Hypnosis and Sleep

So I was talking to Thrall the other day, and she asked me, “I’ve heard that an hour under hypnosis is as good as eight hours of sleep. Is that true?”

Sadly, it isn’t, or I’d be a lot more productive. But it is true that hypnosis and sleep are similar enough states that you’re probably getting the same amount of rest when in trance that you would be sleeping for the same amount of time. I know there are times when I’m feeling very tired and wiped out, and I just go and run through a single loop of “Voice”…afterwards, I feel like I’ve taken about an hour-long nap, and I’m able to go ahead and finish whatever I was doing. (Which is sometimes just playing video games–see “wishing I was more productive”, above.)

This turns out to be very useful at the conventions I attend with Lady Ru’etha, where a) sleep is always an under-stocked commodity, and b) trance is always plentiful (and fun.) At Dark Odyssey, back in February, I actually tranced Her out on the last night of the con, because I couldn’t go to sleep or I’d risk missing my 7 AM flight and She was too keyed up from the emotions that the last night of the con stirred. So instead, I just hypnotized Her, and spent a good four or five hours deepening Her. I woke Her briefly before I left, to say goodbye, then triggered Her back into trance and let Her deepen Herself back into sleep. The next day, She woke up far more refreshed than She really should have given how much sleep She got, and I got the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing I’d helped my Lady.

So yes, hypnosis is a very good sleep substitute…which may explain why Thrall was having trouble sleeping after spending a whole day tinkering with Virtual Hypnotist. But I’ll let her tell that story on her own blog. 🙂

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