A Brief Apology/Reassurance

To anyone who might have been worried about me: No, I didn’t suffer some sort of terrible injury that left me incapable of posting a story last week, and no, this is not the beginning of the end for the Jukebox oeuvre on the EMCSA. I just got completely wrapped up in getting ‘Classic Jukebox’ ready for publication, and by the time I had it all done and Friday rolled around, I had utterly forgotten that I hadn’t sent a story off to Simon, because that’s what I always do! Except, obviously, that I didn’t. 🙂

I have already sent off this week’s story, so normal service is definitely resuming, and rest assured I’ve still got a nice long backlog ahead of me! And in the next couple of weeks, when I publish my next anthology (hint, hint…) I will try not to skip another week.

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2 Responses to “A Brief Apology/Reassurance”

  1. Matt Bresler Says:

    Yay! new anthology!

  2. anon Says:

    hi jukebox!
    Great jobs on the story thus far!
    Just wondering, have you ever written or have seen a fantasy story that ends up hypnotizing the reader along with the character with a proper introduction and all?

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