Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Tabula Rasa”!

April 9, 2020

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Voice Inside My Head”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Tabula Rasa” (MC MF MD)!

Tabby is talking to a nice lady about the teaching machine she used four years ago. She’s explaining everything she knows about how it works, what it did to her, and what it took away from her docile, obedient mind. It took away all the badness, all the disobedience, and all the sad things that kept her from making Teacher happy. It also took away everything that happened more than four years ago. Here’s a taste:

Tabby relaxed again, tension unwinding from her muscles as she leaned back in her chair. It never even occurred to her that Ella might be anything less than honest–Teacher never lied to her in her whole life that she could recall, so why would Ella? “Okay,” she said brightly, her pink cheeks once again crinkling in a cheerful grin. “Did he tell you to put clothes on me? Because I think I should take them off if he didn’t tell you to tell me to put them on.”

Ella’s face froze in a plastic, insincere smile. “Um, yes,” she said, her voice sounding artificially bright and cheerful in Tabby’s ears. “He told us you need to wear clothes from now on, and that you can’t, um…” Ella squirmed slightly in her seat, unable to meet Tabby’s gaze. “You can’t… offer yourself to anyone anymore. At least not until we’ve figured out what’s going on with you, and what the machine did to Candace.”

Tabby looked around, perplexed all over again. “The machine did something to Candace?” she asked. “Is that why you keep asking me about her? Because I don’t know where she is, I promise. And I’ve been inside the machine every day since Teacher found me. If she was in there, I would have seen her, honest.” She hoped she was making Ella happy with her answers–since they told Tabby that she couldn’t do anything sexual without permission, she felt like she was deprived of her best method of pleasing people. It made her feel a little bit anxious.

Hope you enjoy it!

How to Brainstorm

April 5, 2020

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I’ve been getting questions a lot lately about how I manage to keep my output up, and one of the biggest and most important tools I use is brainstorming. It’s a process that I don’t think gets enough attention, and so I’m going to share a few details about the way I do things in the hopes that it might help someone else. That’s not to say that this is the ‘correct’ way to brainstorm; there are as many ways as there are writers, and whatever process works for you is the way to do it. But this is often neglected in creative writing courses, so I thought I should discuss it here.

The first step is groundwork. Luckily, this is kind of the easiest step in the process – all you need to do is be interested in the world around you. Read a lot; fiction is good, because it helps you observe different literary techniques and styles that you can incorporate, but nonfiction is better, because you can break down the raw material and put it directly into your work. (My standing joke is that if you read fiction and steal every good idea for your own stories, that’s plagiarism. If you read nonfiction and steal every good idea for your own stories, that’s research.) The main idea is to get outside the tropes of your chosen field, get a lot of fresh ideas, and generally get your brain filled up so that the process of brainstorming is mostly just making interesting connections between the thoughts you already have.

(Note: I can’t stress how important it is to get outside your chosen field. The least interesting fantasy is written by people who only read fantasy, the least interesting comics are written by people who only read comics, and if you’ve ever read ‘Armada’, you already know that the least interesting sci-fi is written by obsessive sci-fi fans. It’s best to imagine ideas as water – the less you have going into your head, the more stagnant the stuff that’s already in there gets.)

So now you’ve been filling your brain with ideas, and you need to sit down and write something. It’s time to brainstorm. What you need for brainstorming is a source of potential inspirations that is large enough that you can keep going through it until you get an idea, and a simple way to jot down the ideas as they come to you. I use the website absolutelyrics.com for my short stories, and I have a folder full of interesting pictures for my flash fics, but whatever you want to use is good. Maybe you’re flipping through old tabletop RPGs, maybe you’re skimming through galleries of sci-fi and fantasy art, maybe you’re looking at movie posters. Whatever it is, the point isn’t so much to gain direct inspiration as it is to let your mind wander to interesting places using the brainstorm as a jumping-off point.

