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Formative Experiences: Vampire At Midnight

April 30, 2010

Sometimes, it seems like my fascination with hypnosis and mind control was always there, and it was just waiting for someone to tell me why I was interested in it. Like the concept was a great big machine I’d been building my whole life, just waiting for the power supply to set it going…said power supply being, of course, “You know you can use this for sex, right?” (For the record, RC’s “Jewelry Store” was the story that first plugged me into the outlet, as it were.)

This is by way of introduction to the movie, “Vampire At Midnight”, which I saw on television (probably on the USA Network, back when they had Glibert Gottfried hosting endless weekend movie marathons) and have never forgotten. It’s a movie about a sinister hypnotherapist who slowly and methodically enthralls women, marking his possessions/victims-to-be by giving them ruby necklaces that serve (if I recall correctly) as hypnotic foci/anchors as well. Once he’s sufficiently eroded their resistance, he kills them and drinks their blood. (Because as in just about all mainstream movies featuring mind control, sex is frequently involved, but is never an end in and of itself. The hypnotist always has some sort of ulterior motive, either murder or money, because nobody would ever just want to have lots of sex with a willing slaveboy/slavegirl. That’d be weird.)

The plot centers around a police detective who suspects the hypnotist, and his efforts to determine whether the guy is just a crazy serial killer who likes to drink blood, or whether there’s a supernatural explanation behind it all. (I will not spoil, even though the movie’s not available on DVD, because there’s an off-chance you might see it someday and the “Is he really a vampire or isn’t he?” question is pretty much the center of the film.) Whether he is or isn’t, there’s a lot of long, lingering hypnosis in this, as the hero tries to save a young, beautiful concert pianist from slowly falling under the villain’s hypnotic spell. Very yummy, and worth tracking down if you can. Even at the time, before it had really clicked for me that this was sexy, this was sexy. 🙂

The Big Day Approaches…

April 21, 2010

Even as I type this, Lady Ru’etha (and one of Her most devoted pets) are currently heading out in a large moving truck from Her secret lair out east to make the long journey to join me here! It probably goes without saying that I’m tremendously excited about this, and I hope that in weeks to come, you’ll see some of the changes reflected on this blog. (For one thing, you’ll probably see a pretty big increase in the number of posts written while in trance.)

Safe wishes to Lady Ru’etha and CopperHeron on their journey are welcome, here or in Twitter.

MST3K Vs. Hypnosis, Volume Three

April 14, 2010

I’ve pretty much abandoned any pretense of chronological order here, but on the other hand, I’m tackling one of the biggies (and not just as measured by title length): “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies”. This is, to my mind, one of the all-time best episodes in terms of pound-for-pound humor value; the riffs are some of the best they’ve ever done. (Mike’s delivery on “Oh, dear. He should not frolic” is, in and of itself, worth the cost of the DVD.)

In terms of hypnosis…well, let me just quote Lady Ru’etha here. “I think this is the first hypnosis scene I’ve ever not been turned on by.” There is plenty of hypnosis, as our, um…hero? I guess, yeah. Our hero, Jerry, is hypnotized by a giant spiral disc and programmed by an evil fortune-teller to murder everyone who knows about her secret den full of zombies. There’s lots of shots of Jerry (as played by director Ray Dennis Steckler) staring into the spiral and getting hypnotized while the fortune-teller drones endlessly on about “look into the beautiful spinning wheel, see how the light travels…” et cetera et cetera. (As Crow puts it, “Alright, lady, you’ve hypnotized the crap outta him!”) But yeah, unless you find slope-browed guys who look kinda like Nicholas Cage and skanky women with giant fake moles attractive, even the two really long hypnosis scenes probably won’t do much for you.

But dang, is it funny. “I think what she’s trying to say is…SLEEEEEEEP!!!!!”


April 7, 2010

I mentioned it previously, but I figured maybe I should go ahead and explain the extremely amusing morning Lady Ru’etha and I had at Dark Odyssey. It was a late night for Her the night before (no, not for the reasons you’re thinking–this was the night before the con) and She had asked me to wake Her up in the morning so we could go to the gym and have a nice, leisurely breakfast before registration opened. I slept fairly lightly (I always do, the first night of a con, because my body is still adjusting to a diurnal schedule), and at the appropriate time, I gently shook Her and said, “Wake up, love.”

Those of you who have read the Liner Notes to the anthology that contains “Wake Up Call” (yes, you privileged few who have bought my book) know that it was based on the very real, very difficult experience of trying to get my Lady up when She hasn’t had enough sleep. 🙂 She rolled over, She mumbled incoherently, She squinched Her eyes shut and pretended I wasn’t there…and finally, I said, “Goddess, You did ask me to be Your alarm clock.”

And She opened Her eyes and said, “Yes, I did. Snooze.”

Now keep in mind, She’d never actually installed this as a formal trigger or anything. There was no brainwashing session where She explained to me that when She said the word “Snooze,” I would go into a light trance for nine minutes, floating and drifting quietly and peacefully before coming back to wakefulness on my own. But I was thinking of myself as an alarm clock at the time, metaphorically. And I knew what a snooze button did, metaphorically. And when She said that word, the metaphor became very, very real all of a sudden as I went under.

Nine minutes later, I woke up and returned to trying to wake Her up.


Nine minutes later…”Snooze.”

Finally, nine minutes after that, She was awake enough that She didn’t just automatically trigger me, and I was able to finally rouse Her. The day was, perhaps, a little more hectic as a result…but totally worth it. 🙂

“Songs in the Attic” Now Available For Purchase!

April 2, 2010

Sorry that I delayed my blog post for a couple of days, but I’ve been hard at work getting my latest anthology, “Songs in the Attic”, ready for publication at my store on! This one has all sorts of goodies for you, from sinister lesbian scientists to pornographic game shows to my best hypnotic induction yet (in my own, admittedly biased opinion) to my very first M/M story! That’s right, those of you who’ve wondered what a cyan Jukebox story would be like, here’s your chance to find out! (Those of you who’d just as soon not know can be reassured that it’s at the back of the book to make it easier for you to skip. 🙂 ) As usual, it’s available in print-on-demand or affordable ebook formats.

Sue-Chan has happily contributed another cover, and this time, I got a very special foreword from the delightful and talented thrall! (Lady Ru’etha would have contributed another of Her lovely introductions, but She was beginning to worry that She was repeating Herself with all of the nice things She was saying about me. So instead, I tricked someone else into saying nice things about me.) And of course, I’ve also included a “Liner Notes” section that takes you inside my creative process, as a little bonus for those of you nice enough to pay money for these stories. (Oh, another bonus? You’ll also get them up to nine months before the people reading them on the EMCSA.)

So what exactly are you going to get when you buy this book? Read on to find out!