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So I got back Monday night from a very enjoyable week spent in the company of my Lady, and not surprisingly, hypnosis was involved in the events of that week. Some of the things that happened, I probably won’t be posting in this blog–I’ll save some of it for my stories, since I really feel that this is a blog more about hypnosis than about sex, and while there’s an area where the two overlap, some of the things that happened this week were a little bit too personal for me to retell them in a place where I can’t hide behind a fictional character.

But there was one really wonderful story that happened on the last morning of the trip–in fact, it was on the trip to the airport. We were driving along, on a damp, overcast morning, both of us trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we wouldn’t be in realspace together for much longer, and suddenly, She said, “Sleep.” My eyes closed, my head lolled back onto the headrest, and I heard Her say, “Good boy.”

As we drove, She used the metaphor of the drive to reinforce my programming–I was a passenger, in my mind just as in the car, and She was the one in control. She was driving, I just needed to let myself be carried along. She reinforced a lot of my mantras (both of us get a happy thrill from the way She’s ingrained certain ideas and phrases into my head, and the call-and-response of Her saying a mantra and me instantly and eagerly repeating it is something I think we could both cheerfully do for a long time), and used some of my pleasure triggers on me until I was squirming in my seat. It was a lovely, intense experience, both the trance and the submission, and a perfect ending to my time with Her…

And then She said, “Wake,” and I opened my eyes…and there was a thick, white fog all around the car. We’d passed into a patch of fog that was right near the airport, but that wasn’t my first thought–my first idea, as I came out of trance, still a little disoriented, was that somehow She’d called the fog and wrapped it all around us, so that even as I came out of the fog of trance, I’d still be lost in the blank, white mist. It was just an absolutely brilliant use of real-world events to reinforce and deepen the significance of the trance, and it reminded me yet again of just how talented a hypnotist my Lady really is.

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