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Sneak Peek: “Back and Forth”!

May 28, 2015

This week’s story at the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive is “Back and Forth”! Philip is staying with Jane while he’s in the States, but Jane’s away and her friend Caitlyn has a pendant she’s just aching to show him. (MC MF FD.)

A brief taste:

Philip tried to look anywhere but at the necklace. “It’s lovely. Please put it away now,” he said urgently.

“Why?” Caitlyn asked in tones of mock confusion. Then she put a finger to her lips in a show of sudden understanding. “Oh!” she said. “Surely you don’t think I might hypnotize you again!”

Philip swallowed. It took a surprising amount of effort. “I…um, the thought had, um.” He licked his lips nervously, his mouth too dry to wet them effectively. “Briefly occurred to me, yes, but…I mean, I’m sure that this time, now that I’m…on my guard, it wouldn’t…” He caught a glimpse of the pendant swaying gently between Caitlyn’s hanging breasts, and for a long moment he forgot what he was talking about. “Um, affect me,” he said at last.

Hope you enjoy it!

I Atent Dead

May 24, 2015

It’s been a long time since I posted here. In fact, it’s been the better part of a Presidential administration since I posted here. But I’ve already explained why that is in the last post I did, back in 2012, so I won’t rehash them now. I will say that I’m going to make a special effort to post more. I’ll talk about my writing process, about the stories I have forthcoming, and about what I’m doing in the wider world of smut.

I’ll also plug myself, because part of the reason that I haven’t been involved in erotic mind-control fiction so much lately is because I’ve needed to spend time and money on paying projects and day jobs, and this has been one thing that hasn’t really fit in either category. But I’ve now created a Patreon page, and if I can get some people to pledge to it, then this can become a paying project and I can justify spending large amounts of my day writing about sex and brainwashing. Which we all love.

So if you like my writing, and you want to poke me into more of it, then maybe yes pledge maybe? I promise I’ll talk more about hypnosis. 🙂