This Is a Little Hard To Explain

Is anyone familiar with the book, “How To Talk Minnesotan”, by Howard Mohr? It’s a bit old, and really is a Midwestern humor book that I don’t expect many people to know. But the last chapter describes the “Minnesotan Long Goodbye”, the way that people have in Minnesota of extending their farewells for hours, sometimes even days, right out to the driveway for one last chat through the driver’s side window before they finally leave.

Yesterday, after a truly glorious session of hypnosis and brainwashing and associated goodness, Lady Ru’etha and I were cuddling. We both kept mentioning that we really needed to get up and get to doing stuff, because She was leaving for a three-week trip and needed to go pick up some last-minute stuff. But the cuddling was so nice we couldn’t quite seem to muster up the energy to get moving.

I described the phenomenon as the “Minnesotan Long Afterglow”. She insisted I blog it.

Nobody would believe our lives. 🙂

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2 Responses to “This Is a Little Hard To Explain”

  1. SleepyBrat Says:

    I believe people in Ohio abide by the same Long Goodbye theory 🙂

  2. Terry O'Brien Says:

    To mis-quote the old song, “waking up is so hard to do.”

    And knowing the two of you (as in having the both of you as friends) I can believe almost anything about your lives.

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