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Time Flies…

July 21, 2010

So, look at that. I seem to have completely missed a week.  can only offer my sincerest apologies–it’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Casa de Jukebox. (That’s actually on the nameplate outside the house, now. I’ve hired a mariachi band in keeping with the new theme.) Most of it is, of course, too boring/personal to talk about. But there is a moment or two I want to discuss with you, Gentle Reader. It’s not about hypnosis, though. It’s about poly.

For those of you who don’t know (which may be a lot of you) Lady Ru’etha and I are in what’s known as a polyamorous relationship. Basically, what that means is that we’re both allowed to have multiple partners so long as we clearly and openly communicate these relationships to each other, and so long as we talk openly and honestly about our feelings about each other’s partners. (You might have heard this called an “open relationship”, but some people prefer “polyamorous”. Other people get even more jargon-heavy than that, but I generally don’t.)

In my personal case, although I know that Lady Ru’etha would be just fine with me having other partners, I don’t really have anyone right now I see in that light. This sometimes worries Her, because She sometimes feels like I’m not getting enough attention. This is actually a pretty common fear in poly relationships, although it’s usually coming from the other side; people can be frightened that they’re going to be getting a diminished role in their partner’s love life, and that can express itself in the form of jealousy of other partners. This is why some people just don’t “get” polyamory, because they really can’t buy that someone can get rid of that deep-seated fear of abandonment.

But because my Lady is so very awesome, instead She worried about me not getting enough attention. “I worry,” She said, “because you’ve told Me that I’m the love of your life, and you can’t be the love of Mine.” (She doesn’t actually talk in capital letters. I’m taking liberties in the transcription.)

She liked my response so much She commanded me to post it (so I guess this is just a tiny bit about hypnosis, since it proves that She can compel me to post non-hypnosis stuff on a hypnosis blog): “I don’t need You to be the love of my life. I just need You to love me all my life.” Because that’s the point of polyamory. Exclusivity is a way of starving that fear of abandonment, but it’s even better to let that fear go.


July 5, 2010

Just got finished with CONvergence in the Twin Cities; it’s a (relatively) family-friendly sci-fi con in the Twin Cities, although there’s a pretty heavy party aspect to it…but is there a sci-fi con that doesn’t say that? 🙂 This one had a few panels on hypnosis, including one on the very specific area of kinky hypnosis. I got to see some hypno-bondage, hypno-discipline (there was an actual spanking trigger!) and a rather impressive hypnotically induced orgasm. Modesty (and possible privacy concerns) forbear me from speaking further, but…it was fun. And now, I’m exhausted. (As you might be able to imagine from the fact that this was originally supposed to be a Wednesday post, but Wednesday was also when the con started.)

So, consider this tiny, inadequate post the best that I can do under the circumstances, and I’ll try to make next week’s a little more coherent!