Reposted: It Was More Fun Than It Sounds

So there’s one more story I haven’t told from my experiences over Labor Day weekend, and it’s primarily because it’s hard to really make “I sat in a corner with my eyes closed” sound as enjoyable as it was. But I’ll do my level best.

The first thing you need to understand is that I work nights, and have for close to a decade. 9 PM to 5 AM, pretty much the last five years solid. This means that any time I take a vacation, it involves working very hard to adjust my sleep schedule to that of the people I’m hanging out with. This usually means I’m tired at odd times, alert at odd times, and generally out of sorts for a bit until I get settled in.

So the evening in question, I’d just been napping for a bit, which wasn’t quite enough to settle my jones for sleep but was enough to give me a nice big pounding headache by the time my Lady asked if I wanted to join Her and some of Her other pets for a group trance session. (Non-sexual, in public, get your mind out of the gutter.) I said yes, because I did, but due to my exhaustion and my headache, I knew I was pretty much forcing myself to tag along. So I asked, “Could You just drop me and leave me in a corner, though?” (I also explained all of the above to Her.) She said, “Sure!”

So we wandered out into the hotel, found a nice quiet spot–well, actually, it wasn’t that quiet, because the hotel muzak was playing at industrial volumes. But it was as quiet as it was going to get. Everyone got comfortable, they all looked at my Lady…and she just leaned over, brushed my forehead with Her fingertip, and I dropped into trance and slumped back against the wall. I remember hearing Her say, “It’s what he wanted,” and I remember being obscurely proud at just how easily, how effortlessly I responded to even the simplest of Her suggestions.

And that was my experience of the evening. I heard Her guide everyone else through what sounded like a very nice group trance (I was right under the Muzak speaker, so I didn’t catch all of it.) When She woke them, I opened my eyes, only to see Her looking back at me and saying, “That wasn’t for you, pet. Sleep.” And I went right back out again.

I know She did quite a bit of trancing of various different people, but I didn’t open my eyes even once for the rest of the time we were there. I shifted position to stay comfortable (while being very grateful that my Lady had taught me that you can do that and stay in trance, because corners are by definition square and heads are round, and the latter just doesn’t fit into the former.) I even spoke, a few times, because I was aware of the conversation, both the trance and non-trance portions of it. So I contributed a few words, if I thought it was important.

And at the end, my Lady told me it was time to go back to the hotel room, and woke me up. She told me later that part of the reason She woke me was because some of the people there who didn’t know me might have thought I wasn’t very deep in trance, because I was talking and lucid, and She wanted to demonstrate to them the difference between “trance me” and “awake me.” And I apparently did a perfect job–a couple of hours in trance (I think…I never have a good sense of time while I’m under) did as much for me as a nap, and I came up alert and quite chatty.

Until we got back to the hotel room, and She dropped me like a rock again to help me sleep through the night.

(Additional comment to the repost: According to Lady Ru’etha, it wsa about an hour in trance, not two hours. As I say, my time sense goes very wonky when I’m under.)

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