Serendipity And Trance

So, the convention is all done, and will no doubt be the source of my next few weeks’ worth of posts. I had lots of fun, enjoyed meeting new people and seeing the cast of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” (and I’m sorry for anyone who went to the poly room and didn’t see me there. I’m sure you saw me at the “Adult Side of Hypnosis” panel. πŸ˜‰ )

Oddly enough for me, I’m going to start out by describing a moment that involved me as the hypnotist, not the subject. (I can already hear Wiseguy cringing, but at least I didn’t say “victim”, right? πŸ™‚ ) Normally, I’m more involved on the “demand” side of hypnosis than the “supply” side, although I’m familiar with the basics of hypnosis, and I can put someone under…I think. The problem is, Lady Ru’etha is such a good hypnotic subject that I never know how much of my ability to put Her under is due to my skill as a hypnotist, and how much is due to Her skill as a subject. (The other problem is that I’m such a total tranceslut that I wind up going into rapport trance way too easily and too deeply. For a long while, hypnotizing Lady Ru’etha was a matter of taking Her as deep as I could before I fell asleep right alongside Her.)

But I’ve gotten better, and Saturday morning at the con, I was finally feeling relatively well-rested after 48 hours with almost no sleep. (Lady Ru’etha kept me going with lots of micro-trances…but more on that in a later post.) My Lady, for Her part, was feeling a little worn out after being up very late Friday night doing lots of fun stuff (again, more on that in later posts), and so She asked myself and another of Her pets to just drop Her for a few minutes there in the parking lot before we went inside.

Naturally, as devoted submissives, we were happy to comply. πŸ™‚ He took one ear, I took the other, and we sort of found a natural rhythm of pauses and speech so that each of us was picking up where the other left off. I reached up from the back seat to pet Her right arm, he petted Her left (She’s very kinesthetically oriented, so physical sensation actually does more to hypnotize Her than sight or sound), and we got Her into a nicely deep trance pretty quick.

And that was when Nature decided to help us out. It started raining. I remember being absolutely thrilled–Lady Ru’etha has commented to me on more than one occasion that She considers rain to be one of the most naturally hypnotic things She can think of. It’s a soft, rhythmic noise; it’s a steady visual pattern (that always flows down, which is nice in terms of hypnotic imagery); and, of course, clouds create a nice, soft light that’s soothing and easy on the eyes. One of Her upcoming CD releases is an induction She asked me to write that uses rain imagery heavily.

So with that in mind, it took us all of about a tenth of a second to start working the rain into Her trance. If She’d been deep before, now She was absolutely bottomless; She said later that She felt like She was outside the car, bathing in the rainstorm as it came down, and when we finally did bring Her back up (which, unfortunately, was not long afterwards–we did have a convention to get to, after all) She said She felt cleansed and renewed. It’s always nice when you can find ways to make the environment around you a part of the trance, instead of something for the subject to block out.


One Response to “Serendipity And Trance”

  1. Stormgale Says:

    A very sweet story, warms a depraved heart πŸ˜›

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