Locked and…

Well, not loaded, because I don’t drink. (As I once put it, “I already have weird ideas, act funny, and frequently wake up with a headache. What do I need alcohol for?”) But I was locked in place…and as the saying goes, “There’s kind of a funny story behind that…”

At CONvergence this year, there was a panel on “The Adult Side of Hypnosis”, at around 11:30 at night after most of the kiddies had toddled off to bed. We weren’t sure what the attendance was going to be like, because it wasn’t a panel that mainstream sci-fi cons had allowed in the past…but not only did CONvergence allow it, there was clearly quite a bit of crossover between the fan and kink communities (or, at the very least, a lot of science-fiction fans with fond memories of the brainwashing sequences in Star Trek, Doctor Who, Babylon Five, et cetera et cetera…) because the room was packed.

I’d been told that I was going to be a demo subject for the panel (what can I say? I’m submissive, and I know it) but I hadn’t been told exactly what I would be demonstrating. So I spent a good portion of the panel in an ecstasy of anticipation, worrying about exactly what I might be required to show off. Keep in mind, I’ve been to a kink con, and seen demo subjects display things like “what it’s like to be whipped in the nude”, “how it feels to have needles inserted into you”, and since I was attending with my Lady, a display or two of X-rated hypnosis. (She’s never actually asked me to demo anything X-rated, because humiliation is one of my major, major squicks–bordering on actual panic–and being displayed publicly comes close enough to that notion that we’re gradually building our way up to it. Hypnosis demos aren’t much fun if the demo subject has an abreaction on stage.) So my notion of “being a demo subject” was already trending far past what I’d probably be required to actually do, and into the realm of…well, of one of my own stories. 🙂

But I finally did receive a pretty big clue when I heard the words, “And I’ll be showing you what a freeze trigger looks like later in the panel.” Now I knew what I’d be doing…and so did the audience, every single one of whom must have filed the thought away in their heads. Because with about ten minutes left in the panel, I still hadn’t demoed a freeze trigger, and about three people in a row were asking if we were going to get to that soon. (Well, one person raised their hand and asked, and then two more people immediately spoke up in agreement. It was a very enthusiastic crowd.)

So with that, I stood up, walked over to the wall, and put my arm up against it…and a single whispered word locked it into place. As always, I got that sensation of determined immobility, like I’d forgotten how to move that limb, or even that it could be anywhere but where it was right then. It always just feels perfectly natural to hold still when the freeze trigger hits…but this time, there was a little unexpected twist. Someone from the audience was invited to come up and try to move my arm.

The girl who volunteered was a little shorter than me, but seemed to be very fit. She walked up and started tugging on my arm–first a quick, experimental tug, then a really hard yank. I’d somehow expected, from hearing about stage hypnotists doing this as a stunt, that I wouldn’t notice the pressure–that somehow, the hypnosis would just shut off the input from that limb, and she could pull away all day without me even feeling it.

But that wasn’t what it felt like. Instead, I felt absolutely compelled to hold my arm firm against the pressure (and there was a lot–someone mentioned after the panel that she worked out pretty rigorously. I pity anyone who sees her in a dark alley and thinks, “Ooh, skinny little girl!”) It was as though the most important thing in the world to me, right that second, was in not letting my arm move even the slightest bit. (Which, technically, I failed at. I felt my arm come away from the wall about a half an inch at one point. Which made me feel bad, until I found out afterwards that she had decided around then to see if supporting her entire weight from my arm would get it to move.)

That’s about when it ended–the girl let go, I got released, and the panel finished up to wild acclaim. It was a definite success…and I kind of suspect there’ll be another one like it next year. 🙂

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One Response to “Locked and…”

  1. Stormgale Says:

    Sounded like a hoot, darn my inability to go to conventions 😛

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