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Quick Announcement

May 26, 2010

Just a word to the wise that I will be attending the New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference in June! So if you plan to attend, expect to see me there. I might be cajoled into talking about writing about the hypnotic experience or something (I don’t know if it’ll be anything as formal as “presenting”, but it could be fun.) So if you’re going, see you there!

Formative Experiences: Lifeforce

May 20, 2010

I actually wasn’t sure what to write here yesterday, which is my usual day to post, but last night at work I was reading a book about science-fiction movies and it mentioned the film “Lifeforce”, directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Dan O’Bannon and Don Jakoby, and it reminded me of the film.

Does anyone else remember this movie? I know I don’t. I remember the fact that Mathilda May, the main villain, wanders around absolutely stark nude and gazes mesmerically into men’s eyes until they’re helplessly drawn to kiss her, at which point she drains out their life-force. Beyond that, I don’t think I could tell you a damn thing about it. It has Patrick freaking Stewart in it and I don’t even remember what part he played–that’s how naked Mathilda May is. She makes you forget Patrick Stewart.

I won’t say it’s a great film…after Mathilda May stops being naked, there’s a long lull before the apocalyptic conclusion (which, to be honest, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.) But seriously, this one gave my still-baking libido some serious twists that made me the kinky person I am today. Worth watching. (But, um…not the edited-for-television version. Trust me on this.)

Review: Lady Ru’etha’s Voice

May 14, 2010

It’s a bit odd, really, that I haven’t reviewed Lady Ru’etha’s Voice. After all, She gave me a copy of the rough recording long before She made it commercially available, and I’ve listened to it all night every night when I sleep for years now. When She made the finished version, She swapped it out for the rough version (which I kept for sentimental reasons) and that’s been putting me to sleep for a long while now, too. And as previously noted, I don’t have a problem reviewing Lady Ru’etha’s CDs; sure, in the interests of full disclosure, I’ll mention that I’m sitting on the floor next to Her right now, blissfully enjoying Her company, but I know She wouldn’t want me to lie about Her CDs. If I say they’re awesome, it’s because I mean it.

So why haven’t I reviewed it? Because it works, that’s why. Voice contains amnesia suggestions, designed to make the actual content of the CD fade into a mellow, peaceful fog of warmth and happiness and leave you just feeling good all over when you wake up. And despite my initial reservations about memory play (I had some bad experiences with a previous hypnodomme, and Lady Ru’etha has been very gentle about helping me overcome them) they’ve worked quite well. A little too well, in some respects…I have a vague notion about the suggestions She’s put in, but every time I try to really think about it, it just sounds too much like work to me and I give up before I even start to try. I know that there’s a suggestion to obey anything She precedes with “Voice commands,” because She’s used it on me (and again, it works!) But big chunks of it just fade into the yummy warm white fog.

So if the thought of going really, really deep over the course of a solid hour, emerging with gradually diminishing memories every time and a warm sense of contentment and a deeper submission to a hypnotic Goddess, well…this is the CD for you. If not…um…you’re really reading this blog? Huh.


May 7, 2010

Looking back, I don’t actually think I’ve talked about the phrase, “I give you permission” before. (Well, not literally looking back. I’m writing this off-line to post later. But I’m trying awfully hard to remember, and I think it’s a new topic.) It’s a very powerful phrase, one that Lady Ru’etha has been using quite a bit on me of late, and I think it’s worth discussing.

Because it is very powerful, especially in the context of hypnotic D/s play that tends to be such a favorite for myself and my readers. The subconscious tends to respond best to commands that let it do what it really wants to do; it’s the conscious mind that worries about the obstacles to doing them. When the hypnotist says, “I give you permission,” they’re relaxing the apprehensions of the conscious mind by suggesting that what the subconscious mind wants is allowed, which makes the suggestion sink in deeper because there’s no resistance. It’s alright to go further into trance; you have permission. It’s alright to feel good; you have permission. The phrase diminishes discord between the conscious and subconscious self, putting the subject into a more relaxed and suggestible state. And at the same time, it reinforces the authority of the hypnotist in a non-threatening way. It’s comfortable and kind and welcoming–how can “I give you permission” sound menacing? But it carries with it the implication that the hypnotist is the one who makes that decision. It puts the hypnotist in charge, even as it emphasizes the essentially benign nature of that authority.

And it’s tremendously versatile, too. The hypnotist can always give permission to the subject to do whatever they want to do, whatever they’re doing already. It’s very comforting to hear that whatever you’re doing right now is something you’re allowed to do. In fact, Lady Ru’etha has said more than once that the entire process of hypnosis can be summed up as giving the subconscious mind permission to do what it really wants to do–trance is a state the subconscious wants to achieve, and permission helps it find that state. Hearing that simple, powerful phrase–“I give you permission”–helps the subject melt into trance easier, and go along with suggestions better. And if you’re anything like me, that sounds pretty attractive.