FFF Round-Up!

Last week, I…actually intended to write about what I did the week before the week I posted about the new book, but I didn’t post about it right away because I wanted to tell you all about the new book, but then somehow I didn’t post anything last week (last week was kind of crazy busy, but I usually at least remember procrastinating) and now I’m going to write about what I did the weekend of the 11th through the 13th. Which was, as I mentioned the week before that weekend, Fetish Fair Fleamarket. Got all that? Good, because I am not repeating it.

We arrived on Thursday, late (we in this case is myself, Lady Ru’etha, and CopperHeron, my fellow pet and co-husband.) Luckily, events didn’t start until late on Friday, giving us plenty of time to wake up, decompress from the flight, catch a bite to eat for lunch, generally prepare, and even have a romantic dinner before the hypnosis meet-up that evening. Said meet-up was an actual formal panel at the Fair, sponsored by the New England Hypnosis Group (a great outfit that was there to promote their upcoming convention, NEEHU 2.) We went around a surprisingly large circle of people, talking about who we were, why we were into hypnosis, what got us interested, what we liked to do…the panel only lasted an hour, but given that NEHG was hosting a room party about fifteen minutes later that lasted until about 2 AM, the conversation more changed locations than ended. I met several extremely fun people, chatted for hours, and generally just talked about stuff. That was Night One.

Morning Two came by pretty quick, since Lady Ru’etha had Her first panel at Ugh AM. While She talked all about what hypnosis was and how to do it with a very large, appreciative audience, I helped set up Her sales table over with the NEHG folks (who were nice enough to give us some of their limited table space. Thanks, NEHG!) We spent most of the day at the table, chatting with NEHG members, passers-by who had questions about the panel, and anyone who stood still long enough to chat, all the while alternating naps and food runs. (I did most of the latter. One of the things I genuinely enjoy is doing fetch-and-carry service for my Goddess.)

That evening, NEHG had a second room party, and this was the one you probably wanted to be at. Lots of people were doing hypnosis play in both of the two rooms, and Lady Ru’etha in specific had a very full dance card. She hypnotized a lot of people, implanting triggers into submissives for use by their dominants, and having one hell of a sexy vampkink scene with a very beautiful woman. No clothes were shed, but yow was it hot. (Oh, yes, and She did a bit of work with one couple allowing them to feel each other’s arousal. After they snapped out of the trance, the guy looked at the woman and said, “Well, I’m horny as hell. Let’s find someplace to go and have sex.” Lady Ru’etha actually did a Happy Butt Dance where She was sitting.)

Despite the fact that Her dance card was full all night, She still found time to do fun things with me; in addition to the usual trance triggers and demonstrating how brainwashed I am by having me recite my mantras, She also added a new trigger just for that night. When She pointed Her finger and thumb at me like a gun and “shot” me (complete with “Pop!” sound…wonder if She’s a ‘Wild Cards’ fan?) …I would feel it like a tranquilizer dart that sent me into trance over the course of a minute or two. As we both found out, the “drug” was also a euphoric…during the minute or so before I tranced out, I got very giggly and dizzy and happy. She liked it so much She made it a permanent trigger.

She also suggested that I would go under for anyone else who “shot” me, provided my subconscious was comfortable with trance, and indeed one young woman did trigger me like that. Amusingly enough, when she woke me, I then “shot” her with the same effect. That’s the sneaky thing about triggers, especially induction triggers…they’re really just ways to go into trance. They’ll always work if your subconscious wants to go into trance, and in a room full of hypnokinky hypnofetishists, well…who in that room that night didn’t want to go into trance?

I also got to see some very lovely hypno and rope play over the course of the night, which lasted until Way Too Late again. Which was unfortunate, because Lady Ru’etha’s room trance was once again at Ugh AM the next morning. I once again couldn’t be in the room for it, because I was once again outside keeping an eye on the sales table with the NEHG folks, but judging by the way people behaved when they came out, it seems to have been a success. (One hypnotist said he wished he could have taken notes on Her induction techniques. I share this because I am inordinately proud of my Goddess.) Afterwards, it was more food/nap/chat juggling before the Fair packed up and we decamped to the hot tub for a while to relax. Then Doctor SlashBlight came by and recorded a podcast with Lady Ru’etha, and then it was bed again to get up at Oh My God AM to get to the airport. (It is pretty ironic that so many late sleepers had so many early mornings.)

All in all, a very fun experience even though we didn’t really take in any of the non-hypnosis elements of the show (which did look very nice, and I’m sure were lots of fun for all involved.) I would love to go back next year, and who knows? Maybe I will.


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