Paths To Trance

Sometimes, there are experiences that I’m not sure I should share on this blog. Ultimately, it is a blog for sharing my experiences with hypnosis and trance in order to explain them to people who might be curious, not a memoir of my sex life (for the people who want to read that, I’ve got 117 stories, many of which are just like my real life but with all the boring bits taken out.) In general, I err on the side of silence…but Lady Ru’etha thinks that this is a story worth telling here because it really does teach something about trance. So all I ask is that you just mentally imagine the both of us as clothed when She pours the hot wax on me. 🙂

Because while you might not think about waxplay (or, in fact, any kind of intense sensation play) as a hypnotic induction, there are certain similarities. Basically, what’s going on is that your body feels a little pain (people who’ve never undergone BDSM play always look at it and say, “That’s a little?” But it really is a lot more fun than it looks…) Your body doesn’t realize what your mind does, though, which is that you’re perfectly safe and you’re not doing anything to your body that won’t feel just fine in a few hours (or maybe a day or two, in the case of some extremely…vigorous play.) So it starts pumping endorphins–natural pain-killers–into your system. If your top does it right, the endorphin release should always be well ahead of the curve of the actual level of sensation you’re feeling, so by the time the play does get…vigorous…you’re feeling nothing but a total, dopey, stoned bliss all over. In other words, you’re deeply relaxed, and focused on the sensations you’re getting from your top to the exclusion of everything else. Sound familiar?

In my case, my body was the one saying, “A little?” I’m extremely heat-sensitive, and even though Lady Ru’etha was using a wax with a very low melting point and keeping away from sensitive areas at first, I still flinched every time the wax splashed onto my skin. It was right on the very edge of “too hot!” as it landed, every single time. But in a lot of ways, that was where it needed to be; it wasn’t so hot that it burned (I wound up with absolutely no marks anywhere on my body from the hot wax) but it was hot enough that my body was convinced that it needed to release lots of endorphins.

And it did. I honestly could not tell you how long the session lasted, I have only the vaguest memories of what Lady Ru’etha said to me while She was dribbling the wax on me…all of the absolute classic symptoms of a very deep hypnotic trance, I exhibited without ever having a formal induction. The session of intense sensation had taken me to a point called “subspace” by BDSM enthusiasts, where you’re completely and totally into the experience to the point where you want to do anything the top says. And having gotten to that same point from many paths, I can say that it is a form of trance. Perhaps not one that formal therapy can use, but… 🙂

By the end, I was blissed-out, spacey, and very eager and willing to let Her pour wax onto places that I thought would be way too sensitive to enjoy…and they weren’t. Once the endorphins had ramped up enough, the pleasure just swamped out any pain I might have felt. (I try not to get too evangelical on this blog, figuring that you’ll read about my experiences and either want to try them or not, but honestly, bottoming to a good top in a BDSM scene is an experience that you really need to try before you can understand it. Yes, it looks painful. Probably terrifyingly so. But when it’s happening to you, it’s a kind of sublime bliss that defies words. It is worth getting up the nerve to try, at least once.)

The only thing? If you’re doing waxplay, do what we did, and put down a cheap shower curtain. It’s worth the cost not to have to clean wax out of your carpet.

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