The God Complex: Almost Sexy

Did anyone else watch last week’s excellently horrifying Doctor Who episode, “The God Complex”, and think, “Ooh! That could almost have been one of the most erotic ‘Doctor Who’ episodes ever!”

For those who don’t care about spoilers…actually, I’ll put in a break just in case.

OK. Better. For those who don’t care about spoilers, the episode takes place in a creepy, inescapable hotel where every room contains someone’s worst fear. The idea is that the creature living in the hotel feeds…not on fear, but on faith. It torments you with progressively escalating fear until you finally come face to face with the absolute worst thing you can imagine, the perfect fear, and then just as you’re clinging desperately to whatever it is you believe in, it sneaks into your mind and transforms that faith in “whatever” into faith in it. You come to believe in it, passionately and truly, in that instant, as your deliverer and savior from the nightmarish existence you are trapped in. You want nothing more than to serve it and praise it.

At which point it sucks that faith out of your brain, stopping your life in the process. Oh, and it’s a big ugly minotaur-looking thing, which is decidedly unsexy unless you’re into some very specific kinks. But apart from that, man…this thing is a rich vein of pure MC in a series that has been decidedly underweight on the brainwashing ever since the reboot. (Even the freaking Master didn’t hypnotize anyone!) There are some genuinely hot scenes of women becoming beatific in their sudden, helpless adoration of their new god, even though it’s kind of hard to disconnect that from said women subsequently dying.

And next week, we get Cybermen converting people into robots! Not exactly my personal kink, but someone’s going to be tremendously happy.


One Response to “The God Complex: Almost Sexy”

  1. Lee Darrow Says:

    The episode also sounds like a shout-out to the creator of Babylon 5 who once said, “Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if the light at the end of the tunnel is daylight – or a Minotaur with an Uzi.”

    Hint: it’s usually the Minotaur with the submachinegun…

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