It is important to recognize that there’s no particular timetable here. You may spend two minutes brainstorming, you may spend an hour. You may find an idea that doesn’t really click and jot it down for later, you may instantly find an entire story dropping into your brain. You may look at the same picture that seemed impenetrably dull last week and suddenly find that you know exactly what’s happening and how to work it into a story. Don’t panic if it doesn’t seem like it’s working. It will be not working right up until the point where it’s not not working, every single time. I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought to myself, “You know what? Maybe there’s just not a story in my head today,” only to find that five minutes later my fingers are rattling away on the keyboard.

It’s okay to discard ideas at this point. It’s okay to write them down in some kind of capsule form for later. It’s okay to come up with something really really bizarre and offbeat that you don’t think anybody but you will like. It’s okay to take an idea and yank it at right angles until it becomes a totally different idea. This is the point at which you’re just tugging on the threads in your mind until they unravel into something you can stitch together, and it’s important not to feel pressured into making the process happen. At some point, you’ll find something click, you’ll make a connection, and you’ll be able to write. Trust me. More importantly… trust yourself, and trust your brain.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Hang on to Your IQ”!

April 1, 2020

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Zenith”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Hang on to Your IQ” (MC FF MA)!

Trinh is a video designer who specializes in 3D animation, and she’s found a group of like-minded friends who get together and share their work once a week. It started as practice. Then it became a hobby. And now, Trinh’s absolutely riveted to her screen. Here’s a taste:

The darkness wound around and around, engulfing first pink, then purple, then yellow in turn, almost as if the ribbon had run out and the ends of it were fluttering softly into the abyss at the center of the screen, and Trinh gave in willingly to the illusion. A tiny part of her noticed the little details that added verisimilitude to the effect, but they’d all long ago stopped pretending that they were only doing this to show off their animation chops. The public chats where they’d showed a few moments of hypnotic spirals and swirling patterns and unfolding rotations of tessellated tiles had given way to private rooms where they could show each other longer, more fascinating videos, and the Thursday night video sessions had become more and more focused on finding the most effective ways to shut off each other’s conscious minds.

They’d given up pretending they didn’t enjoy it. Trinh had a lot more fun once they’d abandoned that particular illusion.

There was a moment of complete darkness, just long enough to tease Trinh’s confused brain into wondering what would happen next, and then the void at the center of the screen spewed out a tunnel of rainbows that shot straight out in a burst of glorious color. It felt as though she was diving into the tunnel, pulled along into the pulsing tube of light toward an infinitely receding point of darkness, and Trinh leaned forward in her chair involuntarily to catch up. Her breath caught in her throat for a moment, then spilled out in a sleepy sigh of total enraptured amazement.

Every week, it felt like her mind sank quicker and more easily into dazed, hypnotic fascination. The anticipation, the expectation of trance combined with the reactions of the other women to still her thoughts more and more effortlessly each time, until the patterns on the screen numbed her brain into smooth, placid bliss within only moments. Or maybe they were all getting better at making these. Maybe session after session of staring into the swirling lights helped them understand what worked best to switch off their minds and melt their bodies into the most perfectly mesmerized, empty… drowsy… dreamy… the beams of light slowly twisted into a vortex of color, and Trinh sank helplessly into it.

Hope you enjoy it!

Liner Notes for March 2020

March 29, 2020

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Well, would you look at that! It’s already March 29th! Gosh, this month has gone by quickly… while simultaneously seeming to pack in 6,000 years of important events. But enough about the real world, let’s talk about this month’s smut and how it came to be!

Joy of a Toy: As previously noted, I’ve been trying to write inductions that are geared toward eliciting specific behaviors that are common goals for hypnokinky submissives. (And as always, I do give permission for anyone who wishes to create a recording of my inductions for their own personal use with a consenting partner.) This has kind of opened up a whole new field, to the point where I’m almost suffering option paralysis – do I do freeze play stuff? Objectification? Service submission? Pleasure triggers? Where do I start?

Luckily, I’ve got what I laughably call a brainstorming process to help with that kind of thing. I sat down with a list of song titles, and scrolled through them until I found one that hinted at a theme related to one of the goals I wanted to try. In this case, it was objectification. I do think that these new inductions tend to be very different from my old ‘monologue stories’; while the previous hypnosis stories tended to be all about specific imagery that I carried through the entire piece, these tend to be focused very much on the goal and use the induction as a means to an end. I’d be curious to hear from people as to how they feel about that.

