Reposted: Random Acts of Hypnosis

You know, I’m sure some people, when they come here, are thinking of hypnosis as a serious, clinical tool for therapeutic purposes. They’re trying to pick up tips on how to better use hypnosis to help people with real, important life problems. Perhaps they notice the “stage hypnotists”, and harrumph a little when they think about something like hypnosis being used for cheap, flashy showmanship.

Um, if you are a person like that? Don’t ever read anything I post to this blog. You’re going to give yourself an aneurysm.

Because my experience with hypnosis is not as a hypnotist, but as a hypnotic subject. And mostly, I’m into recreational hypnosis; I enjoy the experience, I find it relaxing, and I go into trance for fun. And I’m also into erotic hypnosis; my SO is a hypnotist, and hypnosis is a major part of our sex life. It’s an enjoyable experience in and of itself, it amplifies and intensifies our BDSM play (I should also clarify that I’m submissive, my SO is a Domme, and that we like kinky sex), and it makes simple acts tremendously erotic through mind-play.

I’ll give an example. Back in 2001, we were talking on the phone (it’s a long distance relationship, which is another reason why hypnosis is so nice–She can make me feel actual sensations over the phone or even through text.) I was explaining my plans for the evening; my friends and I were going to see ‘The Mummy Returns’.

She said, “You know, I could call you during the movie.” She said this in Her ‘mischievous’ tone, so I was pretty sure She wasn’t serious, but I wasn’t quite sure. “You’d have the phone set on ‘vibrate’, of course, so you wouldn’t disturb anyone. But you’d answer it, and before you could even say a word, I’d just say ‘Down’, and you’d slip into a deep trance, right there in the theater. And I’d freeze you in place so you couldn’t squirm, or moan, or whimper, or do anything but stare straight ahead at the screen, and then I’d run you through all your pleasure triggers, and your orgasm trigger, coming and coming so hard right there next to all your friends, and none of them would suspect a thing.”

And of course, I’m getting all sorts of good creepy shivers at this, the sort of “oh, but I don’t want that to happen because it might seem weird to my friends and because I’d miss tons of the movie, but oh, wouldn’t it be worth it to do something that smoking hot…” deal that pretty much any sub has in a D/s relationship. But, I think, I have a graceful out, here. I don’t have to worry about the perpetual dilemma of the submissive, how to balance being out in public with wanting to be a hot little subby-boy for his Mistress.

“Sorry, Love,” I said, not sounding all that sorry. More sort of ‘relieved’. “I don’t have a cell phone.”

“But your room-mate does. I could call his cell phone. He’d probably be a bit confused at getting a call from me, but he’d hand the phone over to you.”

“But you don’t have his number.”

“You could give it to me.”

Uh-oh, I thought. She’s actually found a way to do this. I’m in trouble now. “Um, I’m not so sure that’d be a good idea, because–”


And I sank under. My eyes closed, and I went away into that warm, soft…well, trance-y place. And She said to me, “I want you to give Me that number now.”

“don’t know it…” I said. Which was true, as far as it went. I rarely called my room-mate on his cell phone. But I was definitely relieved that I didn’t know, because I knew I was in trance, and I knew that I was really not good at resisting commands while in trance (from my Lady, at least; She’s put a lot of conditioning in my head to help me resist unscrupulous hypnotists, but when it comes to Her, I still melt like butter.) If I’d have known that number, I’d have given it to her.

“Is there anywhere you can find it?” She asked.

I got this wonderful terrible wonderful sinking feeling as I remembered that my room-mate had called the apartment yesterday. “it’s on the caller i.d.,” I said.

“Go and get it for Me, pet.”

And for a second, I hesitated. Because while I was pretty sure this was just a game we were playing, just an “I could do this but I won’t” game, I couldn’t be sure She wasn’t going to call. And that’d mean that after the movie, I’d have to come up with an explanation to my room-mate about why my SO was calling him during a movie to ask to speak to me, and why I just sat there staring glassily up at the screen for who-knows-how-long with the phone to my ear, and that’d mean lying to my room-mate, and lying to people about things you did under hypnosis is one of those things that people in the stories on the EMCSA do, right before they quit their job and become mindless thralls to a Sinister Hypnotist, and…

And all that didn’t mean anything. Because I really couldn’t stop myself. I opened my eyes, got up, walked over to the caller ID, and read Her off the number. I even repeated it to make sure She got it down properly.

Telling someone a phone number, and it was one of the sexiest things I’d ever done in my life. That’s what hypnosis can do for a relationship. It transforms the mundane into the erotic.

(She didn’t call. But I spent the whole night knowing She could. And that was even sexier.)

(Additional comment to the reposting: I got my first comment on this entry, from someone who called it “a nice piece of possible fiction”. Lady Ru’etha popped in to verify my story, because as I put it, “I don’t see much point in posting fiction here. That’s what the EMCSA is for. “)

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  1. Imara Says:

    A fantastic read, and wonderful writing!


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