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Behind the Music: Love Like Winter

September 16, 2010

We tried not to end it like this. Really, we did. We worked out the basic outline together, thrall and I, and we knew that the key to saving Abby was finding the one person she was truly passionate about; only that kind of passion could survive the process that drained Abby and make her want to keep those energies for herself, instead of storing them passively to be passed on to Dalila in turn. Carly had to sacrifice herself for Abby, we knew that. But we tried to think of what might happen next.

At one point, it was going to end with Abby resolving to find some way of making Carly fall in love with someone, just so that she could drain them. thrall actually suggested an epilogue set some five hundred years in the future showing exactly that. But we both knew, I think, that deep down this was how the story ended. It ended with the kind of love that is beautiful, and tragic, and beautiful because it’s tragic. It ends with one person loving another enough to give up their soul for (although IIRC, thrall was very specific about not wanting to use the word “soul”. She felt that it had a different connotation than simply being “the animating vital force”, and was more pure and incorruptible. I had no problems avoiding the word…well, it was sometimes hard to come up with a good synonym. But no emotional problems, that was the key point.)

Other than that…I remember having to rework that first joke a lot to make it more understandable. (It’s a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ reference, for those of you who still missed it. The three fairy godmothers in the Disney version were Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. One of these things is not like the others…) I remember proudly coming up with the way Carly was going to lose the flashlight, and how when I typed the first bit–where she accidentally switches it off with her tongue–thrall said over the phone, “But really, she should lose it completely…” just as she saw the bit about her spitting it out and dropping it fill in on her side of the connection. We were totally in sync there. I remember it very specifically being thrall’s idea that they didn’t scream when they died. (I hope that is giving credit, and not assigning blame. I think we bear an equal amount of blame for how little sex is in the final chapter, though.)

We agreed to split the final scene; that meant I got to write the final confrontation between Carly and Dalila (which I really wanted to do) and thrall got to write the final reunion between Carly and Abby (which she agreed to so quickly that I’m pretty sure we both think we got the best of the deal.) But I loved writing that scene. I loved the way that the two characters talked to each other when the masks were off and the claws were out, as it were. Carly’s line, “You don’t have friends, do you? Just things you own and people you haven’t killed yet,” is one of the best things I think I’ve ever written.

Oh–credit where it’s due, thrall added in the line, “See, killing you would be a hell of a great thing. Right up there with blowing up….oh, fuck, I don’t know. The shark. The Death Star.” in rewrites. Credit where it’s also due: I added, “The Ark of the Covenant.” Specifically, I added it while giggling madly and saying to myself, “She might well kill me for this, but I don’t care!”

And of course, the final scene that thrall wrote was brilliant, emotional and sweeping and hot all at the same time…but hey, I didn’t expect anything else from such a great collaborator. We enjoyed the hell out of writing this, and I hope you enjoyed the hell out of reading it! Thanks very much to those who did!