Review: Lady Ru’etha’s Voice

It’s a bit odd, really, that I haven’t reviewed Lady Ru’etha’s Voice. After all, She gave me a copy of the rough recording long before She made it commercially available, and I’ve listened to it all night every night when I sleep for years now. When She made the finished version, She swapped it out for the rough version (which I kept for sentimental reasons) and that’s been putting me to sleep for a long while now, too. And as previously noted, I don’t have a problem reviewing Lady Ru’etha’s CDs; sure, in the interests of full disclosure, I’ll mention that I’m sitting on the floor next to Her right now, blissfully enjoying Her company, but I know She wouldn’t want me to lie about Her CDs. If I say they’re awesome, it’s because I mean it.

So why haven’t I reviewed it? Because it works, that’s why. Voice contains amnesia suggestions, designed to make the actual content of the CD fade into a mellow, peaceful fog of warmth and happiness and leave you just feeling good all over when you wake up. And despite my initial reservations about memory play (I had some bad experiences with a previous hypnodomme, and Lady Ru’etha has been very gentle about helping me overcome them) they’ve worked quite well. A little too well, in some respects…I have a vague notion about the suggestions She’s put in, but every time I try to really think about it, it just sounds too much like work to me and I give up before I even start to try. I know that there’s a suggestion to obey anything She precedes with “Voice commands,” because She’s used it on me (and again, it works!) But big chunks of it just fade into the yummy warm white fog.

So if the thought of going really, really deep over the course of a solid hour, emerging with gradually diminishing memories every time and a warm sense of contentment and a deeper submission to a hypnotic Goddess, well…this is the CD for you. If not…um…you’re really reading this blog? Huh.

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One Response to “Review: Lady Ru’etha’s Voice”

  1. murdock70 Says:

    I’m loving this cd, I just purchased it and listened 3 times in 2 days. She is so kind in her approach, something I’ve been looking for in an mp3.

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