Liner Notes for July 2015

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Hi all! Now that my birthday festivities are concluded, I can go on with my normal blogging–in this case, talking a bit about my inspirations for last month’s stories. Last month was a bit of a short month, of course, with the one-week hiatus, so we’ll be talking about three stories…but crucially, they’re the three stories that mark the point where I started writing again after my own, much longer hiatus.

One Thing Leads To Another: This is actually one I’d had in mind for a long time. For one thing, it’s an 80s song that gets a lot of airplay, so the title has been in my mind a lot. I originally thought of structuring it as a chain of seeming coincidences that led to someone getting enslaved, but the idea never seemed to gel properly. It was only when I thought about it in terms of a seduction, a description of how people wind up in bed together without ever actually intending to, that it started to click. I decided to make it a lesbian story, because I like lesbian stories and because the power dynamic felt right (it could also have been femdom, but I’d already decided to set it at a Christian college because transgressing on sexual taboos is erotic and if you’re going to have “good Christians” having transgressive sex, might as well go all the way). And from there, the story pretty much writes itself. After, you know, two or three years of avoiding sitting down at the keyboard and actually doing it. šŸ™‚

Back Where You Belong: One of the things I’ve been watching a lot lately (in terms of smut, that is) is Hegre Body Art clips. They’re very slow, sensual, beautiful pieces of erotic video that really do feel like a sex-positive celebration of the human body, and they also tend to be long, slow teases to orgasm (or multiple orgasms) with one person in a very passive position and the other one doing the manipulating. This makes them perfect to insert a mental soundtrack of brainwashing and pleasure conditioning, which is yummy. This was pretty much me writing a description of one of their videos with my mental soundtrack added. (For the record, I have no idea what Felicia’s being conditioned to do. Leaving her as a “sleeper agent” was my way of punting.)

Smoke From an Old Flame: Okay, technically speaking, this is the last story I worked on before I ran out of gas a few years ago. In fact, that was probably part of the problem; as you might have noticed, this wound up being one of the longest things I ever wrote, and I was determined to make it a long sex-filled romp specifically because the two things I hear more often on Literotica are “This was too short!” and “Not enough sex!” So this is a story for that audience. The title came from a country music album cover I saw, and the intent was just to get the principals in bed together right away and come up with inventive things for them to do there. I wound up finishing it between other stories, and so it wasn’t the first thing I had in the pipeline when I came back. Which is probably good, because the reaction from the MC Forums and Garden was, “Too long and too much sex, I got bored,” and that might have sent me into another tailspin right there. šŸ™‚ As it was, I remain very proud of it, and there is a (shorter) sequel on the way.


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