I mentioned it previously, but I figured maybe I should go ahead and explain the extremely amusing morning Lady Ru’etha and I had at Dark Odyssey. It was a late night for Her the night before (no, not for the reasons you’re thinking–this was the night before the con) and She had asked me to wake Her up in the morning so we could go to the gym and have a nice, leisurely breakfast before registration opened. I slept fairly lightly (I always do, the first night of a con, because my body is still adjusting to a diurnal schedule), and at the appropriate time, I gently shook Her and said, “Wake up, love.”

Those of you who have read the Liner Notes to the anthology that contains “Wake Up Call” (yes, you privileged few who have bought my book) know that it was based on the very real, very difficult experience of trying to get my Lady up when She hasn’t had enough sleep. 🙂 She rolled over, She mumbled incoherently, She squinched Her eyes shut and pretended I wasn’t there…and finally, I said, “Goddess, You did ask me to be Your alarm clock.”

And She opened Her eyes and said, “Yes, I did. Snooze.”

Now keep in mind, She’d never actually installed this as a formal trigger or anything. There was no brainwashing session where She explained to me that when She said the word “Snooze,” I would go into a light trance for nine minutes, floating and drifting quietly and peacefully before coming back to wakefulness on my own. But I was thinking of myself as an alarm clock at the time, metaphorically. And I knew what a snooze button did, metaphorically. And when She said that word, the metaphor became very, very real all of a sudden as I went under.

Nine minutes later, I woke up and returned to trying to wake Her up.


Nine minutes later…”Snooze.”

Finally, nine minutes after that, She was awake enough that She didn’t just automatically trigger me, and I was able to finally rouse Her. The day was, perhaps, a little more hectic as a result…but totally worth it. 🙂

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2 Responses to ““Snooze””

  1. Digital Jukebox Hie Says:

    Nice post. On explaing a situation where you experienced it.

  2. Nalak Says:

    I’d been wondering how the alarm clock thing worked. Love that story.

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