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Behind the Music: Winter Wonderland

August 5, 2009

Back when this song was written, traveling Protestant ministers (known as parsons) went around from town to town, marrying Protestant couples who might not have a priest of their faith nearby. So the song is actually a romantic–

What? Oh. Right. Sorry, this is me explaining about the story “Winter Wonderland”, using a musical metaphor, not explaining about the song. Right. My mistake. It’s been a while since I’ve done these.

This one was actually done “on commission”; Lady Ru’etha wanted to do a free induction as a holiday gift to Her listeners on Her podcast, and after I’d written “Imagine”, She thought that I’d do a really good job at it. I was a little less certain (I’m a bit more confident than I was then, but I do still struggle to write hypnotic inductions; I try to think of them as monologues in a story about a hypnotist, and that usually works, but I’m not professionally trained, and so I’m always nervous that I don’t know what I’m doing. Lady Ru’etha has suggested rectifying that…but I digress.)

I was a little less certain, but let’s face it–I am putty in Lady Ru’etha’s hands. She did dangle a little reward in front of me, to sweeten the deal; once I’d finished writing the induction, I’d be allowed to listen to a hypnotic MP3 of Hers, called “Voice”. (Yes, this is also the story of how I first became conditioned to “Voice”. Amazing, innit?)

Being from a state that has plenty of snow, I knew full well how wonderfully hypnotic it can be, standing out there on a winter night when it’s just barely cold enough to snow, but still warm enough that you feel like you can stand there forever staring at the big, fluffy white flakes as they drift down through the air. That was my starting point; I went from there into toasty fires, Christmas presents, and generally free-formed a nice little erotic trance (if I do say so myself.)

It turned out to get my Lady into a bit of trouble, though; I kind of went ahead and wrote something nice and erotic and D/s and hypnotic, because it was intended for Her and that’s how I think of Her. But some of the people in the EMC community felt like it went a touch too far for a “free gift” induction; suggestions to enjoy obeying, and to let the memories of the session get wrapped up like a special present to enjoy later felt a little uncomfortable to people. So the text version of my story is not the podcast version up on Her website, because She is utterly ethical and wants to make sure that anyone getting the urge to obey Her completely and surrender to Her hypnotic will is doing so of their own volition. 🙂 She changed it not long after the thread in question (after holding off for a few days, at my suggestion, just to make sure that the people who really wanted to risk listening to the original version had a chance to download it. It’s a real sad part of our community that people who leave it sometimes have to take their contributions with them as they go, and I encourage people to avoid doing so where possible.)

That’s really about it…except that this was the first story I ever posted out of order. Why? Because nobody posts “Winter Wonderland” in late April, even in Minnesota. 🙂