No Homo: This is one of those ones that I’ve had in my head for so long that I’m honestly not sure whether the title or the concept came first. I can certainly remember the concept slowly beginning to gel as I read Tumblr posts that joked about how obsessively and desperately a certain type of ‘bro culture’ labeled any kind of emotional or physical intimacy with the disclaimer of ‘no homo’ just to make sure nobody thought they were anything less than the manliest of manly manly men, and I did think about satirizing it by making it an actual ‘would you kindly’ style trigger that convinces a straight man that whatever they’re doing literally can’t be gay because they just said so. And I think that finding out that there was a real song with that title sealed the deal.

(I got kind of a surprise when I looked up the song right before I wrote the story, just to make sure I hadn’t imagined it, and found out that it was a parody song by Andy Samberg that made the exact same joke about gay panic that I was making. I think the two kind of wind up complementing each other.)

Like a Broken Record: If I recall correctly, this one owes a pretty deep debt of inspiration to Sammynona; he did a Tumblr piece where someone who’s experimenting with freeze triggers decides to see what can happen if they freeze a person’s mind, and get some pretty amazing results. (If I got it wrong and that wasn’t a Sammynona piece, my apologies to whoever did write it. It was very good.)

In my head, Geoffrey and Joyce read that and decided to play with the idea in their own kinky lives, cutting out the experimentation and getting straight to the “subject is stuck on whatever thought was in their head as they hear the trigger phrase”, with results as you see here. (And to be clear, Joyce is enthusiastically consenting to the suggestion and to having the memory of it removed before their scene.) It reuses the characters from “Wake Up” because there really didn’t seem to be much point in recreating an entire consensual romantic maledom/femsub kinky hypnosis dynamic with different names when I could just use an established one.

Sink Into Me: This one is an absolutely pure outcome of my brainstorming process; I sat down with a list of song titles (I usually use absolutelyrics.com, just in case I’ve never mentioned that before) and scrolled until I saw one that suggested a story idea. It’s really amazing how little time that takes; honestly, I would be surprised if you could listen to the radio for an hour and not come across some kind of veiled reference to hypnosis. Perhaps I’m stretching things a little because of my existing fetish: I’m the guy who listens to ‘Breathless’ by the Coors, hears “make me long for your kiss”, and nods knowingly to the speakers. But really, the language of love and the language of hypnosis both rely on that same kind of focus and absorption in a lot of ways.

In any event, yep, I saw this and thought it sounded like a very straightforward, vaguely sinister attempt at hypnosis, and I kind of constructed everything around answering the questions of “Who would do such a thing?”, “Where would they find a victim?”, “What would that victim be doing?”, et cetera. It wound up being a very tight piece, albeit one that didn’t particularly break new ground.

Q.U.E.E.N.: This one did begin with my brainstorming process, but it didn’t take very long to shift into another gear; Janelle Monae is one of the most electrifying artists working in music today, and her name after the song title instantly caught my eye. I’d been thinking about doing another superhero story for a while at that point, and one of the things I absolutely love about superheroic universes is their tendency to create super-secret agencies and divisions and departments with ludicrous acronyms. Since I try to make my superhero universe feel like one that’s much larger and older than it really is with tricks like that, I knew that it had to have a “Q.U.E.E.N.” in there somewhere.

But because OMG Janelle Monae OMG!, I didn’t just want to use the title and leave it at that. I wanted to somehow work her presence into the story, and I wanted to do it in a way that showed off how amazing she is (so not a victim or a holder of the Idiot Ball). The first scene that came to mind was Adventure Girl’s “Aren’t you afraid of the police?” sequence, and things sort of branched outward from there to ‘time travel’ to ‘hey, I can bring in Jace Andron!’ to ‘ooh, Jace Andron was always talking about a “Great Collapse” that ended the superheroic era, and I’ve been slowly building up this idea of a sinister supervillain who’s behind a whole bunch of other shit, let’s use this as an opportunity to drop in some nasty foreshadowing about the scope of the problem that the reader will know but the heroes won’t!’

