Slightly More Expanded Announcement

As I mentioned last week, I’ll be attending the New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference in Boston from June 11-13th. What I didn’t mention last week is that tickets are still on sale here, that Lady Ru’etha will be going with me, that She’s doing some presentations on erotic hypnosis, that I’m apparently going to be presenting on writing MC erotica (alongside Wiseguy, no less!) and that I’ll sign any books that you might happen to purchase and bring with you. (If you bought the ebook, print out the title page and I’ll sign that. 🙂 ) I will be selling ebooks (I won’t be able to sell the print versions, I’m afraid, but you’ll be able to buy the ebooks on flash drive) and Lady Ru’etha will be selling Her mp3 files. (Same deal.)

Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re local to the Twin Cities, this Sunday at 7 PM will feature the inaugural meeting of the Minnesota Erotic Hypnosis Group (name of organization subject to change; this will be the first meeting, after all) at Broadway Pizza on Lyndale Avenue in Richfield (just north of 494.) This will also be a chance to meet Lady Ru’etha and myself in an informal, pizza-oriented setting.

Oh, and CONvergence this year (also in the Twin Cities) will have plenty of hypnosis panels and probably some hypnosis meet-ups and parties as well. More information on that as it becomes available.

I hope to meet at least a few of you there!

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