Reposted: I’m Easy To Hypnotize

Been a little quiet lately, what with one thing and another, so I haven’t posted here much, but this last weekend has definitely been a ton of fun. So I’ve got a few more stories to share.

This one is short, but very very sweet. I was in the food court with my Lady and a few other people, all waiting for someone else to show up from the airport. (I’m being deliberately vague about the details of where and under what circumstances, naturally.) The “someone else” in question was taking a while, due to the infamous Circumstances Beyond His Control, and the other people would wander away from the table at times to go check out stores, eat food, et cetera et cetera. I stayed because, as mentioned, I’m in a long distance relationship with my Lady, and being in the same place with her is a rare luxury.

At one point during the wait, She took out a pendulum, and started playing with it. But She made sure to hold it behind Her hand while She dangled it–because, as She made sure to mention to me, She knew that I was so susceptible to hypnosis that as soon as I saw the actual crystal at the end of the chain, I’d go under, and She didn’t want that.

Now, of course, I knew perfectly well in my conscious mind that this was, in and of itself, an induction of sorts–She was suggesting again and again that I would go into trance when I saw the crystal, making sure the idea was fixed firmly in my head before actually showing it to me. But that didn’t stop me from getting little fuzzy shivers in my brain every time I got a glimpse of the crystal between Her fingers, or getting a big silly grin on my face the whole time we sat there.

But as I say, there were always other people there, in some quantity. She was really just teasing. We were in a public place, in a noisy crowd in the middle of the day. It’d be pretty hard to even go into hypnosis under those conditions, right?

I think you, Gentle Reader, already know the answer to that one. Because as soon as She got the chance, as soon as She had a few minutes where we were the only two people sitting at the table, She dropped the pendulum into the open palm of my hand. “Here,” She said, “Play with that.”

She told me later She was expecting me to swing the pendulum, dangle it from my fingers and go into trance as I watched it sway. Instead, I didn’t even manage to move my hand. The crystal just caught my eye, just like She said it would. I was just drawn to it, following the veins of darker purple in the smooth pink crystal, tracing the facets with my eyes, just totally lost and sinking deeper with every moment. I don’t know how long I stared at the crystal before my eyes slipped shut (it probably wasn’t long, but it seemed strangely timeless), but soon I was just sitting there, eyes shut and deeply hypnotized in the middle of a public place.

It didn’t last long, of course. Too many people to have any real fun. She deepened me a bit, then woke me up and hid the pendulum where it wouldn’t entrance me again. But it was a nice experience, and it served to remind me that when it comes to my Lady, I have no resistance at all.

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