Reposted: My Theory (ahe-ahem!)

No, no, it’s not about the brontosaurus. It’s about the “third eye”.

Lots of cultures and religions have the notion of the third eye, a spot on the forehead between the two eyes that we can see, responsible for all sorts of spiritual energies and mystical beliefs. It’s common to Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and all sorts of “New Age” teachings. It represents enlightenment, meditation, really all sorts of things.

I found myself thinking about it back in 2001, when I was sitting in a hallway in Atlanta. More specifically, in a hallway in a hotel at DragonCon in Atlanta, in a secluded part of the hotel late at night, staring very deeply into the eyes of my Lady. She was trancing me (as part of an absolutely wonderful evening, really the first time we’d ever been alone together), and my thoughts were tending to drift a lot, like they do when you’re under hypnosis, and I was, as I say, staring very deeply into Her eyes, but it was very hard to focus. I was just staring very blankly, very glassily, into Her eyes.

And there were three of them. The two in their normal positions, and a third, right in the center of Her forehead.

Now I’m not about to say that She manifested Her third eye and used it to control my mind, or anything like that. (As awesome as that might be.) No, I know what happened, and I knew even at the time, even under hypnosis. I had gone deep enough into trance that my eyes had become unfocused, and I wasn’t getting a true stereoscopic picture; my left eye was seeing her right eye in a slightly different place than my right eye was, and vice versa. Which created, for a while, the perfect optical illusion of a third eye, mid-way between the other two.

And if occurred to me, even at the time in my rather drifting, hazy, unfocused way, that this might be some of the basis for the idea of a “third eye”. Many mystic traditions involve going into states of trance, even if they aren’t necessarily recognized as hypnosis; could it be that people who were focused deeply and intently on their gurus would see that effect, and believe it to be a physical phenomenon? (Or, at the very least, a useful metaphor to describe the profound spiritual experience they’d undergone. I know I felt like I was undergoing a profound spiritual experience that night.)

I don’t know. Maybe it’s crazy gibberish, but it’s a neat thing to try. Gaze deeply into someone’s eyes, let your own go unfocused, and see if you can’t see that “third eye”. (But, um, make sure it’s with someone you’re comfortable going into trance for. Because you might be looking for a third eye on their forehead, but you’ve probably just painted a big bullseye on your own.)

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