Liveblog: NEEHU!

No, that’s not some strange expression of unbridled enthusiasm (“NEEHU, boys! We done hornswoggled them Duke brothers!”) I’m at the New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference, getting ready to start the day of panels on hypnosis and how to do it to others…and what to do with others once you’ve got them hypnotized, as well. Once things get underway, I’ll be updating this at irregular intervals throughout the day, commenting on the different panels I attend (but not the one I’m presenting. That’d be tricky.) So get ready to hear about a theoretically exciting day of potentially interesting discussions of possible hypnosis!

(Update: After seeing how long this is getting, I’m putting in a break. It seems only polite.)

Update: 12: 05 (After regaining wifi access:)

Currently listening to Wiseguy as he discusses confusion inductions. He’s talking about how to overload the brain, how to misdirect it, and how to just blow someone’s freaking mind, man!

We’re about to do the “Seven plus or minus two” confusion induction. Apparently, it’s rather famous. It’s like the Bruce Springsteen of confusion inductions.

And it’s over. It didn’t work particularly well for me, but then again, it’s designed for analytical types and I’m not much of one. I went into a very light trance, but I think that was just a general “Hypnosis? Why, sure!” trance. I am sure that it hit quite a few people very hard, though. (When we discussed why it worked, I had the chance to plug a story. Woo!)

And Wiseguy has confirmed what I already suspected: If you think that taking recreational drugs will reduce the analytical capacity of your brain and make you more susceptible to hypnosis, you’re almost certainly wrong. Just say no, kids!

We have briefly digressed into modality. (That’s how you process information–the primary sense you use to view the world. Eyes, ears, touch.) Oh, hang on, another confusion induction coming. It’s a “counting backwards” induction. Oh, and by the way, the phrase, “You don’t really need to pay attention to what I’m saying” is the hypnotic equivalent to “So which one wins, a straight or a flush?” in poker. Run, do not walk. 🙂

It amuses me that at some point, Wiseguy might read this. 🙂

Decided not to participate this time. I have a responsibility as a liveblogger, after all. But it was a cunning one, and it was interesting to watch it work on the people who did join in.

And now, a one-on-one demonstration on Unchaste Athene, with me as the actual focus! She’s counting backwards, he’s counting up, she’s already gone by the time she hit 87. Oh, it’s worth mentioning that they were both counting by threes. 🙂 (She actually started giggling in relief as she went under. Yes, you can totally burst out laughing in trance. In fact, it’s a good deepener–you laugh, and it relaxes you.)

Just on the off-chance he does read this…Wiseguy’s a very entertaining speaker. 🙂

We’re now getting ready to watch a dual induction. Wiseguy and Sweets, going in one ear and in the other as it were. And Lady Ru’etha is rubbing my back and petting my hair as they do it. So totally unfair!

OK, going to turn the computer over to Lady Ru’etha for a while. She’ll be liveblogging another panel while I present on writing hypnotic erotica.

Update: 12:57 PM

Just got back from the hypno-erotica panel with Wiseguy and surprise panelist Chewtoy; we had a small, but intensely appreciative audience who asked lots of fun questions and let us ramble on at each other. It was nice to share the room with two really great writers, and we had a great mutual admiration society going on. At this point, we’re now getting close to Lady Ru’etha presenting on “The Induction”. Why do I suspect that I’m going to be a demo victim at one or more points during this panel? (Oh, and I is sooooo sorry, readers. I was not present and liveblogging when Ru’etha tied up not one but two very beautiful women.)

“The Induction” is, in actually, “all the different ways of induction that are sometimes so simple that you barely even notice them because the human brain loves to go into trance.” (That’s me paraphrasing Her, not a direct quote. But so very true.) She’s starting out by talking about progressive relaxation inductions, which are (and this is a direct quote) “fucking boring”. Totally agree. I’ve only used them in one story, and it was about someone curing insomnia.

