My Ideal MP3

So Lady Ru’etha asked me a bit ago, “What would your ideal MP3 be?” (Specifically, She commanded me to blog about it. Which I refused to do, of course. 🙂 ) It’s an interesting question. In some ways, the simple answer would be “Voice”. It’s very nice–seductive enough to be erotic, but not so much that you can’t just listen to it to relax. There’s programming in it, which is a major hot button of mine, but nothing unethical or dangerous, which is pretty much guaranteed to throw me out of any induction file. (Not to name any names, but there are some hypnodommes out there that I can’t really go deep to even though they have a nice technique, because I feel like I have to keep one ear open for their suggestions.)

But I’ll assume that for purposes of this question, She’s asking “What scenario would be something you want in an MP3?” (I’m also hoping She’ll gracefully accept the compliment in the previous paragraph.) I have to admit, I’m not sure. I generally enjoy MP3s more when they’re about programming and control over fantasy scenarios (which isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy fantasy scenarios, just that I think my favorite fantasy is me, being brainwashed by a sexy hypnodomme. 🙂 ) So it’d involve programming. But programming for what?

As I say, “Voice” covers so many of the yummiest programming areas, and Her other MP3s cover many of the rest. (At this point, I’ll point to the linkroll at the top of the page, and remind you gently that She sells “Voice” and lots of other fun hypnosis CDs and MP3s, because I love the thought of enticing people to listen to Her hypnotic voice…) Hmm…I’d almost say a “Serial Recruitment” file, one that programs you to want to get others to listen to Her, but I know that She’d never record that one. It’s not ethical.

I think that probably, looking at what She’s recorded already and what She’s got coming up, my ideal “wishlist” MP3 would be one that focuses on freeze-play. Something that involves heavy programming, submission, and that wondrous feeling of helplessness that comes from being unable to move or even think. And of course, it does go without saying that my ideal MP3 would be one recorded by Lady Ru’etha. 🙂

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