Coming Attractions, May 2009

The new month rears its head yet again–hopefully, you’ve got lots of good things to look forward to already this month, but just in case, let me add a few with this month’s “Coming Attractions”!

(5/3) Weird Science: A transcript of a talk given by Penelope Walden (of “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades”) to the MIT Women In Science Study Group on unconventional career choices in science. (Probable tags: mc fd mf ff hu.)

(5/10) Push: The story of a man who developed a talent for making people like him, and how he wound up working for the mob. (Probable tags: mc md mf.)

(5/17) Hip To Be Square: You all know the drill; sorority full of stuck-up hot women, fraternity of nerdy guys, mysterious device in the basement altering the girls’ brains…but something’s a little different this time. (Probable tags: mc mf ff md fd hu bd ds.)

(5/24) Uninvited: Ben wakes up in bed with a strange woman that he doesn’t remember meeting. Which wouldn’t be too strange, except he wasn’t drinking last night, he never left the house, and she’s not human. (Probable tags: mc fd mf.)

(5/31) Don’t You Forget About Me: Every day, Missy and Beth are taken to the Chair, and must fight to keep their memories of each other. (Probable tags: mc ff. And just in case Thrall is reading this, if there were tags for “dark” and “contains blank-eyed women wearing black latex”, I’d use ’em. 🙂 )

(Disclaimer: All dates are estimates, not guarantees; circumstances beyond my control may delay the posting of a story. All I can guarantee is that all stories mentioned in this post are finished.)

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