(I feel honor-bound to mention that a) the villain is someone we’ve seen before, because I’m firmly of the opinion that building up a mystery and having the answer being “it’s this person you’ve never heard of” is kinda meh, b) I didn’t know who the villain was when I wrote “Zzzonked”, the first story that mentions them, c) I did know by the point ‘Q.U.E.E.N.’ was written, which is why Jace specifically mentions that she can twist perceptions – Silas mentioned a ‘he’, and I’d settled on a female villain, so that needed to be lampshaded, and d) I have written the story with the big reveal, and it’s on my hard drive. So if civilization collapses, please go on an epic quest to travel to the ruins of my home and find out who it is.)

Ahhh, remember the days when that would automatically be taken as a ludicrous joke? Let’s hope they come again soon! In the meanwhile, see you next week for another blog post and next month for another Liner Notes!

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Vessel”!

March 26, 2020

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Q.U.E.E.N.”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Vessel” (MC MD MF FF CB)!

Despite her misgivings about superheroism, Azure has been inducted on a probationary basis into the Liberty Squad! And she’s genuinely putting some real effort into doing it right. Which is why she’s troubled by her sudden strange behavior. Her decision to break into a monitoring station. Her irrational impulses to violence. She doesn’t quite know what she’s doing… but something inside her does. Here’s a taste:

She’s infuriating me. I can feel that anger building again, tighter and more controlled this time. Everything about her makes me want to hit her, from her squeaky nervous voice to the way I can hear her padding footsteps approaching me like she thinks I don’t notice her getting closer to her fucking goddamned stupid fucking superpowers. I’m not sure why, but her fucking powers piss me off the most right now. I find myself wishing I could rip them out of her genetic structure, cell by cell.

“And, um, your ankle bracelet, the one you got as a condition of… joining the Liberty Squad.” She’s a terrible liar. It’s another thing I hate about her. We both know that my acceptance into the Liberty Squad was nothing more than thinly veiled probation, Venus Ascendant’s idea to keep an eye on me after the whole mess in Mexico City; why doesn’t she just admit that she doesn’t trust me? God, it makes me want to smash her fragile body into a broken mess on the floor and hide it in a maintenance tunnel until I can finish… finish…

Finish doing what I came here to do. “What about it?” I ask, trying to keep my tone light and dismissive. Murdering Eris doesn’t feel like the right way to get rid of her, despite the constant pulse of rage in the back of my head reminding me just how easy it would be. I can just talk her out of getting in my way, convince her that everything’s fine and normal. Because it is. Everything’s perfectly normal, I’m doing perfectly reasonable things. I don’t know exactly what they are right now, but that’s normal too and I don’t need to worry about it. I’m totally calm, except for the violent hatred.

Hope you enjoy it!

Another Creative Outlet

March 22, 2020

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With my recent job change, I’ve been getting a certain amount of training in on a variety of new skills. Most of them are just refreshers or elaborations on things I already knew about office software, but one thing I’d genuinely never even touched was PowerPoint. I knew it let you make slide shows, and that like most Microsoft products, it had so many abilities and functions that people often went hogwild at first and made a disastrous mess of over-formatted junk, but that was about it.

I know a lot more about PowerPoint now. A scary lot.

Specifically, I know how to make a slide show with a .gif as the background in every slide (like, say, a spiral). I know how to add an audio file to that slide show, that will play across each slide as it moves through the presentation. I know how to add text that slowly fades in and out while the audio plays. And I know how to export that presentation, with its spirals and hypnotic voice and floating text, into a video format.

Basically, I know how to make hypnosis videos, is what I’m saying here. I’m still experimenting with it, and the early results might look kind of crude compared to someone who has genuine animation software, but it’ll give a visual accompaniment to my voice on future hypnosis files I make for those who want or need that aspect to sink into trance. I’m exporting a sample I did, the induction I previously recorded called  “Um…” (as a reminder, “Um…” contains permissive instructions to get naked and masturbate, as well as a permissive post-hypnotic suggestion that causes the word ‘um’ to become a thought-stopping trigger when it’s safe and comfortable to experience that) into a video format, and I may even be able to upload it somewhere by the end of the day!

