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Review: softi’s “Playing With Fire” (Spoilers)

August 22, 2015

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I probably read fewer stories on the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive than I should, and I certainly review fewer than I should. Part of this is simply that when I write, I’m not reading, and I barely have time to do all the writing I want let alone do all the reading I want on top of that. Part of it is that yes, I’m picky, and not everything strikes my fancy. That’s not to say that anything I don’t review sucks, but I do feel like I don’t want to single out a story just to pummel its flaws. Life’s too short to be mean. So when I review a story, you can already tell that I thought it was worth singling out for special attention. (And probably that I had at least one orgasm while reading it. No point in lying.)

I clicked through on “Playing With Fire” in last week’s update for a few reasons: 1) softi is a good author who generally delivers something that reads well, even if it’s not to my taste, and 2) I’ve usually got time for any “red” story on the EMCSA, at least for a paragraph or two. As I read, a third reason became apparent: This one was, according to softi, inspired by one of my old stories, and I’m just enough of a sucker for flattery that I’m willing to pay attention to that.

The story is by no means a rip-off of my old work, though; it’s very transformative, both in terms of setting (softi takes the story to a college campus, where a co-ed is enticed into playing out her hypno-kinky desires with an unscrupulous professor) and more importantly in point-of-view. The story isn’t told from the perspective of the young woman who blackmails her professor into messing with her mind; it’s told from the point of view of the friend she entrusts with the secret in order to keep her safe. This does make for a slightly rough entry into the story, because there’s some exposition there that has to be delivered from the perspective of someone who’s decidedly not hypnokinky and not into the stuff her friend is doing, which doesn’t pull you out of the story but does pull you just a wee bit out of enjoying it fully, but it more than pays off when it becomes clear that this is one of my old favorites, a serial recruitment story.

Because Amy is reviewing videos of Caroline living out her kinky fantasies, and while Amy is reasonably certain that she doesn’t share them, it wouldn’t be an erotic mind control story if the hypnotist wasn’t much more powerful, charismatic and sensual than the protagonist/victim gives them credit for. (This technically falls under the rubric of spoilers, but softi isn’t really hiding the plot twist from anyone other than Amy.) Amy is watching a hypnotist put someone through their sexual paces every couple of days, and it’s not too long before she’s doing a lot of things without even thinking about it. Which is yummy.

If I had a complaint, it’d probably be that the timeframe is too short; even if softi wasn’t going to show more sessions between Caroline and her enthralling professor, it would have been nice to at least imply them in order to make the…thoroughness of the control a bit more plausible. But it’s all worth it for the last few paragraphs, which are a beautiful crescendo of brainwashing and submission. This one is well worth a read.