“Classic Jukebox” Now Available For Purchase!

At long last! The third chronological volume of my stories, long-delayed (I wanted to wait for the perfect cover, and wouldn’t you know it Sue-Chan obliged me perfectly!) is finally available for purchase! Finally, some of my strongest, sexiest, most classic stories (if, you know, you like them that is) are available in print or ebook form in a single collected volume! And what could make this better? That is to say, what could make this even better than twenty-one of my stories all wrapped up in a beautiful Sue-Chan cover? How about a foreword by the divine Goddess Herself, Lady Ru’etha? Because yes, it’s in there.

And which classic stories make up “Classic Jukebox”? Read on!

Back In Black: Kitten is the most popular girl at Subduction Videos; she’s a natural hypnotic subject, a hot submissive, and she’s got tits to die for, too. But Kitten didn’t show up for work yesterday, and her bosses are worried. (MC FF MF MD FD.)

Dare to Be Stupid: Dorothy shares her stress reduction DVD with Sharon. (MC MD FF MF.)

Come As You Are: Lila receives a very strange phone call in the middle of the night, and has a little trouble getting back to sleep afterwards. (MC MF MD MA.)

Turning Japanese: Josie’s a great girl, and Paul loves her a lot, but there’s something he’d like to change about her. He’d like to get her a little more interested in some of the things that he’s excited about…what? Sex? No, no. He’s talking about anime. (MC MD MF MA.)

Life in the Fast Lane: Shanna’s never been afraid to try new things. So when Honey gives her a hit of the new drug on the block, “Yes”, she doesn’t even think about the side effects…but Honey does. (MC MF FF MD FD.)

She Drives Me Crazy: Fiona’s accidentally stumbled onto a sinister secret: Her boss is under the sway of an evil mind controller. (MC MF FF FD.)

You’re So Vain: Marcy has finally gotten sick of her study partner’s stuck-up, arrogant insistence that she can seduce anyone, and she’s finally said so to Violet’s face. (MC MF FF FD.)

Jukebox Hero: Kay tests her boss’s new arcade game. (MC MF MD MA.)

Killing Me Softly: Detective Patricia Mulholland meets a woman who claims her husband is trying to murder her by erasing her personality. (MC MD MF.)

Jessie’s Girl: Jessie’s got himself a girl, and Lars wants to make her his. (MC MF MD.)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Peter purchases a new Girl™, who is programmed to do anything to give him pleasure. Anything at all. (MC MF FD RB.)

Hysteria: Alice visits Dr. Faschen to treat the imbalance of magnetic fluids in her womb. (MC MF MD.)

New Sensation: Verity’s the new girl at the Cinnamon Ranch, but all the guys seem to be lining up to spend time with her, and Tawana wants to know why. (MC FF.)

All She Wants To Do Is Dance: The diabolican Doctor Damian Darke has stolen the Pendant of Persephone from the Pyramid City Museum! Can Adventure Girl resist its thought-sapping charms long enough to defeat him, or will she be reduced to a bubble-headed nymphomaiac in his thrall? (MC MF MD CB.)

Always Something There To Remind Me: Jay’s just woken up in his apartment. He can’t remember anything that happened in the last year, not since the night he met the beautiful and hypnotic Matilda. (MC MF FD MA.)

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah: A man uses a hypnosis DVD to get the girl. Any girl. (MC MD MF.)

Love in an Elevator: Dan and Naomi get stuck in an elevator together, and Dan finds out something very interesting about Naomi. (MC MF.)

Never Surrender: A girl wakes up to find she’s been kidnapped into a mind controller’s harem. The girls have all been brainwashed to prevent their escape, but they’re determined to resist their evil captors as long as they possibly can. (MC MF FF MD.)

Video Killed the Radio Star: A reporter does a “Where Are They Now?” piece on a former radio star who didn’t make the jump to television; while she might not have the looks for TV, she’s got an amazing voice. Guess what her old show was about? (MC MF FD.)

Tempted: Professor Karyn Bell hasn’t made a deal with the devil; he gave her the power to control minds purely as a gift, with no strings attached. Karyn’s determined not to use the power, for fear it will corrupt her, but even she has to admit, she’s very… (MC MF FF FD.)

Love Bites: A woman dressed as a vampire at a convention has the tables turned on her. (MC FF.)

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