herself just in time to see them pulling into the driveway. Sure enough, the house looked exactly like it always did. It had the same rustic cedar siding, the same bright red trim, the same old garage too full of stuff to park a car in, the same covered porch–

Kate stared in confusion for a moment, sure she was still dreaming. She got out of the stopped car, scarcely even noticing the stiffness in her legs or the weariness in her body. She walked up to the front porch in a wide-eyed daze, barely able to believe her eyes. “What…what is that?” she asked, her voice suffused with an incredulity that shaded into horror. “What is that?” she repeated, unable to stop herself.

Her dad merely shrugged and went around to the trunk to grab her luggage. “It’s our front porch thing,” he said, somehow managing to sound more indifferent than he had about pre-treated lumber. He hauled out Kate’s bags and set them in the driveway expectantly, but Kate didn’t even begin to pick up on the hint. She was too busy staring at the thing on the porch.

It was big, bigger than she was tall even though she’d inherited her father’s lanky frame. She didn’t think she could reach all the way around it, either, not that she had any intention of getting close enough to try. Something about the size, the mottled greenish-brown color, the thick veins that ran from its base all the way up to the tip and pulsed so faintly that Kate could almost convince herself she was imagining the motion…it all combined to freak her right the fuck out. It looked like something out of a horror movie, the kind of thing the hero burned in the third act only to find out in the last five minutes that there was a whole field of the damn things out back of the house. It looked like any second it would split open to disgorge a host of facehuggers the size of small ponies. It looked terrifying.

Hope you enjoy it!

Liner Notes for January 2018!

January 28, 2018

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It’s still technically January, but it’s been a month as far as the story posts are concerned, so let’s get dug into the Liner Notes for this month’s erotica, shall we?

Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over: Sometimes I wind up going back to a title in my head once I see it, simply because it’s such an unusual turn of phrase that I find myself inventing meanings for it without ever trying to find out what the original songwriter intended. In this case, I saw the title and decided that it felt an awful lot like one of those old mnemonics you learned about in elementary school, something to help teach you the order of the planets or the notes on the treble clef or whatever in particular it was.

And it occurred to me that mnemonics are, in their own way, a kind of brainwashing–they’re putting an association into your head between something natural and easy to remember and something that isn’t intuitive. And from there, I jumped pretty quick to a mnemonic that is an actual brainwashing tool, and after that it was really just a matter of finding a set of nicely brainwashy words to go under DCGBAO, and a setting in which my hypothetical controller could slip them into conversation. (Oh, and forcing myself not to end the story at the second encounter. The first draft left him entirely unable to resist her, but I decided I wanted him to struggle a little before finally giving in.)

Girl Next Door: This one was more or less the result of a bit of a bind I was in due to timing–I wanted a second story in between “Girls With Guns” and “The Boys of Summer”, to give a sense of considerable time passing between Revolution Technologies finding a Girl’s CPU and their reverse-engineering it into…but I’ve said too much. **grin** The point is, I needed a Girl story, but I didn’t want to go back to any of the metaplot stuff, because that was marked off for future stories that relied on developments that weren’t happening yet. So this was going to have to be a pure heat story.

And then I saw the title “Girl Next Door”, and it hit me exactly how to make that work. I have heard some people say that they were hoping for something a bit more related to the arc plots–it’s not exactly groundbreaking as far as the series go (and this is why I generally don’t give people sequels, because I think I’ve cultivated an audience that doesn’t want “and then another person gets brainwashed” or “and then they have a lot more sex” stories, and that’s often the only direction for the plot to take). But I think it does make up for it with a lot of heat, and hopefully the people who like lots of kinky voyeuristic robot sex will like it. There have to be a few of you, right?

Stronger: This one tied into a quirky little sub-kink of mine that I don’t expect to ever get fulfilled, but that make for very hot fantasies. I think it’s extremely hot to see physical power subverted by mental dominance, especially in the case where the physical power is itself subverting stereotypes about who is seen as “powerful” in our society. It’s empowering to have this message about a woman who’s not just strong but Olympic-level strong, much stronger than most of the men in the world, and to twist that empowerment around into submission without reducing it at all is very sexy.

