“Past, Present and Future” Now Available For Purchase!

That’s right, folks, just in time for Christmas (well, perhaps in time to use your Christmas money on a print-on-demand edition, but easily in time for Christmas if you purchase the super-affordable downloadable ebook edition), I provide you with another short story collection! As the title, “Past, Present and Future” suggests, this has a variety of tales from fantasy stories of long ago to science-fiction stories of the distant future, and everything in between!

As with my other chronological collections (this is the seventh, for those of you keeping track–I’ll be going back later to hit the ones I missed) I got Sue-Chan to do a lovely cover, and Lady Ru’etha to introduce me in perfect style (give both of them lots of thanks, please, I can’t say enough how much I appreciate their efforts!) It also features commentary on the creation of each story, for those of you who want to know why I write what I write.

And what do I write? Read on!

Don’t Speak: If Derek isn’t allowed to talk, there’s no way he can possibly hypnotize Lori like he has all the other girls in the office…right? (MC MF MD.)

Sharp Dressed Man: Gerald proves that when it comes to mind control, clothes really do make the man. Until it’s time to take them off. (MC MF MD.)

Show Don’t Tell: Adventure Girl asks Venus Ascendant just what her mission to Man’s World involves, and why she carries around that magic rope of hers. Turns out the two are related. (MC FF CB.)

Already Gone: Cat finds a mysterious, ageless girl in the middle of the woods with a strange wooden box, and can’t help but be curious about it. This may be a mistake. (MC FF.)

I Ran So Far Away: Far away in Africa, Monica dreams about her last night in New York and the reason she can never risk returning. (MC MF MD.)

Zombie: In Haiti, Griffith Sunderland demonstrates a fascinating medical curiosity to his friend, Addison Burke. (MC MF MD.)

Talking In Your Sleep: Alicia’s new dorm-mate turns out to have a little problem involving sleep-talking…and sleep-masturbating, and sleep-fantasizing about her lesbian Mistress, and sleep-hypnotizing herself…and quite possibly, sleep-hypnotizing Alicia as well. (MC FF.)

You’re the Inspiration: A monologue about mind-control, spoken from one victim to another. (MC.)

Common People: Vincent might enjoy abusing his telepathic powers, but Mimi just wants to be normal. But is that even possible for her anymore? (MC MF MD FD.)

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Sylvia finds a special website, “oBey”, and picks up a mind-controlled sex slave at a bargain price. Caveat emptor. (MC FF.)

God Save the Queen: Auric and his knights of Istan must save Queen Glorianna from the insidious powers of the priests of Kauroth. But who will save them? (MC MF MD FD.)

Just Can’t Get Enough: Liz has plenty of experience with people who are reluctant to go into trance into her hypnosis demos, but she’s never had to deal with people who are reluctant to wake up. Until now, that is. (MC FF.)

Xenophobia: Jill visits a psychiatrist to discuss her recurrent dreams of alien abduction and mind control. (MC MF MD SF.)

The Reflex: Troubleshooter Keila Li is sent to the planet of Solitude to investigate the disappearance of a brilliant scientist. What she finds is a secret that could shatter the Galactic Alliance to the core…and test the loyalties of its most faithful servant. (MC FF SF.)

I Need To Wake Up: When sinister mind-controllers start abducting members of a movie audience, the only person awake enough to know what’s going on has to wake up enough to move, or she’ll be dragged off with the others. (MC MF MD.)

Enter Sandman: “The Slumber of Rosalind”, the lost erotic mind-control play of William Shakespeare. (MC MF FF MD FD HU.)

Paint It Black: Rachel gets her face painted by a goth girl at a carnival, and winds up looking very different than she’d planned. (MC FF.)

Come On Eileen: A revival meeting for a televangelist turns into a bizarre orgy, thanks to a mysterious stranger who shows everyone their secret selves. (MC MF FF MD.)

Suicide Blonde: Hannah thinks she’s got nothing to live for, but Natalie’s determined to prove her wrong. (MC FF.)

All You Zombies: Kathleen and her friends play “zombie tag” at the mall, but the game gets out of hand when the zombies turn real. (MC MF.)

Soft and Wet: A man has a hypnotic encounter with a beautiful, mysterious mistress. (MC MF FD.)

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6 Responses to ““Past, Present and Future” Now Available For Purchase!”

  1. Blnkstr Says:

    excellent work, Juke! the stories i’ve read have been hot and clever and fun and sweet and sneaky and very very sexy. hope you had at least three times as much fun writing and/or living them as i’ve had reading them so far 🙂

  2. Sir Aaronhalt Says:

    What format will the e-book come in? (Or, more specifically, if you know the answer, will it open on a Kindle?)

  3. Blnkstr Says:

    by the way, regarding “Talking In Your Sleep”… whooooo, hahmana-hahmana-hahmana. hot. hot hot hot. my brain is melting hot. whoo. hot.

  4. jukeboxemcsa Says:

    The ebook comes as a .pdf. Not sure if that will open on a Kindle as I’m not particularly familiar with the device (and I hear it’s notoriously fiddly about file formats) but I believe there are utilities out there that will convert .pdfs into whatever it is the Kindle likes to eat. 🙂

    And thanks, Blankstare! I’m pretty darned proud of that one myself. 🙂

  5. Sir Aaronhalt Says:

    My Kindle is PDFable, so I’ll be snagging this next time it, my laptop, its cable, and I are all in the same place. 🙂

  6. jukeboxemcsa Says:

    Great to hear! Looking forward to what you think of it.

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