Still Unpacking My Brain…

Just spent a weekend with Lady Ru’etha, and I’m still a bit jetlagged (it was very busy, in addition to conforming my graveyard-shift schedule to Her daytime lifestyle and back again in the span of two days…) But She did want me to post something.

So I’ll just mention that Thrall’s “My Very Own Serial Number” is really, really nice, a wonderfully shivery story that neatly straddles the line between, “Oh, I’d never want…” and “Oooh, that sounds so nice…” It’s well worth reading, if you’re not already doing so (I do suspect sometimes that 90% of my traffic comes from the link on her blog. 🙂 )

More later in the week, perhaps a discussion of alternate personas and how they help enhance the effects of brainwashing. (If you’re good…)


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