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Sorry About the Silence

June 29, 2009

I’ve been a bit busy getting things ready for Lady Ru’etha’s impending visit. But for those of you attending CONvergence, I will be there; look around the MNPoly room for someone wearing a “Property of Lady Ru’etha” t-shirt, and you’re bound to spot me. 🙂

A Little Bit About Comics

June 17, 2009

There’s a sort of recurring thread that pops up every so often on the Mind Control Forums and the Garden of MC; new members like to ask, as part of the process of getting to know people, “How was your interest sparked in mind control?” There are generally a lot of answers to this, even for a single person, and while I can’t deny that Liz Sladen’s whimper-inducing portrayal of the frequently-hypnotized Sarah Jane Smith on “Doctor Who” was a formative experience, I’d have to say that comics did a lot of the work.

Mind control is so prominent in comic books that I’d have to guess that easily half of the writers and artists in the industry are closet fetishists. Certainly, I remember scanning through the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe and having some very interesting thoughts about what I’d do with the powers of the Mandrill or the Purple Man, and even at the age of twelve, I remember reading an old comic where Kraven the Hunter mind-controlled Tigra into attacking Spider-Man and thinking that was a waste of a perfectly good mind-control collar (and a perfectly good bikini-wearing cat-girl.)

(That particular issue was done by the team of Chris Claremont and John Byrne, two members of the Mind Control Fetishist/Comics Professional Hall of Fame; not only did they give us that issue of Marvel Team-Up, but there’s also the Iron Fist story where Colleen Wing has her will broken and becomes a harem slave, the Man-Thing story where the women are magically transformed into pirate wenches, a novel from each of them that’s heavy on the mind control–“Grounded” and “Whipping Boy”, respectively–and, of course, the entire Dark Phoenix saga, where Jean Grey is corrupted by the Hellfire Club into becoming their new Black Queen, complete with dominatrix outfit. And that’s just off the top of my head.)

So in a way, it’s almost surprising that it took me as long as it did to do a comic-themed story…and how little I realized its importance at the time. At first, when I wrote “All She Wants To Do Is Dance”, I kind of figured it was just going to be more of my usual experimentation, just another checkmark in the list of genres, styles, tenses and categories that I’ve tried. But I found myself really liking the thought of pastiching the old comics that I used to read as a kid, finding ways to explore some of the themes and ideas that were always subtext in those comics and turning them into text. (I really do try hard to make them read like actual super-hero stories with added sex–I’ve told people in the past that if you’re looking for a story where the hero is defeated, enslaved and humiliated by the villain, look elsewhere. My comic book stories are real comic book stories, and that means the good guys win.)

And more importantly, I found myself having a lot of fun taking the characters I love as a starting point, and finding ways to twist and kink and mutate them until they take on a life of their own. (WildRose, for example, started out as a Black Canary analog, but I wound up writing her more like a mix of the Huntress and Guy Gardner. And a future story will show that Sharpe, her partner, is as unlike Oracle as you can get.)

So I’ve wound up making the “cb” tag a regular part of my story repertoire. Some of them you’ve seen on the EMCSA; some of them you might have seen if you’ve bought “Rose-Colored Glasses”, my lesbian-themed anthology; some of them you might have seen if you follow the contests at the MC Forums and the Garden; and some of them, of course, are yet to come. They’re all tied into what I half-jokingly call “The Jukebox Universe”, so don’t be surprised if you see team-ups and crossovers (and three-ways and orgies…what? It’s erotica, people!) And they’ve become some of my favorite stories I’ve written. What can I say? I’m still a comics fan at heart.

Sleep and Hypnosis

June 14, 2009

(Sorry it’s a few days late, it’s been a busy week.)

So in a previous post, I talked about how hypnosis and sleep were two very similar states, and how being hypnotized can be as relaxing and refreshing as a nap for the same length of time. Of course, there’s a flip side to this, which is probably far more interesting to my target audience, which is how sleep is a very trance-like state. 🙂

Not all the time, of course. There are points in the sleep cycle where your brain simply shuts off all sensory input so it can relax, and not only are you not receptive to outside suggestions, it actually takes a hell of a lot from the outside world to get you to even notice its existence. 🙂 But there are periods throughout the night where you’re very deeply hypnotized (or at least in a state similar enough to very deep hypnosis that it’s not worth debating the difference unless you’re a professional.) During those periods, you are in fact ludicrously suggestible.

My Lady uses this on me in two ways. First, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I sleep to a continuous loop of Her Voice, programming me and brainwashing me to be more susceptible to Her suggestions. I don’t hear every word of it; I drift off to sleep, and over the course of the evening, some parts of the loop occur while I’m too deeply asleep to hear them. But since it’s a continuous loop, and since She has me listen to it every night (for over a year now), eventually it all gets absorbed…and it gets absorbed while my conscious mind has pretty much left the building. That’s some pretty yummy brainwashing, there.

The second way She uses it against me is that “sleeping” and “waking” are not binary states. You’re usually asleep long before you think you are, and long after you think you’ve woken up. Not deeply asleep, of course; you’re still aware of the world around you, and as far as you’re concerned you’re just resting your eyes and relaxing. Sound familiar?

Since She and I have different work and sleep schedules, frequently She’ll call me when I’m still dozing. (Something I have totally given Her permission to do, along with my family and friends. It’s just part of the package when you work nights.) So I’ll hear the phone, and I’ll wake up enough to answer it…but I’m not really awake yet, and She knows it. And so while I’m still dozy and struggling to think coherently, She just effortlessly turns that sleep into trance so that I never really wake up at all. I just receive the phone call and go from being blank and asleep to blank and obedient. And She programs me, teases me, and then when the phone call’s done, She commands me to sleep again…and my trance just deepens back down until it’s sleep all over again.

It’s a perfect, smooth progression from sleep to trance and back to sleep, to the point where sometimes when I really wake up a few hours later, I have to check in with Her to make sure it happened. It’s definitely one of the very big upsides to being a hypnotized submissive.

“The Immaculate Collection” Now Available For Purchase!

June 3, 2009

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, after much editing, revising, and general hard work, I’m proud to announce that “The Immaculate Collection”, the fifth chronological collection of my short stories, is now available for purchase as a print-on-demand book through here! And for those of you who prefer your books electronic, you may be cheered to know that on the sage advice of MichelleLovesTo, I’ve gone ahead and made it available as a .pdf ebook as well!

As with “Greatest Hits, Volume One”, Sue-Chan was nice enough to provide a lovely cover, and Lady Ru’etha was once again nice enough to provide a foreword. Also as with “Greatest Hits, Volume One”, I’ve added a “Liner Notes” section, giving behind the scenes information on the creative process that led to each story. From mind-controlling corporations to sinister hypnotic slavers to calculating cat-girls, this book has it all!

So what stories does “The Immaculate Collection” contain? Read on!