Reposted: A Home For An Old Story

(Technically, re-reposted, as you’ll soon see…)

I actually wrote this the morning after it happened, on February 23rd, 2008; at the time I wrote it, however, I didn’t have this blog, so I posted it in the “Your Personal Experience” thread on the Mind Control Forums. It seemed like a good idea to trawl through the archives of the forum, find this entry, and post it here where it belongs. So, without further ado…

“Tonight was kind of a special night–Lady Ru’etha was flying to Washington, and had about an hour-and-a-half layover in the Twin Cities. Although tranceplay is part of our normal interaction on the phone and over text, this was the first time we’d seen each other face to face in almost a year, and I think both of us were keyed up about all the ways this could go wrong (delayed flight, bad gate assignments, poor weather, missed connections, general disasters.)

“As it turned out, it went perfect. She was walking into Baggage Claim from the terminal just as I was walking in from the street. The first order of business was to get Her some food–She’d gone straight from work to the airport, and there was no meal service on the flight. So we went to the Starbucks in baggage claim. She looked just as adorable as I remembered Her, and as we sat down, I just couldn’t stop looking at Her. She caught me looking for a moment, and when our eyes met, She said, “Careful. Look too long, and you know what’ll happen.” (This will turn out to be Significant.)

“We chatted a bit about life and general geekery while She ate (I lent Her my copy of ‘Full Frontal Nerdity: Big Book of Epic Fail’ to read on the second leg of the trip.) Then we went upstairs to Security (as She’d have to go back through the checkpoints for the second leg), found a relatively quiet place to sit (“quiet” for 8:00 on a Friday night in an airport always being relative), sat down, and She leaned over and gave me a big hug…

“…and whispered, “Down,” in my ear. And I just sagged into Her arms. She told me to go deeper, and that in a moment, I’d be able to sit up and open my eyes, but still stay deeply hypnotized. I did so, and She kept me that way for a while, leaning onto me and talking quietly, reinforcing my conditioning (which She does pretty much every time I’m under, reinforcing that a) obedience is pleasure, b) I love being conditioned (which means that reinforcing my conditioning is, itself, pleasurable because it conditions me further), and c) that She wants me to be happy and fulfilled, so doing things like writing, cleaning, spending time with family, saving money, working hard, and generally being “grown-up” and productive at work and at home are, in and of themselves, ways of obeying…for which, see point A, above.)

“I remember my eyes had a tendency to both focus and drift…that is to say, I’d intensely focus on a particular object for a while, then my eyes would wander to something else and focus on that. While I was under, She wisely recognized that the situation was a bit of a turn-on and told me that I’d be able to “store” my arousal, set it aside and come back to it later. I remember Her talking about how exciting it was that passers-by would see us and just think we were being a little affectionate, not realize that I was deeply hypnotized right in front of them…and it was. But I stored that for later.

“Eventually, She woke me, and we talked a bit more while She stroked the back of my neck…and then She said, “You know, a lot of ‘geek guys’ have a switch on their body, just like a computer…” and She pressed firmly at the base of my neck. “And when I hold it,” she said, and I could just feel myself going into trance… “They switch off. And when I just press it,” and She tapped that same spot, “they switch on.” And I woke up.

“”And just like that, I installed another trigger in you,” She said. “Because You like having triggers…and You like going into trance…wake.” Because as She was saying that, I was drifting back under. (After so many years, I’m pretty deeply conditioned to the sound of Her voice. Listening to a looped mp3 induction every night while I sleep probably doesn’t help, either.)

“We talked a bit more, and it was right around then that I looked Her in the eyes. And my eyes just locked onto Hers, and She said, “Now you’ve done it. You knew this would happen, just like in those old sonnets, like Shakespeare, and Milton said…” (She mentioned other poets, but my brain was a little mushy at that point.) “Eyes, catching and holding you, wrapping you in a spell…and wake.” At this point, I’m pretty sure my brain was pretty mushy even when I was awake, but we talked about the natural subject that came to mind (‘The Shakespeare Code’, from Season Three of the new Doctor Who), and I think it was around then that She decided to test my off-switch again, but it’s a little hazy. Side-effect of going in and out of trance that much that fast, I’ve got a bit of trouble reconstructing the exact sequence of events.

“I know I looked into Her eyes again, and She commanded me to go into an eyes-closed trance that time, and I just sagged against Her again while She whispered in my ear, talking to me about an upcoming trip in June (She’s planning on introducing me to some other hypnotists. She really wants to show me off to people.) It was around then, I think, that She asked if I’d be sitting in the chair that night at work.

“(Aside: Our company bought a massage chair for the employees a few years back; when I wrenched my back at work a few months ago, I made liberal use of it while recuperating. It tended to send me into trance a lot, just from the relaxation, and Lady Ru’etha did a lot to help anchor it. By this point, whenever I press the button to start the massage–which is labeled “Full Program”–I go under, and don’t come out until the program stops.)

“I said yes, and She told me that when I used the chair, it would lock in the trigger She’d installed in me tonight (which it did. Big surprise.) She also told me that before I went to sleep, I would come to this forum and post an account of tonight’s events on this board in this thread (which I am now, of course.) Finally, with Her needing to go back through security again, and me needing to get to work, She woke me fully (taking extra care to do so, since I’d be driving) and we said our goodbyes.

“I’m kind of counting the days until June.”

(Additional comment to the re-repost: She spent months worrying that She’d lost that “Full Frontal Nerdity” book, but finally found it again about a month ago. Yay!)

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