Which is, at least to me, pretty cool. And I hope you think so too.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Questions 67 and 68”!

March 18, 2020

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Sink Into Me”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Questions 67 and 68” (MC MD MF HM)!

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you’re taking a test, and you don’t know what class it’s for but none of the questions make any sense and the teacher keeps looking at you like you’re a total idiot and you know you’re going to flunk? It’s happening to Jessica. And it’s not a dream. Here’s a taste:

She stood up and walked swiftly up to the front with her test, setting it down in front of the proctor and putting her hands behind her back. “I, I was hoping to get some clarification,” she said softly, glancing down at her paper to break the connection with his narrowed, imperious stare. Her long, dark brown hair fell in front of her face, but she brushed it back with a practiced gesture and continued speaking. “On, on questions 67 and 68. They’re, um… they’re not making a lot of sense to me.”

The proctor looked left and right theatrically. “This is a test, Miss Lagorio, is it not?” he asked, his consonant sounds pronounced so precisely that Jessica could almost picture them wearing dress uniforms. “The entire purpose, I believe, is to determine whether you understand the questions. Allowing you to simply raise your hand and ask for the answers would almost certainly defeat that purpose.”

The icy disdain in the proctor’s voice was almost enough to send Jesscia scurrying back to her desk with her tail between her legs, but when she reached down for the paper, she felt it again. That sense of surreal, dizzying oddness that made her feel as though her body was listing ever so slightly off-balance, that bewildering sensation as though she was missing something obvious and it was messing with her head. “I, I know, sir,” she mumbled, swallowing half her words nervously, “but… but question 67 doesn’t make any sense.”

Hope you enjoy it!

A Periodic Reminder That Women Are People

March 15, 2020

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Recently I’ve seen a few new folks in the hypnokink community who have been posting videos of themselves or their subjects doing a little self-trancing, and they seem like very nice people who are having fun exploring their fetish and enjoying the experience. The young women who are putting themselves in the role of subject genuinely look like they’re enjoying both their trances and the responses they get from sharing their trance videos with others, and as someone who has seen a depressingly large number of women come and go from the scene, I’d like them to continue having positive and happy hypnosis times. So, a reminder to everyone:

These are people. They are not playthings. Yes, that is true even if their particular fetish is being reduced to a plaything by their hypnotist. You are not entitled to their time or their attention. No, posting their videos publicly does not change that. They are already displaying as much of themselves as they feel comfortable with, and pressuring them is rude and unpleasant and makes them unhappy. You do not have the right to ask for anything more revealing, more explicit, more specifically related to your personal subkink, or for anything at all really.

You should not ask them if you can hypnotize them. No, not you. No, not you either. No, not even if you’re really good at it. No, not even if you really want to. No, not even if you can make them feel absolutely amazing. In fact, let’s just put an immediate damper on you telling them what you’d like to do to them from now until, oh, say, forever from now. Having fantasies about a stranger is okay. Forcing them to listen (and posting it all into a chat window so that they’ll see it as soon as they open it is forcing them to listen) is creepy and rude.

You should never. EVER. try to hypnotize them without asking. That’s assault. Depending on your jurisdiction, that may in fact rise to the legal standard for assault, but it’s still assault in the colloquial sense of the word. Just fucking don’t. And don’t start using really obviously trancey language around them and then pretend to be surprised when they notice and ask if you’re trying to hypnotize them. It’s really fucking obvious.

You may – politely – compliment them. Saying things like, “I really liked that video you posted!” or “You’re a really good hypnotic subject!”, in moderation, is fine. If they post about other things on the same blog, it’s also okay to casually mention that you share a common interest. Any communication beyond that should be their decision. People will let you know if they want you to keep talking to you. Err on the side of caution.

And although I’ve said this before, I will say it again. Even if a woman posts publicly about how much they like doing kinky shit, even if they post publicly about being submissive, even if they post publicly about not being owned by anyone at that moment in time, even if they post publicly about how much they really need to have a particular kinky activity done to them at that exact second… NONE OF THOSE QUALIFY AS CONSENT TO DO IT WITH YOU. It doesn’t matter that they’re horny. It doesn’t matter that they don’t have ‘taken’ or ‘owned’ somewhere in their blog. They’re human beings, they have a right to open up to others on their own terms and only to the degree they feel comfortable with, and you need to respect that.