And so when I saw this song title, that all came together into thinking of a number of different meanings of the word “strong”, and the way that a properly-led discussion of them could result in someone responding several times with the phrase “I am strong” and thinking that they were participating in the conversation naturally, even when they were just programming themselves with a trigger phrase that made them more and more submissive. I made Lilibeth, the controller, into another woman because I didn’t want the story to come off with an unintended message that even a strong woman should be submissive to a man, and I made her very petite because the bigger the contrast physically, the greater the impact mentally. (And Filipino because representation matters.) I was probably a lot happier with it than anyone else, but that happens sometimes and I’m okay with it.

Choose to Be Me: This was a Patreon commission, in which they sent me a YouTube video of a public service announcement on the importance of not giving in to peer pressure that does, yes, have the unfortunate aesthetic of “look at how much you’re being brainwashed into being sexy and compliant!” And of course that’s bad. Definitely. Certainly not something that my readers spend a lot of their free time thinking about.

I took away the idea of a boutique that specialized in brainwashing makeovers and the phrase, “Why be you when you can be me?”, and figured it would be a very easy (if somewhat lengthy) write. And it was, right up until the end when I knew it was time for Betty to surrender and become the version of herself that Francesca wanted her to be…and when I wrote the “final struggle” paragraph, I did a good enough job of describing how Betty would resist that I couldn’t connect it to her giving in. Like, the character came to life in my head and said, “Nope, not giving you a ‘yes’ here.” Which was sweet, and allowed me to make the ending dark and ambiguous in a way that I think improved it over “woman surrenders to charismatic asshole”.

And on that note, February is just around the corner. Join me next week for another blog post, and next month for another Liner Notes!

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Your Horoscope for Today”!

January 25, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Choose to Be Me”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Your Horoscope for Today” (MC FD MF FF)!

It’s another beautiful day in Searing Rock, New Mexico, and that means a new edition of the Daily Shopper with its always-reliable horoscope! Let’s take a look at one of the entries for today:

LEO: Focus your attention on Mars this week. That’s not a metaphor–bring a chair out to the front porch tomorrow night, and try to find Mars. It’s going to be very low in the horizon and very bright, so you’ll need to wait until the sun is all the way down on the horizon. Don’t worry, you’ve got lots of time. Just let yourself relax into the chair and let your eyes drift over the stars. There’s no hurry, just relax and watch the tiny little lights as they sparkle in the deep, dark, endless blue that fades slowly, easily, effortlessly to black.

Don’t try to find Mars; that’s a mistake. Just let your eyes roam from one star to another, let your gaze go unfocused and your thoughts drift. When the time is right, you’re going to lock onto a single star, a beautiful and bright star that you can’t look away from, and you’ll know that you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll know that you’ve found the star that’s influencing your whole life, exerting impossible control on you from an inexpressible distance away, and you’ll feel its tug on your mind, your very soul. It’s going to be so strong. You can’t possibly escape its power. You’re going to find yourself transfixed by that star, helpless in its cosmic grasp, open to any influence that comes along while you’re sitting and staring. It’s okay to listen and obey any passing stranger that stops by while you’re captured by the power of the stars–that’s what fate is, after all. That’s destiny, telling you to give in and surrender and let go. That’s the power Mars holds over you this week.

(Or possibly Venus. They look a lot alike to the naked eye, to be honest.)

Hope you enjoy yours!

Class Outline for “How to Help the First Time Subject”

January 21, 2018

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As promised, here are my class notes for “How to Help the First Time Subject”, my presentation at Charmed. (I did a second, “Building Consent Together”, but that was intended more as a discussion so no notes were created.) I hope they’re of use to you, and let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to add to them!

How to create a successful first trance

I. Pre-talk

1. Show confidence. The subject absorbs what you project, so if you’re acting like trance is difficult, trance will be difficult. Do, don’t try.

2. Reassure. Trance is a natural state in the human brain, just concentration and focus. It’s reading a good book, it’s watching a compelling movie. All you’re doing is taking the same state and directing it. They’re going to succeed at this.

3. Set good expectations. Don’t forget, most people have their ideas of trance shaped by movies and tv. You need to let them know that the first time out isn’t going to involve amnesia, mindlessness, sleepiness, et cetera. Tell them that the most likely thing they’ll notice is a sense of focus and relaxation, and time distortion after the fact. (Time seeming to stand still, or to fly by) Let them know that depth is overrated; the first time out, if you’re in trance and you’re having a good time, you’re deep enough.

