Sweet Nothings

Last night, in a wonderful “happy accident”…well, technically, I’m pretty sure She planned it, and I’m certain it would have happened later if it hadn’t happened last night…but last night, Lady Ru’etha wound up taking a long, late nap, and as such was much less tired than I was when it got on towards the end of the evening. She sent me to bed before Her, and I was sound asleep by the time She got to bed.

So She hypnotized me.

There’s a whole different feeling to being tranced from a sleep state as opposed to a waking state. Even though sleep and trance are two different states, the process of emerging from sleep causes your brainwaves to pass through most of the trance states on your way up. And when there’s an expert hypnotist there, rousing you from sleep with a hypnotic induction, the result feels a lot like suddenly finding yourself in the deepest possible trance you could ever have imagined. Because you start to emerge from sleep, but before you can get any kind of traction, your brain says, “Hey, wait, I should be in trance!” And so you are.

As a result there are parts of it that I don’t remember. Lady Ru’etha tells me that I responded to Her verbally, so it wasn’t just that I hadn’t woken up yet, but I was just so deep that most of it is resting very comfortably in the back of my mind. I do remember that it was probably the deepest trance I’ve ever experienced; there were absolutely no filters at all between my mind and Her words. She said it, I thought it, full stop. Which led to some extremely wonderful experiences between the two of us. 😉

Afterwards, She held me and sent me right back down into sleep without ever really getting back into anything close to a waking state. It was a blissful, restful experience that melted the boundaries between trance and sleep perfectly, and oh yes, there was some very nummy brainwashing involved. I hope everyone gets the chance to experience that some day, because it’s just too nice to keep to myself.

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2 Responses to “Sweet Nothings”

  1. blnkstr Says:

    wonderful! i’ve seen discussion of inductions from sleep into trance but i’ve never seen anyone actually give details. bravo and it sounds absolutely delicious!

  2. FZY1 Says:

    I enjoyed reading your point of view vs hers. Glad you both enjoyed it.

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