Reposted: Math Is Fun!

So my Lady has me listening to a hypnosis .mp3 while I sleep. It’s an induction, followed by a number of suggestions that I can really only describe in the vaguest of terms, because one of the suggestions is to forget what’s on the .mp3. I have a vague memory of it deepening responsiveness to Her voice, and one to want to keep listening to the .mp3, and I know it’s installed an all-purpose “do what I say” trigger because She’s used it on me. After all the conditioning, post-hyps, and implanting of triggers, there’s an awakening at the end. Pretty much what you’d expect from a hypnosis .mp3 in a serious D/s relationship, as far as I can remember. (He says ominously. 🙂 )

It’s 50 minutes long. This means that over the course of a full night’s sleep, I probably listen to it ten times. (10 x 50 = 500, 500 / 60 = 8 and a bit. I usually wake up straight into trance while listening to it, and let it play until it reaches the end of a cycle and then wake up to the awakening.)

Today is April 8th. Since I haven’t been to bed yet (I work nights), there are 23 days left in April. Then a further 30 in May, and another six in June before I’m finally in realspace with my Lady again. That’s a total of fifty-nine times I will go to bed between now and the next time I’m in the same room with Her. Every single one of those times, I’m listening to the .mp3 ten times. Meaning that by the time She next sees me, my sleeping mind will have been imprinted with the instructions approximately 590 times.

My trip to Chicago in June is going to be interesting.

(Additional comment to the reposting: It was. **grin**)

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