Reposted: Happy Little Things

Something I noticed last night, although it’s not exactly new: I don’t need hypnosis to go into trance for my Lady anymore. She’s not using an induction, or even a trigger phrase–I’m familiar enough and comfortable enough with Her by now that I can tell, just from the sound of Her voice, when She wants me to be hypnotized, and I go into trance from that understanding alone without needing any kind of formal induction.

I’m not sure when exactly it happened, although I suspect that there was a particular session that contributed mightily to the phenomenon (She was snapping me in and out of trance again and again and again, asking me if I was hypnotized over and over until I wasn’t even sure what the answer was anymore, until just the question “Are you in trance?” sent me into trance. It was a long, powerful, and deeply enjoyable experience. But, um, I digress…) As I say, I don’t know when it happened, but I know it has. There’s something really wonderful about that level of rapport with another person, that degree of intimacy so total that it almost borders on telepathy.

I’m really glad I share that with Her.

(Not, y’know, to be sappy or anything…)

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