Everybody Wants To Be A Cat!

Sonovabitch. She actually did it.

Allow me to explain that statement. πŸ™‚ As I mentioned last time, I’m listening to Lady Ru’etha’s brand new CD releases, available through Her brand new website here and temporarily on sale. (In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that I’m Her brainwashed pet, and have been formally collared to Her for almost a year now, which doesn’t exactly make me an unbiased source of information about Her. But on the other hand, I don’t give my mind and body to someone lightly, so I hope people understand just how big of a testimonial it is that I let Her own me completely.)

This time, I decided to listen to “Kittenfur”, a CD that’s supposed to give the listener the experience of transforming into a cat. And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how well this one was going to work for me. The “Robotic Transformation” CD…I don’t have robophilia or technophilia, but I can at least understand the desire to be programmed, and I can get behind the idea of wanting to become a perfectly obedient subject that’s incapable of resisting commands. There’s a lot of overlap between that and being a robot servant, enough that I could bridge the mental gap.

But I’m not an animal person. I don’t have pets, I’m not into the furry kink, I don’t really have a spiritual connection to any animals (although I did like penguins when I was a kid), and I’ve never really wanted to see myself as a cat (or a wolf, or an eagle, or any of the other traditionally “totemic” animals.) To top it all off, Lady Ru’etha and I have never really done much transformation play along those lines. Our play has tended to focus on molding and shaping my actual personality, not creating alternate ones (temporary or permanent.) I really wasn’t sure if this even could work, let alone if I wanted to.

But She asked me to listen to it, and obedience is pleasure, so I hooked up the light and sound machine again (this time I made sure to pick a program that ran closer to the length of the actual CD, so I wouldn’t be floating in trance for twenty minutes afterwards), popped the CD in the player, and I was off!

In point of fact, I was off into trance, and pretty quickly at that. I’d just listened to “Safe Space”, the opening track, the day before, so I was primed to go under to it (and it’s designed to induce trance quickly, which certainly didn’t hurt.) Plus, of course, it bears mentioning that I’m very accustomed to going into trance for my Lady as a general rule. She does sometimes have to wake me from trances that strictly speaking, She didn’t actually induce. πŸ™‚ The “Safe Space” trance passed quickly and pleasantly, and as before, the light and sound machine kept me from actually waking up between tracks.

So there I was, feeling a little trepidation even in trance, as I passed through the mental gateway to the room where I was supposed to turn into a cat. I wondered just how it would happen–was I going to find myself looking in a mirror and seeing felinity staring back at me? Was it going to be like a progressive induction, only with “turning into a cat” instead of relaxing? I couldn’t think of any method that would possibly work.

Instead, She had me imagine just lying down on a bed and feeling drowsy. (Not hard for someone already in trance.) She then had me imagine Her sitting down on the bed next to me and dangling a sparkling crystal in front of my eyes, speaking softly and hypnotically to me as She petted me…

And it all just slotted perfectly into place. Simultaneously, I got a rush of body memory–I wasn’t just visualizing the sequence of events She described, I was actually remembering them from lovely experience; I got a flash of understanding as to how the transformation would play out, with the already-cat-like behavior of curling up and being petted slowly developing into a full cat persona; I got an understanding of just why I would want it to happen–She’s described me as Her pet, and I know that I can’t ever get enough of relaxing into Her touch and Her words just like a cat curled up in its owner’s lap; and I got, coming out of all of the above and rising up over it, an unmistakable certainty that this was going to work. I was going to become a cat, I couldn’t stop it, and I didn’t want to stop it even if I could have.

(Oh, and in the back of my head, I admired the elegance of Her induction within an induction, using petting, pendants and voice all at once. It utilizes visual, aural, and kinesthetic components, perfect for anyone no matter how they process information. But that’s more of an aside.)

The parts of my brain that still functioned were stunned at how well it worked. I could actually hear myself purring out loud. I could feel a tail and claws (and actually, for several hours afterwards, I found myself feeling phantom sensations of claws at the end of my fingertips.) By the time She suggested I’d want a trigger that would let Her return me to this state, I was literally begging for it. In the span of twenty minutes, I’d gone from thinking that this was going to be the rare kink I couldn’t share with my Lady to thinking that I couldn’t wait to share with Her just how much I loved it.

(As mentioned last time, though, this isn’t a review. I’ve been brainwashed six ways from Sunday, and I’ve got body memory that made the trance experience unbelievably vivid. I don’t actually know, nor can I guess, how the “average listener” might respond to this. I just know I looooved it. πŸ™‚ )

And then at last, She returned me to my human state, the CD ended, and…the light and sound machine didn’t stop. I’m still not sure why–I know I set it for a 45-minute program, but it just kept going and going. And my brain had already been pounded pretty effectively to mush by the CD–every so often, I’d realize that the lights had been going on longer than they should have, and I’d try to figure out just how much longer (my time sense isn’t good in trance), and I’d lose track of time trying to think how to keep track of time without being able to look at a clock, and then my brain would just spin out completely into staring at the lights for a while before I started the cycle again. By the time I finally managed to pull the goggles off, over an hour had gone by and I was so dopey I barely had the energy to change the CD to my usual loop of “Voice” before I went to sleep.

I’m really looking forward to the next time my Lady uses the trigger on me–it might be a while, though. She wouldn’t want to do it while we’re conversing in text trance, after all. All I’d want to do would be to sit on the keyboard.

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One Response to “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat!”

  1. virtual visitor Says:

    JB, way cool!

    You really are amazing. I get this image of you, dangling on the end of a hook, dropped overboard into the sea of mental exploration!

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