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Being Someone Else

August 18, 2009

It appears you’ve all been good. 🙂

It’s been said that people who are imaginative tend to make very good hypnotic subjects, and a lot of that comes from the ability to put yourself into the mindset of a different person. The same skill that allows you to put yourself into the persona of a character in a story (be it through watching a film, writing a story or playing a game) allows you to visualize intently the person you expect to be when hypnotized.

That phrase, “the person you expect to be” is an important one, because different social situations do tend to create different personas. Not necessarily big, obvious changes, but we do act like subtly different people in different settings. The “you” that exists among your old college buddies is a slightly different “you” than the one your parents see, and it’s not like either one of those is a lie or a sham; you’re just emphasizing different parts of your personality in those situations. (Which is why it’s always so weird to meet your co-workers outside of work, or why your boyfriend/girlfriend seems different when you meet their parents for the first time, or why class reunions tend to bring out the person you were in high school.)

Hypnosis is a situation that a lot of people aren’t used to (even though they enter into trance without even noticing several times a day) and so, like with a lot of social situations, they create a persona for it. This isn’t a conscious or deliberate act on their part; they just find themselves behaving the way they think they should behave when they’re hypnotized, using their imagination to construct a persona that fits their understanding of hypnosis. This is actually a huge help to a hypnotist, because most people’s expectations of hypnosis tend to involve them being more…attentive? Responsive? Oh, hell with it. More obedient. 🙂

So your persona under hypnosis, “hypnotized you”, is a more obedient and compliant version of you that believes it to be impossible to resist the hypnotist’s commands. (Hi, hypnotized you!) This works nicely with what hypnosis actually does, which is put you into a state of relaxation and focus that allows the hypnotist to bypass the conscious mind and talk directly to the subconscious. Essentially, the conscious mind doesn’t notice the hypnotist much, and what it does notice it thinks it can’t resist.

A good hypnotist (and my Lady is, as I’ve mentioned, very, very good) can enhance this effect by enhancing the distinction between personas. One very simple, very effective way She does this is by calling me by a different name when I’m under hypnosis. (Not just “Jukebox”, either. She has a special pet name for me when She’s speaking to me, hypnodomme to submissive subject.) This creates a very strong impression, when She uses that name, that I’m stepping into another role, another persona, and that this other persona is the version of me that’s spent eight years or more becoming more and more conditioned to Her will.

It’s not actually another personality; I don’t think of it as two minds in one body. (I’m always Hers, whether waking or sleeping.) But it is a different persona, a role I take on that I can imagine with such vivid reality that it becomes real to me. I become Her hypnotized submissive, and in that role I become a more effective hypnotic subject, and Her commands sink in easier and deeper. This weekend, for example, I lay down for a nap and She used Her pet name for me to command me to sleep quickly, deeply, and easily. Would I have fallen asleep without that? Probably. But hearing it as a command, believing myself to be Her effortlessly obedient and utterly controlled pet, convinced my conscious and subconscious mind at the same time that I could not resist. The next thing I remember was Her waking me up an hour or so later.

The process of roleplaying, of adopting a persona that fits with the social situation we find ourselves in, is natural and instinctive…and usually unnoticed. If the hypnotist can make a conscious effort to incorporate that process, though, they give themselves a very useful tool to enhance the hypnosis experience for the subject, and help them bring about trances that are deeper and more meaningful. (And also much more fun.)