MST3K vs. Hypnosis: Operation Double 007

This movie is actually one of the more perversely famous films that the MST3K crew tackled over the course of their long career of films (some of which, like this one, dealt with hypnosis and thus caught my attention a little bit more than usual. I’m abandoning the “Volume One, Two, Three”, etc, because they’ve long ago stopped being in chronological order.) It’s a spy film starring Neil Connery, and if you think that was just an accidental bit of synchronicity then you don’t know that the film was also released with the title “Operation Kid Brother”. Several other Bond actors, such as the woman who played Moneypenny, the man who played M, and the villain from ‘Thunderball’ round out the cast…

But you’re understandably more interested in the hypnosis. Hey, who wouldn’t be?

The hero of the film, played by Neil, is a talented surgeon and expert martial artist who also just happens to be an amazingly talented hypnotist. That’s right, this is one of the few films where hypnosis is a tool of the good guys, not the villains. And unfortunately, this means that he rarely takes advantage of his talents for selfish reasons, instead choosing to hypnotize bad guys so he can disarm them and hypnotize young women to help them uncover repressed memories of the bad guys’ plans. But there are some scenes of him hypnotizing young women, if you’re really looking for that sort of thing, and the riffing is excellent (it’s a late Joel episode, where he’d really hit his stride.) This one isn’t out on DVD yet, but it’s not hard to find online.

So feel free to grab some generic cola, some store-brand chips, and enjoy this Bondian-esque-ish film!

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