Hypnosis and Sleep…Deprivation

Surprise! I wasn’t expecting to post until my usual Wednesday entry, but Lady Ru’etha commanded me to write something here this morning…and since obedience is pleasure, I felt suddenly compelled to work on it. 🙂


She also pointed out that there was a promise, a few posts ago, by me to my loyal readers to talk about what it was like to go through the first couple days of the convention on very little sleep…so here I am, ready to talk about it. It was primarily a matter of logistics; I work nights, and I have a Sunday through Thursday workweek…and the convention started Thursday morning and ran all weekend. So I basically needed to work Wednesday night, go to the con all day Thursday, work Thursday night, then go to the con Friday, and only on Friday night would I finally be able to crash.


The first thing that needed to be taken care of was driving. One of Lady Ru’etha’s fellow pets took the keys to my car Thursday morning, right after I’d shown him how to get to the hotel where the con was taking place (and didn’t do too great a job of that, although that wasn’t so much a sleep-dep thing as it was that I didn’t normally visit the part of town where the con was taking place. I took a brief nap when I got home from work, so I was still pretty OK to drive Thursday morning at 8 AM.)


But over the course of Thursday morning, I sort of mentally deflated. By noon, when we helped a bit with con set-up at one of the party rooms, I was having long periods where I’d just stare off into space, feeling light-headed and rubber-kneed. Lady Ru’etha was keeping an eye on me, though, and whenever She thought I needed it, She’d just look me in the eye, guide me into a seated position, and whisper, “Down.” I’d slump into a corner, or a chair, or wherever She put me, and trance out blissfully for about fifteen minutes. She said that was as good as two hours of sleep, but it felt more like about an hour to me. Even so, it was enough when She did it every two or three hours that I could keep going all day. (Including through a panel I helped present on “Hypnosis in Media” that I feel confident I rambled and babbled my way through. Still, I did warn the guests before-hand.)


I then got a ride to work from my fellow pet, and spent eight hours or so absolutely fried out of my wits on sleep-dep, caffeine, and residual fractionation. My work is primarily manual labor, though, and very repetitive; I’ve sometimes joked that I could do it in my sleep, and that night pretty much proved me entirely right. It’s almost a sort of drug high, with the free-floating endorphins of trance and the drowsiness of sleep-dep mixing with the caffeine buzz to leave you giggly and wired and sleepy, all at once.


I had a co-worker give me a ride home (which entailed waiting an extra hour after work was done, but it was a very good alternative to crashing the car into a ditch somewhere), and then crashed for another nap before everyone woke up. At that point, I could relax and enjoy all the mentally-altered state…after all, if I wiped out Thursday, I might miss work or screw up at work and get in trouble. If I wiped out Friday, I just missed some of con and my Lady would keep an eye on me while I blissfully snored somewhere. (Which, um, actually happened Friday night, during the “Group Trance Demonstration” panel. I heard the metronome start ticking, I heard a warm voice start talking about relaxation, and then it was an hour later. Lady Ru’etha told me She moved my head from time to time to stop me snoring. I don’t even remember it.)


Micro-trances continued throughout Friday, up until I finally managed to crash Friday night; every car ride consisted of me slumped in the back seat, eyes closed. I remember at lunch, Lady Ru’etha blanked me out for a bit while we waited for my food; after She woke me, She told me that this would be the best time to really rework my personality and make major changes, because the intense fractionation of going in and out of trance as often as I had to in order to stay functional with so little sleep had left me very vulnerable. But She couldn’t think of anything She really wanted to change.


I’ve extracted a promise from Her to try to come up with something by CONvergence 2010. 🙂

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