She advises not simply reading from an induction script, by the by, because if you’re reading from a script, you’re paying attention to a script and not a subject. …and I missed the rest of that topic, because I was summoned to the next room to help explain how Lady Ru’etha’s light-and-sound machine worked. Someone’s about to have a very fun fifteen minutes! Now She’s on to using a hypnotic focus in an induction. Or multiple hypnotic foci; if you can focus the eyes on one thing, the ears on another, and the sense of touch on a third, the conscious mind has a lot to think about and the unconscious mind is doing most of the actual listening to the suggestions. (And of course, my response to all this is “YUM!”)

Accidentally got caught by one of Her inductions. Oh, please don’t throw me in that there briar patch, Goddess! 🙂 And I got to share an old yarn of ours (one that I’ve already related on this blog, so feel free to go back through the archive and read about Her inductions using hypnotic foci.) Always fun to tell people who are into what we’re into about the things we do. 🙂

Just gotta say it while I have the chance–She is so damn beautiful.

She’s now talking about hypnotic inductions as a form of storytelling, something I’m already a little bit familiar with. 🙂 It’s true, though; telling a story engages the conscious mind and its creative faculties, and if you can turn the story into an induction (or vice versa) you can very easily put someone into a trance. Vampire stories, “sinister hypnotist” stories, et cetera et cetera. 🙂

I suspect I’m going to be hypnotized soon. She’s talking about one of Her favorite inductions, and about teaching it…nope! She’s just specified “someone I haven’t worked with”. This one’s an instant. Step One: Get their permission, both for hypnosis and for touch. Because only creepy people don’t. 🙂 Step Two: Sit them down in a chair, arms by their sides. Step Three: Have them focus on the fingers of your left hand, while you hold their right hand in yours. Step Four: Move your fingers around very rapidly until they lose the ability to focus on them while moving their other hand around with yours, then pull their head forwards gently while saying, “Sleep!” After that, it’s just a matter of deepening. Always awesome to see.

And now She’s discussing fractionation. (Again, YUM!) That’s when you bring people in and out and in and out and in and out of hypnosis until their brain just whimpers and gives up. 🙂 It’s a nice way to deepen trance, because the brain doesn’t want to come back out, and when it goes back in, it goes in deeper every time. So it’s almost a “two steps forward, one step back” effect. (I’ve come out with one eyelid stuck shut.) And that appears to be about the end of this panel, so it’s time for a quick break for lunch and then back to hypnosis!

Update: 3:30 PM

OK, missed one panel completely. It’s hard to blog when you’re blissfully sitting at the feet of your hypnotic Goddess, rubbing Her feet, and that’s what I was doing. (It’s also hard to blog when You’re sitting in a chair having Your feet rubbed by a blissed-out sub, too.) That was how we spent the panel on suggestions; people talked very happily about the fun things you can teach a person to do/say/think/feel…and slightly less happily about how to be careful in wording suggestions so that they don’t mess too much with people’s heads. (A good hypnotist does not break people’s brains.)

We’re now doing an “improve your induction” workshop, which is somewhat more hands-on. I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous about this; it’s been ages since I tranced for anyone besides Lady Ru’etha, and I’m not sure this is the time and place to change that. I’m picky about who I let into my brain, I think. 🙂 But we’ll see in the next update.

Update: 6:18 PM

And another long gap. Sorry, it’s tricky to be near the computer when you’re a) presenting, and b) the panels are taking place on a nice big cozy bed. But we did a panel on hair and hypnosis (pulling, petting, brushing, dyeing, washing…it’s a surprisingly perfect synergy. There’s plenty of tactile sensation due to all the nerves in the scalp, and depending on who’s doing it, even the rhythmic motion of the brush can act as a focus.)

Then we did a panel on “Becoming a Better Subject”, which went off rather well as I like to flatter myself (I was actually presenting that one along with Lady Ru’etha.) Lots of people had an interest in that (almost twice as many as expected; we really should have switched rooms with another panel.) We discussed how to build a bond of trust with your hypnotist, how to communicate while in trance, and how to practice going deeper and feeling more fun things. Yay!!!

And that’s just about the end. There’s going to be a feedback and wrap-up session, which would probably be a bit too dull to blog, and a dinner followed by a play party, which modesty forbears me from liveblogging (although I might later discuss some of the highlights.) Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

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