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The God Complex: Almost Sexy

September 23, 2011

Did anyone else watch last week’s excellently horrifying Doctor Who episode, “The God Complex”, and think, “Ooh! That could almost have been one of the most erotic ‘Doctor Who’ episodes ever!”

For those who don’t care about spoilers…actually, I’ll put in a break just in case.


The Joke In Last Week’s Story

September 15, 2011

For those of you not paying attention (I know some of the people who read this blog also buy my books, and it’s distinctly possible that you lost track of when exactly the underprivileged get to read my stories) this week’s update was “Yesterday”. (I will resist the temptation to point out that it was actually Saturday.) The story is based on the Beatles song, and there is a reference to it in there…but probably not the one you think.

Back in the 80s, you see, there was a wonderful syndicated comic strip called “Bloom County”, a personal favorite of mine that also happened to perfectly capture the zeitgeist of the Reagan era. And as you may or may not recall, depending on your age, one of the big elements of the 80s zeitgeist was MTV.

“Bloom County” had an excellent strip about MTV; in it, one of the characters talks about how he used to love the song “Yesterday”. ‘It made me think of porpoises frolicking under Antarctic rainbows,’ he says. ‘Then I saw the video on MTV. It was full of explosions and half-naked women slinking around. You know what I think of now when I hear that song?’

And anyone who read last week’s story knows the answer… ‘Half-naked exploding porpoises!’

See? I told you there was a reference. 🙂

Top Five Comic-Book Mind Controllers

September 11, 2011

As I’ve mentioned on occasion, I’m a big fan of comic books and always have been. As I’ve also mentioned on occasion, I’m a firm believer in the notion that a big part of the reason I turned out with the specific fetish I did is because I’m a comic book fan and comics (and sci-fi in general) are absolutely steeped in mind control with sexual connotations. (The corollary to this, BTW, is that a lot more science fiction fans have this fetish than admit to it. This was at least somewhat borne out when my Lady gave a talk on the use of hypnosis to enhance your sex life at an ostensibly straightforward science fiction convention, and the room was absolutely packed.)

But the point is, comics have lotsa mind control. I love mind control. I love comic books. And comic books contain some particularly fine examples of evil mind controllers who do sinister things and plot evil plans…in a way that always seems to imply sex without showing it. So who are the best? Read on!

5. The Mad Hatter. Obviously, he has to make the list. He’s one of the better-known mind controllers, being a solid B-list Batman villain, and there’s something twistedly beautiful about watching someone slip a seemingly innocent hat on their heads and seeing their eyes go into a blank, obedient stare…even though the Mad Hatter never did anything particularly decadent with his victims (which is why he’s only number five; he’s too much a proper Victorian gentleman to ever take advantage of his thralls) he still gets mad props for inspiring that delightful thought, “What could I do with one of those hats?”

4. The Purple Man. For a long time, he could have been much higher on the list. He had mind control powers left, right and center; he appeared in a lot of good stories where blank-eyed people did blank-eyed things at his command; and eventually, he fathered a daughter who became one of the few mind-controlling good guys (the Purple Girl, natch.) But the Brian Michael Bendis decided to write the character’s sexual subtext as actual text, and turned him into a sadistic mind-rapist who deliberately let his victims (such as young superheroine Jessica Jones) know they were being controlled just so that he could enjoy their fear and panic at being helpless. There is a certain strain of MC fetishist who enjoys a controller who’s that sociopathic, but it’s not me. So he’s only Number Four.

3. Poison Ivy. Sure, she’s sexy. Sure, she’s seductive. Sure, she has pheromones that make her irresistible to men (and how come we never see women falling victim to the seductive spell of other women? After all, Everything’s Better With Lesbians!) But there’s this little thing about how everyone she so much as kisses keels over dead. It’s hard to really work up a truly exciting sexual fantasy about a character when all your kinky dreams start with, “And just before I die…” A lot of the mind controllers who didn’t make the list have that same problem (and all the mind controlling vampires, too, although there’s a strong vampkink contingent out there who would no doubt disagree.)

2. Mandrill. On the one hand, he can’t place at the absolute top on this list because I’m a submissive and tend to put myself in the victim’s place in mind control scenarios, and it’s really hard to get interested in the thought of losing my will to a big hairy guy with a blue nose. On the other hand, he’s clearly one of the most overtly sexual mind controllers out there; he always has a harem of beautiful women hanging off his arm, they all talk about how much they love him and want to obey him and are utterly devoted to him, and in recent years it’s been made pretty obvious that his whole “multiple attempts to conquer the world” thing is what he does when he runs out of lube and condoms and needs to kill a little time until he can get to the Walgreen’s. For this alone, he ranks very high on the list, and if I was a hetero top instead of a hetero bottom, he’d rank #1.

1. Enchantress. But I’m a hetero bottom. And the Enchantress is unquestionably the best of the comic book mind controllers. She uses mind control almost exclusively. She enthralls men with her seductive powers and makes them her thralls. And her end goal? Pretty much just to fuck Thor. Sure, she wouldn’t mind unbelievable mystic power and wealth and control of all that which she sees, but that would all be kind of secondary to getting Thor under her power so that she can have as much kinky sex with him as she wants. (Really, when you put it that way, why exactly is Thor working so hard to fight her? These are the kinds of questions that led me to a lifetime of writing mind control fetish porn.)