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In Praise of Sue-Chan

October 30, 2010

I really don’t say it enough, because it just seems so obvious, but: Sue-Chan is awesome. Seriously, she is an absolute gift to the entire hypno-kink community who really doesn’t get as much praise as she deserves, simply because she’s one of the bedrocks of it. Imagining hypno-art without Sue-Chan is like imagining ice cream without chocolate; sure, it’d still be there, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

Now, I’m not an artist myself, so I probably don’t have the terminology to really capture what makes Sue-Chan so great, but I’ll try. Her art is gorgeous, with smooth, clean lines that manage to show their manga inspiration without becoming slavishly devoted to the style. Her women are beautiful, even the non-human ones, and her men capture a certain vulnerability to them that’s just perfect for her chosen genre. In fact, “vulnerability” is one of Sue-Chan’s strengths, full stop; she captures that facial expression perfectly, that moment when the eyes go glassy and the will collapses and it just seems like too much work to resist.

Some people might prefer it if she drew nudes. (I’m guessing that mainly because she has “Do you draw nudity?” in her FAQ.) But I think that’s part of what makes it hypno-fetish art, not just erotic art. To someone who is genuinely thrilled by hypnosis, it doesn’t matter if the clothes stay on–what’s happening is an erotic encounter, every bit as romantic and enticing as a sex scene to someone else. We can look at the art and appreciate what’s happening on an emotional level between the characters, because Sue-Chan pulls it off so well. That’s impressive, and she deserves a lot of praise for it.

So, in the comments, go ahead and add your shout-out to Sue-Chan!

An Ode to Melting

October 21, 2010

There’s something so wonderful about the way that hypnosis intensifies intimacy. It’s something that’s hard to describe, but it’s definitely part of why I’m such an evangelist about hypnosis; putting yourself in rapport with your emotional partner makes the two of you feel like you’re melting into each other. It happened the other night, after an extremely blissful hypnotic session between myself and the recently-returned Lady Ru’etha (yes, there were blissful hypnotic sessions when She got back home. Is anyone really surprised? 🙂 )

We were lying in bed, and when I held her, the rapport that we’d established made the simple act of spooning feel like something more. It felt like there was no space between us, as though we fit perfectly into each other like two puzzle pieces snapping together. We held each other for a long moment, both of us still half-tranced (it’s a little-known fact that the hypnotist goes into a light trance most of the time when hypnotizing, simply because they’re so focused on the reactions of their subject) and not thinking about anything in particular. We talked a little, but mostly we just enjoyed the sensation for as long as we could until one of us needed to shift position. It’s a beautiful, intimate feeling that I wish everyone would get the chance to experience at some point. Hypnosis makes just holding each other better. Isn’t that something you’d want to try?

“In a Word: Yes” Now Available for Purchase!

October 16, 2010

It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen, as I once again make a collection of my short stories available for purchase both in print-on-demand format and easy, affordable ebook form! This time around, the ineffable Sue-Chan has once again provided me with a gorgeous cover, and the legendary Wiseguy has provided me with a wonderful foreword! (One of the fringe benefits of this job is convincing people to say nice things about you. 🙂 )

So what are the twenty-one stories that make up this collection of mind-controllery goodness, you might ask? Read on to find out!

“Sex Robot”

October 9, 2010

For those of you who might not have heard, Discovery Health recently aired a documentary by Landmark Films called, “Sex Robot”, about the robophilia fetish and the various different ways that people who share it find fulfillment in a world that remains rather unfairly deficient in the number of actual, working sex robots. Why did I watch, and why do I mention, such a documentary when I myself have very little in the way of robot sex fetishes? (The problem with being a sci-fi fan is that you can never say, with 100% honesty, that you don’t have a sci-fi fetish at all. Catgirls? No no no no no…except Tigra. Robophilia? Certainly not…um, wait. Does Cherry 2000 count as a robot? Yes? Damn.)

The answer is simple: One of the methods of coping with the lack of a functional sex robot that the documentary describes is to hypnotize your existing, flesh-and-blood girlfriend into thinking she’s a sex robot…and said hypnosis is performed by none other than my Lady Herself, Lady Ru’etha! (For those of you who’ve just perked up, no, I’m afraid I don’t know how to post a copy for torrenting. But I’m sure you can find it if you poke around a bit.)

What did I think of the documentary? Well, it breaks down into three fetishists and three means of fulfillment, presented in just enough of an unusual order to create drama. Setting aside the drama, though…the first robophile, the one who spends a lot of the documentary evaluating the different sex-bots, comes off as having some serious issues with women. He admits to coming off of a bad break-up, and to wanting a woman who can’t get away and “doesn’t care about how much money you make or what kind of car you drive”. Those are red-flag expressions to me, signifying a person who is in serious denial about the reasons for his break-up and blaming the woman for them. Worse, he’s carrying that baggage around with him after the break-up, which will make it more likely that he’s going to repeat the behavior and repeat the denial, causing a vicious cycle of anger against women that will only get worse on each trip through. Wanting a sex robot is definitely not going to fix those psychological problems. On the other hand, better to have him testing sex robots than working out his anger on real women.

The second fetishist comes off better; although he admits to having some psychological issues with vulnerability that led him to want an indestructible robot girlfriend, he otherwise seems like a well-adjusted person with an unusual sexual fetish, rather than a misogynist who wants a woman who can’t escape him. 🙂 The third fetishist, the EMCSA’s own WinterRose, is a friend who seems quite normal, happy, and well-adjusted in his kink, although I’ll admit to a small amount of bias. (I’ll also admit to spotting his Doctor Who reference when he says that having a hypnotized sex-bot girlfriend is “Fantastic.” Presumably, if he regenerates, he will trigger her with, “Allons-y!”)

As to the methods…basically, it’s two sex-bots and a hypnotist. Need I even say that the hypnotist is deliciously beautiful, suave, self-assured, debonair, and makes a great advertisement for our fetish even in a documentary that isn’t, strictly speaking, about said fetish? She comes off even better when compared to the two “sex robots”, which are really just pieces of animatronics that fall squarely into the Uncanny Valley and don’t even do all that much for the fetishists in the documentary.

The documentary comes to the conclusion that a real, working sex-bot is a long way off, but that the people who want them aren’t monsters or creeps, except for the ones who actually kind of are. 🙂 It’s worth an hour of your time, and it’s definitely worth skipping ahead to the bits where Lady Ru’etha hypnotizes a woman into believing she’s a pleasure-robot designed to service her owner. Because if you’re not into that, why the heck are you reading this blog?


October 5, 2010

Sorry, been a little quiet lately…something to do with the fact that Lady Ru’etha is doing an extended tour of the Northwest Territories, which leaves me at loose ends a bit. But I’ve used that time wisely, I hope, by beginning to submit my writing to Literotica! Feel free, if you happen to be members, to say nice things about my work when and if it starts popping up.