Yummy Morning Hypnosis

Although to me, of course, it was “yummy evening hypnosis”. I called Lady Ru’etha before I went to bed (one of my many duties is to be Her human alarm clock. It works pretty well, although it worked better before She installed “snooze” as a trance trigger.)

(You think I’m joking…)

Anyhow, I called to wake Her up, and She woke up feeling quite mischievous. After a few minutes of quiet conversation and phone-snuggling, She hypnotized me, and we had a very lovely tranceplay session that I don’t entirely remember. 🙂 I do remember that She took away my ability to say anything other than “Yes, Goddess,” at one point. There’s something so magnificently erotic about being unable to respond with anything but “Yes, Goddess.” Every time She would tell me something, I had to agree, because I didn’t have any other words except “Yes, Goddess.” I was absolutely helpless to resist Her, because the only thing I knew how to say was “Yes, Goddess.”

By the end, I was shouting it quite loudly. 🙂

It was such a delightful session that when Lady Ru’etha suggested I immortalize it with a blog post, I leapt to comply at once. In fact, I’m sure you can guess what I said to Her. 🙂

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