Text Trancing

So Lady Ru’etha was hypnotizing me over Google Chat Tuesday morning (and doesn’t it seem like all the best stories start with “So Lady Ru’etha was hypnotizing me…”?) And it occurred to me that there was probably something to be said about text trances, what they feel like, what’s different about them, et cetera. Then Lady Ru’etha suggested I blog about it. (I’m almost certain that was the order of events…) So here we go!

People who are new to hypnosis alway seem surprised that you can even do hypnosis via text. The mental image of the hypnotic subject’s eyes slowly fluttering shut, despite all their best efforts to keep open, is such a pervasive (and erotic) image that it’s hard for some people to believe you could have a hypnotic trance with your eyes wide open the whole time, sitting up in your chair.

But the key element to remember is that hypnosis is a state of relaxation and focus, not a form of sleep. As long as you’re relaxed and focused on something, whether it be the hypnotist’s voice, a pocket-watch, or even just a stream of chat messages, you’re hypnotized. In fact, some of the most common hypnotic trances that people go into involve text; have you ever noticed that when you’re really getting into a book, you stop noticing sounds around you, and the prose just seems to become more vivid and engrossing, and your eyes just move without you even having to think about it? And of course, people find it very hard to get your attention, having to snap their fingers and say things like, “Hey, Earth to (insert name here)!” Yeah. You were in a trance. (In fact, I kind of consider it the writer’s job to try to induce that state of total fascination, even when I’m not writing an induction piece.)

So text trancing is very possible. But what’s it like? It’s very much like a regular trance, with that same feeling of floating and drifting and warm, pleasant relaxation. You tend to lock in and focus on the words you see, particularly the hypnotist, and it does involve more shifting position (because you shift to get comfortable, and depending on the office chair you can afford, you might need to shift a lot as your body gets tired of sitting still for so long.)

It also involves having to communicate by typing, which can be…well, a little tricky at times. 🙂 The story that Lady Ru’etha and I wrote together, “I Can’t Wait”, features several scenes of text hypnosis, and (purely for the sake of authenticity) She actually hypnotized me to write those bits. You will notice which ones they are, because suddenly the typo rate goes up from zero (knock on wood) to an astronomical high.

I was thinking about this yesterday, in trance (thinking about that sort of thing in trance tends to be a slower, slightly more meandering process, but it can lead to some interesting places.) Because I do notice that I’ve just added extra letters, left some out, reversed the order of some others. It’s not that I’m so deeply hypnotized that I don’t know how to type anymore. It’s just that I’m so relaxed, and it seems like so much work to backspace to fix things, and I know my Lady understands and doesn’t mind the typos (in fact, I kind of suspect that She likes seeing them, because it’s a sign of how deeply hypnotized I am)…so it just becomes easier to leave them in. That’s a sign of deep hypnosis, right there. Whenever you feel like you could very easily do something (or refuse to do something, depending on the situation) but it just seems like too much effort? Yep. You’re in trance again.

I could go on for ages, talking about hypnosis chatrooms, group text trances, and ASCII triggers, but I have to leave myself something for future posts. (Plus, I have to go get ready for work.) So I’ll just close by saying one thing that will help you a lot in your text trance sessions. Most chat programs will notify you with a chime if you’re in another window and the person you’re chatting with sends a new message. So if you just tab to a different window while you’re waiting for a message from your hypnotist, you can just let your eyes sink shut and wait for the chime to tell you it’s time to respond. And then you can go even deeper. 🙂

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One Response to “Text Trancing”

  1. Andy Mitchell Says:

    Interesting idea hypnosis and texting. just to add something to your points. Hypnosis is also a state of suggestability so I guess if you accept the message in the text at some level then I guess this could be “Text trancing”

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