Post NEEHU2 Round-Up!

First, sorry I didn’t liveblog from NEEHU this year like I did last year. It’s not really as easy as it looks to liveblog a con, and although we planned to give it a try, it just sort of went by the wayside as we found better things to do.

Actually, in my case, it was more sort of “better things to watch”. I found myself very much in the role of an observer at this year’s NEEHU, which is by no means a bad thing; I get plenty of absolutely ecstatic hypnosis play when I’m at home, and so it’s nice to just sort of kick back, reconnect with people I don’t see very often, and watch them get their brains utterly blissed out beyond belief. Which happened a lot. 🙂

We left (“we” being Lady Ru’etha, SleepyKitten and I) on Thursday morning at “ugh o’clock”, arriving in New England in the early afternoon. After securing a hotel for the night (since the convention proper didn’t start until Friday, we had to snag a cheap hotel for the night before) we began to notify the five other people who were sharing a room with us that evening where they needed to go. CURRENT NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN RU’ETHA’s ROOM: 8.

Thursday evening was basically just a night of catching up, eating pizza, and being goofy before heading off in the morning to the hotel we’d be using for the con. (Which was magnificent, by the way. Gorgeous amenities, full kitchen in the suite, two bedrooms in the suite, three TVs, DVD player, grocery shopping service…seriously, the consensus was that we wanted to steal the entire hotel and take it with us to other conventions.)

Friday evening, the con actually began at the Society, a local BDSM club that was nice enough to rent out space to us. We got an excellent stage hypnosis show (this is where the whole “watching” thing starts; I enjoyed the heck out of the show, but you could not have pried me up there with a crowbar. Lady Ru’etha didn’t ask me to go up there, because She could tell that even I have a few hard limits, and this was one of them.) One of Her other pets, Twinklie, did go up near the end, though. Oh, and there was also a “meet and greet” which was a nice chance to catch up with the New England gang that I hadn’t seen in a few months. And a few authors, as well; it was, as always, a pleasure to catch up with Wiseguy and his wonderful wife, and I got to meet Trey Gallant and Witchman for the first time (although Witchman was but a fleeting presence, unfortunately.) And ChewToy also livened up the proceedings by attending.

(It should be noted, by the way, that SleepyKitten and Twinklie weren’t formally Her pets at that point in the con. This is what’s known as “foreshadowing”, and is a sign of what a slick author I am. 🙂 )

After the stage show, we rounded up everyone who was staying with us (some of whom had come over from the cheap motel, some of whom arrived that day and were staying with us, some of whom were just in need of crash space, and one of whom became an impromptu addition to the room when we found out that her crash space plans had fallen through unexpectedly and she was a really sweet person we all liked.) This wasn’t as easy as it looked, since only one person had driven out of our entire party, but lots of people were very willing to volunteer the extra seats in their cars. Thanks to those people! CURRENT NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN RU’ETHA’s ROOM: 12.

The next day, we sluggishly got going (but we weren’t the only ones. The entire con got pushed back an hour by a combination of late sleepers and the aforementioned carpooling conundrum.) I attended a round-table on “How To Be A Better Subject”, where I hope I added value with my contributions, and a panel on “Negotiating a Scene”, likewise. (Although I suspect I mostly just gave Lady Ru’etha backrubs for that one. YUM!) Then after lunch, I went to a “Mind Control Authors Round-Table” with the aforementioned Wiseguy, Trey Gallant, Reth Eldirood, and a few appreciative fans. (Although, as with last year, the authors outnumbered the fans. This means they can’t try anything, though.)

Afterwards, we took a dinner break and got changed for the play party, which began with a formal collaring ceremony for Twinklie and SleepyKitten. Lady Ru’etha came up with the ceremony, which was really sweet and very well attended by the folks at NEEHU…who were all so sweet and supportive that it really did take my breath away. The ceremony wasn’t about me (see, more of the “watching” thing!) but I really thought it was beautiful and I was happy to do my small part in it. The rest of the play party, I spent chatting with more of the Boston crowd who I hadn’t seen the previous day, while appreciating Twinklie (who was nude by that point in the evening. It’s nice to have a poly Domme who doesn’t mind sharing. 🙂 ) Eventually, after a lot of fun was had by all, we headed back to the room around 2 AM. CURRENT NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN RU’ETHA’s ROOM: 12.

The next day, I was unfortunately sidelined with a headache, which meant I missed the chance to say goodbye to a lot of great people. I did recover, though, in time for the Doctor Who viewing party we had that evening, where many people stopped by to watch “Day of the Moon” (followed by the penultimate episode of “The Amazing Race”.) Then we hot-tubbed, and afterwards Lady Ru’etha kept a (very joyful) promise to another boyfriend of Hers that She would spend at least one night in bed with him. This meant I had to sleep next to a once-again-entirely-nude Twinklie. Oh dear. However shall I bear such torment. 🙂

In all seriousness, Twinklie made me feel very comfortable and welcome in her presence, turning what could have been a bit of an awkward experience (anyone who knows me knows that I’m submissive enough that I don’t even think about approaching other women sexually, even though Lady Ru’etha is poly and very encouraging on that front) into a warm, happy, deeply enjoyable time for both of us. Considerations toward the others in the room (CURRENT NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN RU’ETHA’s ROOM: 9) kept it from being anything other than cuddling, but it was nice cuddling and it felt good to feel cared for like that. So much so that we kept it up the next day, which certainly made Lady Ru’etha very happy. 😉

The next morning, it was time to go, and the trip to the airport featured lots of tearful goodbyes. We’ll all see each other again, but as is always the case with such things, it’s never soon enough. Thanks to everyone who made NEEHU2 an experience even better than NEEHU1!


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