Liner Notes for November 2015

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I know, you’ve all been saying to yourself, “It’s not really the holiday season until Jukebox posts about his November stories.” Well, get ready to put up that tree because it’s time to talk November!


I Was Made For Loving You: I actually had the idea for this story years ago. I have a few friends who are into the idea of being hypnotically convinced that they’re robots, either because they have a kink about being robots or because they’re submissive to someone who has a kink about controlling a robot. (Lady Ru’etha actually appeared on a special about this on Discovery Health.) So I knew it would be a “day in the life” of a woman conditioned to believe she was a robot, and I knew she’d be so deeply conditioned that everything would be from her POV and she’d describe everything in terms that would make sense for a robot, and it would only be very gradually that you’d see that she was a person all along. (Although that was probably telegraphed pretty hard.)


The problem I had for the longest time was that I couldn’t come up with the acronym. I knew her name was PHOEBE, I knew everything else about the story, but I could not for the life of me figure out what PHOEBE stood for. Then one day I figured it out and wrote the story that night. (Oh, and for those who might wonder, it was my intent that Phoebe consented enthusiastically to becoming PHOEBE. It’s just that one of the things she wanted was to be so deep in the fantasy scenario that she would only remember her human life when she had to, and only to the degree that she had to.)


Applause: Every time I heard this song on the radio, I found myself turning it over in my head and coming up with the same idea–a woman conditioned to perform an erotic dance. It didn’t get any further than that for a long time, though, because I had the setting wrong–I’d always picture a pole dancer, dancing in front of a crowd of people who all clapped for her, being conditioned by subliminal messages in the music or something to enjoy it. It lacked immediacy and intimacy, and I couldn’t even get it to the point where I opened a document. But then one day I saw the title and pictured the shadowy room, the dancer all alone with a solitary audience member, and that last scene of shuddering orgasm after orgasm as the hands applauded. That made it click. Sometimes it’s all about figuring out where to set things.


Under the Influence: This one was inspired by a video on PornHub (again, watched strictly for the purposes of research) of two women sitting on a couch together, both naked, lounging back with their heads lolling over like broken dolls, chatting amiably about their various masturbation techniques and tools. They looked like they were loosely held in the grip of hypnosis–not brainwashed or mindless, but just deep enough into trance that they were aroused and happy and everything they were doing seemed perfectly normal to them. When I saw this song title, that image came back and I worked it in with the “drugged wine” setting I imagined to get this story.


Girls Girls Girls: I’d been planning to write this one for ages. At one point, it was actually going to be my last “Girls” story–how better to conclude the series than showing their origins in a story with thousands upon thousands of Girls ready and willing to teleport down and brainwash humanity?


That was a long time ago, as I said–I hadn’t even come up with the idea of the “Boys” yet. (Spoilers…) But the basic idea, of the factory tour turning into happy melting brainwashing, stayed. Originally Pam was going to be by herself, but I wanted to get a Wonka vibe involved by putting several people in the story and having them succumb one by one. (Mainly because that dovetailed nicely into the next Girls story…let’s just say there’s a reason Rory didn’t show up with the others at the end.) Then I was planning to have Pamela try to escape and recover her crew, only to find them all lounging in debauchery, and have her finally get dragged down by a crowd of Girls. But when I got to the scene where she was supposed to run, I realized that honestly, it was a lot sexier if she broke. So she broke, and everyone else came in because it was the only way to explain where they’d all gone.


And that’s this month’s stories. Looking forward to next month!

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