And if you push past one of those boundaries, deliberately or inadvertently, and they assert it… Do. Not. Fucking. Get. Mad. At. Them. Seriously, don’t. Yes, we all get it. We, as men, have been taught that we are entitled to women’s time, attention, affection, and physical bodies, and it stings a little when we’re told “no”. But it’s not their fault for telling you “no”. It’s your fault for asking. Do not respond to the rejection by calling them a gendered slur, don’t demand an explanation, don’t tell them they were leading you on. Just accept that they, as human beings, get to decide what happens with their time, attention, affection, and physical bodies, and move on.

(And yes, this is also true for other genders. But let’s face it, the vast majority of these situations happen with women who say no to men. And the vast majority of men who bring up that it happens to other genders, too, somehow only bring it up when they can use it to dismiss a woman’s experiences with harassment.)

And I want to make it clear, this is not a “this is why we can’t have nice things” discussion, this is not a “women won’t stick around and play with us if they don’t feel safe” discussion, and this is not a conversation about how we, as men, benefit from treating women like human beings. We should not need an ulterior motive to be respectful. Just do it because you’ve developed a functioning sense of compassion and don’t want to be one of those pushy assholes shouting, “Show us your tits!” until the woman you’re talking to gives up and deletes her account.

This has been your periodic reminder that women are people. Thank you.

Early Bird Sneak Peek: “Zannalee”!

March 12, 2020

Hi all! It’s time for another Early Bird Sneak Peek, where I share a glimpse at the story my lucky Early Bird patrons will be enjoying next Saturday thanks to their pledges at my Patreon page! Of course, if you’re not an Early Bird patron, you’ll still get a story next week–“Like a Broken Record”, teased previously, has already been submitted to the EMCSA. But the Early Bird patrons will be getting “Zannalee” (MC FF)!

When Olivia first found Zannalee in a thrift shop, she knew right away that someone put a lot of herself into customizing that weird, creepy doll. As someone with an interest in the weird and creepy herself, she appreciated that kind of effort, and she absolutely had to take Zannalee home with her. But she didn’t know just how much soul the doll’s creator had put into it… and just how much more Zannalee wanted to take. Here’s a taste:

It had probably started life as one of those expensive, upscale playthings for suburban kids, Becky’s First Status Symbol or something like that. But somewhere between the bright pink world of the original store and the dingy, poorly lit confines of the Fulton Street Flea Market, someone had taken the doll and kitbashed it into something absolutely deranged. The long, flowing brown hair had been chopped and dyed and hot-glued into bright green spikes, the chipper little smile had been carved into a lewd and lascivious grin. The lips had been painted blood red, little rivulets of color dripping down here and there to contrast the doll’s light brown biracial skin tones. It looked so much like Olivia that she felt an almost narcissistic twinge of fascination with it.

But it was the eyes that really caught Olivia’s attention. The irises had been repainted with some sort of reflective coating that caught the light so well that they almost seemed to have an inhuman glow to them, making it seem somehow that the doll’s stare was following Olivia around the room. The left eye was decorated with a Venus symbol in black paint, the right with a Mars symbol, as though the doll had just finished putting on its mascara for a night at the clubs.

Hope you enjoy it!

Is It Hypnosis? – Part Twenty-Three

March 8, 2020

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I’ll admit, it’s nice to know that people are enjoying this irregular series of examinations of my older work. While I’m happy to defend all sorts of fantasies that are… let’s just say “less than savory”, I’m also happy to draw a very clear distinction between the kinds of things you can do in real life (practically and ethically) and the kinds of things you should probably leave to the realm of the imagination. Let’s look at another batch!

Smoke From a Distant Fire: This falls very much into the former group, I’m happy to say. There are clear safety suggestions that prevent Amy from dropping when she’s in a hurry to get to work or when company’s present, and that keep her from calling Dawn up in the middle of a dinner party or something and calling her ‘Mistress’. The suggestions are kinky D/s fun, and all of them are very doable, and it’s a relationship that seems to have established some pretty good boundaries. I’ll admit, I’ve thought about revisiting this couple.

