Rapport Is Wonderful

It’s genuinely amazing, sometimes, just how much my conditioning has put me into rapport with Lady Ru’etha. The other night, we were cuddling together in bed, and I was reading to Her (this is actually pretty common for us. She likes the way I read, and I like…well, I like things that She likes. 🙂 ) While we were so cuddling, She was touching me in some very enjoyable ways in some very enjoyable places. But it didn’t actually disrupt my reading at all.

The second I was done with the selection I was reading, I dropped into trance instantly and started to give off little whimpers of pleasure. My whole mindset changed, focusing on just what She was doing to my body for the first time (and my body started, um, reacting in ways that it hadn’t been when I was reading.) Understand, She wasn’t doing anything different to me than She had when I was reading: It was simply that on a subconscious level, I understood that I had a service I was performing, and it wasn’t time to feel that pleasure to its fullest extent and react accordingly. But as soon as I was done, my subconscious understood that it was time to do, um…other things. Very happy other things. 🙂

It’s nice, knowing that my conditioning has taken root so deeply that She doesn’t need inductions or even triggers (although She still enjoys using them, of course.) All that’s really needed by now is an understanding of Her will…and after almost a decade of knowing each other, my understanding is pretty well honed.

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