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Recognizing Trance

August 28, 2010

Last night, I was at a concert with Lady Ru’etha (not the only reason this post is late, but one of them) and I realized I was going into trance just from listening to the music…which reminded me to talk about the fact that one of the nice things about experiencing hypnosis is that it teaches you how to recognize the trance state when you encounter it outside of hypnosis.

Which you do, all the time. Trance is just that point where your brainwaves go into a certain pattern, you become very focused on whatever you’re doing, and you stop consciously thinking about it. You probably do that at work, whenever you do a task you’ve performed a hundred times. You do it while reading or watching TV, you do it while driving (ever found yourself at your destination and realize the trip went by without you thinking about it?) It’s a common phenomenon. Hypnosis is just one of the ways we access it.

But once you experience it in the structured form of hypnosis, suddenly you become aware of that light, drifting sensation. You know what it’s like when you feel yourself zeroing in on whatever you’re doing, your critical thinking faculties just kind of zoning out the world so that you can really focus. At that point, the nice thing about having gone into hypnosis is that you can recognize that sensation and snap yourself out of it…or, in the case of a really nice band that you want to experience without the distractions of conscious thought, deliberately assist the process. 🙂

Insert Drumroll Here…

August 19, 2010

So I’ve been fairly quiet about my collaboration with thrall, because I have this crazy weird superstition about talking about unfinished stories. I was like, “If I start talking about it, then I just know that something will happen and we won’t get it done and then I’ll have this whole audience of people waiting for a story that fell apart!” So I kept mum.

But at this point, we put “THE END” on the third story of our trilogy, the work is officially complete, and it’s just a question of polishing it up (both of us are big on rewrites) for publication in the next few weeks. The first story, “A Hazy Shade of Winter”, should pop up at the end of August, and the sequels will follow on into September. It’s FF (yes, thrall and I did an FF story! Quelle surprise!) and features…oh, what can I tell without checking in with thrall…let’s just say that it features bubble baths, dressmakers’ dummies, stolichnaya vodka, and discussions of slavery in Roman times. Oh, and digital cameras. The digital cameras are very important.

The writing process has been very interesting; for those who are curious, we’ve been calling each other up on the phone and chatting as we type into a Google Word document. (I really don’t know how authors did it before shared documents. It’s so handy, being able to switch off on a paragraph-by-paragraph or even a sentence-by-sentence basis.) I’ve been very happy with the collaborative process; you always worry that by the end you won’t be able to stand the sound of each other’s voice, but we’ve been lucky enough to disagree very little and disrespect each other’s disagreements not at all. We even managed to trade off the exciting denouement, where _____ ______s ______ and then ______s her _____, despite knowing _____, without bickering. (Yes, I’m a terrible tease. You only have to put up with it for a few weeks.)

It’s been a lot of work, of course; writing is hard work, no matter what anyone says. But it’s been a labor of love for both of us, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it.

An Open Letter to the GLBT Community

August 10, 2010

Congratulations on overturning Proposition 8! I’ve read the news about it, and it looks like this is a pretty definitive challenge to the retrogressive, homophobic marriage laws in that state…and one, no less, that might very well set the kind of precedent that will set the cause of gay marriage moving forward at the federal level as well as in those states that don’t yet have equal rights for gay couples. I support you fully, and am absolutely thrilled on your behalf.

There is, however, one thing you might want to be aware of.

You know how all those asshole conservatives keep saying, “Watch out! This could lead to incest, bestiality, and polygamy being legitimized!” Uh-huh. And you know how you keep saying, “No, don’t be silly! Of course it won’t! We’ll keep those nasty people safely tucked away in the closet where they belong!” Uh-huh.

Yeah, um…speaking as a straight polyamorist, I would like you to be aware that statements like that are setting my marriage rights back by a couple of extra generations, at least. I understand why you’re saying them: You’re in a fight for something you believe in, and there are just some things you gotta say. I’m not saying you should give up your rights so that you can stay stuck in legal no-man’s-land with us. (Even though I know a lot of GLBT folks that are also poly, so in some ways, you kind of are. But that’s neither here nor there.)

All I’m asking is that you remember us, when it comes time to talk about this. Remember that we still support you, knowing what it means to us and our ability to stand out in the open and pledge our love to the people we care about under the eyes of the world. Remember what we’re giving up, once you’ve got it.


Strange Thoughts Under Hypnosis

August 5, 2010

The other day, I had a brief mental flash that Lady Ru’etha asked me to post about as a perfect example of the sorts of things that go through your head when you’re so fractionated that your brain starts to spout random gibberish. 🙂 We were talking about hickeys (modesty forbears me from discussing the exact reason) and suddenly it “reminded” me of a store near our house when I was a child…one that you could go to in order to get a hickey if you wanted to convince people you’d been making out. I even saw the sign, a picture of a shark’s fin cleaving the water and the words “Love Bites” on it.

Then I shook my head a little, realizing the absurdity of the idea. But you gotta admit, that’s pretty damn funny…and a pretty good example of the sort of wild creative leaps hypnosis helps with. Yay for hypnosis! (And, um, hickeys, too. Not that I’m admitting anything.)

Worth Mentioning

August 2, 2010

I recently finished the book “Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion”, and I do consider it worth mentioning to fans of sinister mind control that yes, in addition to an unnatural strength, speed, durability, and craving for human brains, Paul, George and John also develop mind control powers. (Not Ringo. He’s a ninja, not a zombie. It’s a very strange book.) And unlike most books/TV shows/movies/comics where the idea of “mind control for sex” is kept entirely as subtext, here it’s very overtly dealt with. The lads from Liverpool are asked whether or not they kept harems of brainwashed sex slaves. The answer: Of course not. (Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

It’s mostly played for comedy, as is much of the book. (If this surprises anyone after hearing the title, I really hope you don’t have a heart condition. The word “Boo!” might be enough to finish you off.) But I could not fail to bring this to the attention of fellow mind control enthusiasts, who might very well want to read about how multiple-orgasmic zombie men can turn any woman into a blank, mindless, sex-crazed thrall with evil zombie rituals. (Unfortunately, zombie women get the short end of the stick. Clearly, the Liverpool Process is sexist as hell.)