Doesn’t Really Matter: This one falls pretty much squarely into the realm of ‘flat-out impossible in the real world’, thankfully. Even the most skilled hypnotists couldn’t get someone into trance in the face of that kind of resistance, and the opal woman’s continued dismissal of Piper’s objections would probably build a subconscious wariness rather than a sense of helplessness. This would probably end with Piper getting up and complaining to the manager, not leaving the restaurant in the thrall of her lesbian brainwasher, and that’s a good thing.

Footsteps: I’m generally inclined to say that this one is probably a more… let’s just call it a ‘cinematic’ portrayal of hypnosis, rather than a realistic one. There’s nothing in the story that couldn’t technically be done as a suggestion – the protagonist is basically being asked to ignore Ryan’s presence, act less sexually inhibited, and enjoy masturbation – but it’s unlikely that Ryan could have built up the level of trust that would make a suggestion like that work through covert hypnosis, even over a long period of time. (To say nothing of the implication that he’s also been working on the new roommate’s brain.)

Even if this could be done, though, it’s obviously a horrible shitshow from an ethical standpoint. YKINMK and all, but I don’t think there are many women out there who’d enthusiastically consent to sharing their home with someone they don’t know is there and who watches them masturbate. (That said, if you do have someone who would enthusiastically consent to a scene based on this idea, it’s probably pretty doable.)

Linger: This is another one that requires a whole hell of a lot of special pleading to be plausible, especially as the usual special pleading argument – “Maybe she always had a fantasy about doing this kind of thing, deep down, and the hypnosis gave her subconscious permission to overrule her conscious mind” – is ruled out by the false memories she’s trying to sort out. She isn’t a closeted bisexual; she’s a straight woman who’s had implanted sexual fantasies about other women. That would honestly be pretty hard to do even if both conscious and unconscious minds were 100% on board with the idea, and again, it seems pretty likely that they aren’t.

And again, that’s good, because this is a Hypnosis and Kink 101 thing: Do not use hypnosis to get someone who’s not interested in sex with you to have sex with you. Just don’t. Even if it worked, which it almost certainly won’t, it’s a creepy and fucked up thing to do and you shouldn’t do it. I feel embarrassed even having to say this.

But I Am a Good Girl: I’m really glad this one came up, because unfortunately I think it’s a very plausible story, and one that would come out very differently if I had written it from the guy’s POV. I think he genuinely thinks that this is a hot fantasy for all three of them, and he’s not even remotely picking up on the signs that Tara isn’t into it and she’s freaking out and their relationship has so many imbalanced power dynamics that she’s not willing to safeword even when something’s going really wrong. (I also think, for what it’s worth, that Gabrielle has been really excited about the idea of a threesome and has no idea that there’s an issue either, but she’s also hypnotized and so she might not be as attentive to social cues as she might be otherwise.)

It’s vitally important, when you’re trying anything new, to negotiate it in advance. Yes, surprises can be sexy, but they can also be hideously unpleasant, and submissives (especially submissive women, thanks to centuries of social programming that they’re trying to push uphill against) don’t always feel like they can voice objections. It’s easier sometimes to go along with the flow and regret it later, and things like this can be really rough for someone to deal with. Especially if they don’t discuss it afterwards, and leave their partner with the idea that this is acceptable.

Also, check-ins. Check-ins check-ins check-ins. A single “Is this okay?” anywhere in this story, and it would have wound up completely different. That doesn’t just apply to a new activity, either; sometimes a check-in can reveal that someone needs water, has to visit the bathroom, has a leg that’s falling asleep because they’ve been kneeling in the wrong position, virtually anything. Hypnosis and submission both produce a tendency toward passivity; part of the dominant’s job is to make sure that they know what’s going on with their sub and can keep things from going badly. This story puts a slightly cheerful face on it, with Tara ultimately being happy with the outcome, but it’d be easy to imagine a sequel where they’re not together because he pulled too much shit like this.

So with that cautionary thought in mind, feel free to go out and have fun, check in with your sub, tell your dominant what’s going on in your head, and play safe!