Happy Memories

My Lady called me yesterday–due to my somewhat topsy-turvy sleep schedule, She woke me up out of a fairly sound sleep, but neither one of us minds that. She doesn’t mind it because I’ve told Her it’s alright, and I don’t mind it because She generally does what She did yesterday–She called me, and before I could wake up enough to say anything more than “Hello,” She dropped me into a trance and let the grogginess of an unexpected awakening push me so easily into a state of hypnosis that it was like I never woke up at all.

This is a very nice state to be in, and She took full advantage of it to program my sleepy mind (there’ll be a post about exactly that somewhere along the line, so don’t let me forget.) This time, She also mentioned that She still has the photo of our first face-to-face trance…and wow, did that bring back some happy memories.

It wasn’t a big, elaborate production–I don’t think I was even in trance for more than a few minutes. It was just our first time meeting together, at DragonCon 2001; we’d been emailing, chatting, spending time in IRC chatrooms, and phoning for months, but this was the first time we actually met face to face. We checked into the hotel room (I should mention that “we” at this point was quite a collection of people; Lady Ru’etha is polyamorous, and several of Her partners were there sharing a room with us, along with a five-year-old girl. In other words, we did not check into the hotel room and immediately ravish each other. 🙂 )

We were all busy unpacking and unwinding and generally milling around, but eventually it got to a point where what with people getting food, badges, sundries from the mall connected to the hotel, et cetera that there were just three people in the room: myself, Lady Ru’etha, and Her Mistress. (It should be noted here that at the time, I wasn’t formally collared to Lady Ru’etha, and in fact was pretty much “informally” submitting to both of them.) And Lady Ru’etha just whispered in my ear, “Down.”

To this day, I still get shivers feeling breath against my skin.

I sagged down onto the bed, and She deepened me some. I knew Her Mistress was getting out a camera, and part of me felt like I should balk at this–I’ve never exactly been comfortable with my own appearance, I generally avoid being photographed, and here I was in a strange city with two women I was meeting face to face for the first time and they’d hypnotized me and were taking pictures. This was, in theory, a potential low-budget horror movie in the making. 🙂

But I didn’t feel scared. The part of me that was telling me I should be scared ran into a solid wall of total comfort, because all my instincts were telling me deep down in my heart that these were good people, that these were people I could trust, and that they would keep me safe. So I just relaxed and let it happen.

A few minutes later, and people came back in and She had to wake me up. A few days later, and we had a much longer, more intense, more personal trance experience (and our first date, and–at the surprisingly late age of 26–my first dance with a woman.) Eight years later, and I’m Her pet, and we’re still good friends with the woman who was Her Mistress.

And she’s kept that photo safe all this time.

I love Her.


One Response to “Happy Memories”

  1. Blnkstr Says:

    Awww, that’s sweet. It’s all romantic and sexy and brainwashing and cute and full of vitamin-goodness! Clearly, there should be a line of alarm clocks built with that wake-up call (although the “snooze” button wouldn’t ever get used, because you’d getting snoozed by the clock before you could hit the button) 🙂

    Hmm, alarm clocks with binaurals and a theta-brainwave flashing set of LEDs under the numbers? What could be a better gift for that special someone? 🙂

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