Recognizing Trance

Last night, I was at a concert with Lady Ru’etha (not the only reason this post is late, but one of them) and I realized I was going into trance just from listening to the music…which reminded me to talk about the fact that one of the nice things about experiencing hypnosis is that it teaches you how to recognize the trance state when you encounter it outside of hypnosis.

Which you do, all the time. Trance is just that point where your brainwaves go into a certain pattern, you become very focused on whatever you’re doing, and you stop consciously thinking about it. You probably do that at work, whenever you do a task you’ve performed a hundred times. You do it while reading or watching TV, you do it while driving (ever found yourself at your destination and realize the trip went by without you thinking about it?) It’s a common phenomenon. Hypnosis is just one of the ways we access it.

But once you experience it in the structured form of hypnosis, suddenly you become aware of that light, drifting sensation. You know what it’s like when you feel yourself zeroing in on whatever you’re doing, your critical thinking faculties just kind of zoning out the world so that you can really focus. At that point, the nice thing about having gone into hypnosis is that you can recognize that sensation and snap yourself out of it…or, in the case of a really nice band that you want to experience without the distractions of conscious thought, deliberately assist the process. 🙂

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