4. Confirm sensory modality. Ask about whether they learn best by by being shown ,being told, or trying it themselves. Be aware of this when doing your induction-metronomes for auditory, spirals or eye fixation for visual, feelings for kinesthetic etc

5. Explain terminology. Go over what the induction, the deepener, and the awakener are. Go over what “deeper” means. Don’t expect them to know these things. Give them space to ask questions. Remember, you are giving them a roadmap to the trance they’re about to experience. The better you lay it out, the better they’re going to follow it later.

6. Discuss consent now. People may or may not want a sexual trance, they may or may not want touch, they may or may not want triggers and post-hyps…it’s best to go light on these things anyway on the first trance, because you want to focus on giving them things they can do and showing them that they work, but always always always ask first and work with what they are enthusiastic about. Hypnosis is a bond of trust. The best way to make a bond of trust is to be trustworthy.

II. Trance

1. The induction. Don’t use scripts and don’t get tricksy. Your focus should be on providing them with a clear mental image to help them achieve trance (whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic). It isn’t necessary to give them an intricate metaphor, and it is vitally important to tailor the experience to them personally. It’s better to do something simple and effective over complicated and difficult to go under to.

2. Modalities. Again, use language (and props, if you want) that works with the subject’s sensory language. If touch is allowed, kinesthetic learners will respond well to relaxing touch, but even if not, you can still use language involving the way their body feels. Remember, you’re not attempting big, complex suggestions. Just show them what trance is and that they can do it. The rest will come with practice.

3. The deepener. Remember, you are not dealing with someone who is familiar with trance. You can’t just tell them to go deeper. Make sure to describe the process of letting extraneous thoughts fall away, focusing more intently on the, um, focus. Be clear, be detailed. It is best not to do depth tests or anything similar this first time out. You are giving them a positive experience, not testing them and making them worry about failing.

4. Post-hyp. Very optional, but if they want one, just have them focus intently on the way they feel, and give them a trigger that will bring them back to this state of mind. A simple reinduction trigger. Again, don’t get fancy.

5. Awaken them. Gently, not at all rudely or suddenly, give them a count up and awaken them.

III. Post-talk

1. Draw their attention to the trancey bits. Get them noticing the time distortion, the sense of focus and relaxation, all the things you told them would happen beforehand. Get them realizing that what they experienced was trance not just peace and quiet or mellowness. If you did a reinduction trigger, this is a good time to use it (both to reinforce it and to show them that it works).

2. Stress that being hypnotized is a skill. (You can do this in pre talk, too.) Nobody is a “natural”, nobody is perfect the first time out. The more they go into trance, the better they’ll get at achieving that state of focus faster and easier and more completely.

3. Thank them muchly for letting you in their head, and offer politely to do it again if and when they’d like.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Hands and Knees”!

January 19, 2018

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Stronger”, teased previously as an Early Bird story, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Hands and Knees” (MC MF MD FD)!

Zane’s a little bit worried now that Tasha found his secret stash of Patriarchy brainwashing porn. He’s expecting her to be angry, he’s expecting her to be upset, he’s even possibly expecting her to leave him. He’s definitely not expecting it to work…

Here’s a taste.

The silence stretched for almost a minute before Tasha said, a touch of uncertainty in her voice, “Is something wrong, Master? Don’t you want to play with my body? Do my breasts not please you?” She gave her ass a tiny wiggle, just enough to set her curves into motion. “Please, Master. Your fucktoy longs to be used.” She stretched out into a kowtowing position, pressing her face and tits into the carpet. “You’re in control, Master. You own me. Completely.”

“I…” Zane’s clothes felt uncomfortably tight, but taking them off seemed like it would be conceding a point of some sort. “That wasn’t what you said a couple of days ago,” he finished. Which was glossing over exactly what Tasha did say when she sat down at his computer to work on a research project while her laptop was in the shop and instead found his very extensive collection of bimbification and patriarchy and alpha-male porn. He tried to explain it to her, but it turned out that honesty was very much not the best policy when it came to talking about exactly what you found so hot about a woman being hypnotized and brainwashed into a mindless sex toy with no purpose in life beyond pleasing men.

Especially not to a Woman’s Studies post-grad.

Hope you enjoy it!